Pretty Little Liars

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Of the current shows left, this one is the best. No question about it. When I first watched this show I didn't expect much from it but boy has it made me swallow my words and now consider it one of the all time best.

Ranking of the seasons so far:

1. Season 3

At its absolute best especially the second half. The ultimate best shocker and completely and emotionally on point like no other season has done.

2. Season 2

Really gets into a groove here. Cohesively the most complete season and a definitive classic that defined the show.

3. Season 5

Absolutely great storytelling and much more dark and mature tone than any of the other seasons. It redefined its footing and reignited a spark. A Must watch season!

4. Season 1

Great way to start a show with compelling characters and entertaining and refreshing storylines and plot twists and still the best ending to a season. Absolute classic and one of the best first seasons for a ...more

There is so much to the storyline that is always left out but needs to be addressed. It's like they always skip important information and focus on the pairings. It also takes them a decade to reveal A's identity and they barely answer any of the questions the audience asks if they do at all. The girls also have huge attitudes they are always quick to accuse any one even without a lot of evidence and even when people are just trying to help them they still act mean to them and treat them like the enemy they hurt a lot of people and they never apologize for the wrong that they do. The only people they care about are themselves and their significant others. Girls shouldn't behave this way. I would not recommend this show for anyone.

This show saved my life. I love it, it instilled passion and motivation in me when I had lost it all due to my illness. It made me care again. I was intrigued by the plot, mystery, and drama. Somehow it gave me my life back. The characters are all so relatable. I identify the most with Hanna and Spencer. Most of all, it covers REAL issue. Hanna's eating disorder, her dad leaving her, Mike's depression after the parents divorce, Spencer's struggle to be perfect in her family. This show has a lot of depth for an abc family show, honestly it's perfect.

The best show ever! I have been so addicted and keep waiting every week for the next episode. My friends got me to watch this show and know I can't stop. There is so much drama which I love. I feel as if I am one of the girls and fear about what "A" knows about me. It shows four girls in high school who have to deal with a lot more than ordinary people do. I can't wait for the new episodes to come.

Pretty Little Liars is about a group of five "popular" girls. The story takes a twist when the leader of their clique goes missing, and who's dead body is found a year later. The four remaining girls begin to receive texts from the all-knowing and mysterious "A", who continually blackmails them with her large knowledge on all the girls' secrets.

Terrible show boring and overrated. None of the A reveals were shocking. The mystery is not exciting or original. They always leave out important details and information of the storyline. The characters are so annoying that it's hard to watch sometimes. This show teaches young girls bad morals like its okay to be in an inappropriate relationship with your teacher and that it's okay to hurt other people. All of the main girls Aria,Emily,Spencer,Hanna,&Ali are so stuck up rude judgemental and think they are better then everyone. They try so hard to glorify the lgbt community by putting so many lesbian characters on the show and trying to make it seem like it's okay and a good thing to be gay when in reality no one cares. This show sucks. The finale was also one of the worst I've ever seen.

Pretty Little Liars is the best T.V. -serie ever, even the Best in this list!
Every week I'm exited about the next episode. A lot of teenagers can find themselves in one of the 5 main characters! They all got their own personality and their own style. It doesn't have 1 theme, it's has a lot of themes like; Drama, mystery, love, friendship, comedy, jealousy,...! My favorite character is Hanna Marin, in real live Ashley Benson! She's is an amazing actress! They all are, but she's is for me just the best of the 5 girls. She is acting since she was 5?! Pretty Little Liars is hust the best and it will always be! I Love Pretty Little lIars forever and I'm proud of it

Pretty Little Liars is possibly the best series I have watch in my whole entire life. With PLL I find the suspense the best part about it! It's amazing because you get so attached to the characters that you begin to worry with them. Even though these girls are teenagers there's no sign of typical, modern day behaviour from them and I think that might be why I love the series so much! I'd defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for a good series with lots of mystery and depth!

