Teen Wolf


A show about friendship and love that teaches you to fight for what's right. It was such an amazing show, in my opinion. It had some low points, yeah, for example the graphics for the monsters or werewolves, and some things didn't really make sense, but the characters were well-done made and had a great development. I cried, laughed, even screamed trough the whole show and it really deserves to be viewed. Sometimes it gets hate for nothing, from people that didn't even watched it yet, and it doesn't deserve it. Totally recommend to watch this show.

Hmm it's my top favorite show in my listings its top 1, I don't how it came to 10.. ! And pretty lit liar I love it too.. and I guess beauty and the beast also comes into top 10 I guess.. But seeing teen wolf in 10.. ITS HART BREAKING.. :(...

It actually has driving plot. Its not just a teenage drama and its not a love affair show for prepubescents to gaggle over. It has a great supernatural edge, horror to keep you gripping your seat, romance, comedy, and great characterization. I expected to hate this show as I find most teenage dramas really shallow, plotless, and pointless. But this show is GOOD.

Teen wolf is probably the best show ever made. It has such a unique storyline, phenomenal and attractive characters (in acting and their developments), realistic teenage drama and a mixture of every genre (romance, drama, horror etc.) It definitely deserves to be recognised more because it's the best show ever made and I recommended it for anyone as it's just a masterpiece

Oh my! My friend got me involved in this show. I thought it would be so stupid and stuff, but halfway through the first episode, I was hooked! It's full of mysteries and it has lots of scary things, and it gives you so much thrill and emotion. The actors are great and I feel so connected the the characters. This is my number one favorite show!

This show is awesome! Age groups include around 13-17, though it does depend on maturity levels. Love this show as it isn't overly heavy has some amazing characters and actors. The storyline is great, and for the most part actually quite appropriate. A truly awesome show and I honestly can't wait for season 6 x I love it as it is unisex, the main characters a guy but is totally girl and guy friendly. Definitely does not get enough credit check it out! Includes so many genres you'll definitely be pleased, drama, fantasy, romance, E.G. not a typical, boring teen drama either. I feel it actually has some depth and is worth while to watch. The acting is amazing, they are all quite young but it doesn't feel under rehearsed or un professional infact the exact opposite its amazing. Good job to the producers. I mean I'm 12 and I'm quite mature but this show is brilliant, I absolutely adore it. Check it out I seriously love watching this in the summer break

It has a mix of emotions in it, you learn to love each character including the evil ones. Flashback stories are the most chilling and sad, trust me you're eyes are going to be pouring out. Mama McCall teaches a lot of life lessons. This show in general shows how friends and family is all you need to get through the darkest of days. 10/10

Love this show... It's not like any other show...really love the plot lines, the story, the cast, the mystery, love stiles...miss jackson (Colton Haynes) this show need to be number 1...Scott and Alison should be together can't wait if the next season... I would recommend this show...

Teen Wolf is