I have watched every single episode of this show and now I'm just waiting for season 6 to come out, and the very first moment I started watching I got hooked yes some scenes are averagely scary but it's nothing like the vampire diaries which I find not extremely scaring but scarier that pretty little liars and it's so good this show and I'm absolutely obsessed with it I would rate it a 101/100 xx please don't miss out start watching and get yourself hooked like me and now I can't stop watching haha

Every season of the show gets better and it's full of secrets, plot twists and drama. I only watched it because of a recommendation at first but I have to say that I'm glad I chose to. I suggest that you don't read any spoilers or articles which will end up ruining the show for you, because I made that mistake

It's my one true favorite show of all times. I started to watch the show 5 years ago and it was the first American T.V.-show I ever watched and I loved it. I binged watched the first season before I even knew what that word meant. I fell in love with all of the characters, couples and the beautiful plot. It's not just about finding out who A is, not at all, I actually don't really care about A. I care about the strong friendship between the liars that never will be broken, the characters own struggles, the relationship that I ship to death in every episode, the actors personal lifes and relationships, I care about Marlene and her tweets and I mostly care about the big PLL family we have created, we share one thing, that we love PLL and it's the biggest and best fandom ever.

Amazing actors! Extremely suspenseful and interesting! Always exciting and makes you want to watch the next episode. Has such a great plot and keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. Fantastic balance of romance, mystery, action, etc. Definitely a must see!

I am addicted to this show. This show can have guy fans, and I can say this because I am a guy. The writers of this show are so amazing and you can never guess what plot twists they are going to pull next. The cast are also amazing! the acting is so amazing. The drama and suspense that is packed into this show is so amazing, that it just boggles my mind. If any one of you are looking for a television show that is full of suspense and drama, I totally recommend this show as one to watch!

This is not a show that I would recommend for anyone. It is absolutely terrible and disgusting. The 5 girls are just horrible and so full of themselves. They hurt people all the time and never apologize. They only care about each other, their boyfriends & no one else.

I was a little worried when I first decided to watch the show, because I am not normally one for dramas. After a few episodes I was hooked! I love the characters and how relatable they are and each week I stress over their problems and crave the next episode to see how things turn out.

This show has proved that it deserves to be one of the most-viewed T.V. show not just for teens but also in all ages. It has won a lot of awards and the cast-especially Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily- are all very gorgeous with their respective hot men in life

This show is amazing I started watching it last year and watched it on netflix all through. At first before I started watching it I thought the show was stupid and all dramatic and everything and then I ended up really liking it. It a great mix of mystery, drama, romance.

I love this show. It has mystery and romance, and everything you would like in a T.V. show for teenagers! The 2nd season might get a little boring, but hang in there it gets so, much better. There's so many twist and turns, I was hooked from the first episode. Best T. V show ever.

Totally love this show! You never know whats coming at the end till you see it. the storyline is based on friendship and not love/scandals/sex like most shows. You also get to feel as if your in the characters' shoes. trust me once you've seen the show you won't disagree!

I love this show. It is highly addictive. It's very unpredictable, which is a good thing. You'll fall in love with the characters and hate some of them too. Finding out who A is, is just so fun! I recommend this show for anyone 12 or up. Hope you watch Pretty Little Liars soon!

WOW this show is amazing, every episode is filled with excitement and you kinda always feel confused but can't stop trying to get everything together and solve the mystery of "A" If you want to watch a show you get hooked on this is the one

By far the best teen show- and in fact my overall favourite show. Ever. Next to Friends (not that the two can be compared whatsoever).
There are some truly interesting characters on the show. Some of the most interesting characters (in my opinion) are Spencer (a rich girl, daughter of 2 lawyers, suffering from an infiriority complex - when around her successful sister Melissa and the ultimate queen bee of her clique and dead but somehow not dead friend, Alison, she also at times suffers from insanity due to the insane circumstances of what is going on in her life and is admitted into an insane assylum after (supposedly) finding her boyfriends body dead in the forest. Mona is also an intense and strange character, as well as Alison, Jenna, Melissa, Mrs D, Jason (ETC. )
Even though some parents may like to think that the show is super far fetched (which at times, it can be) the show actually deals with some real issues which most teens (in this day and age) have to cope with. ...more

I love this show you might not like in season one but as it goes on it is like the best show for boys and girls hot guys pretty girls and mysterious people it is like every teens obsession! That is like all of me and my friends (boys and girls ) talk about!

One of my favourite shows ever. You really get into each of the characters lives, issues and admire each of their unique personalities and relate to them in various ways. Would HIGHLY recommend as I have been obsessed since episode 1 and love it. Definitely check it out.

Way better then most teenage dramas. It isn't as cliche as vampires and werewolves. It is a normal show with teenage girls with boyfriends that come and run what may seem like a cyber bully but turns out to attack them for the rest of their lives.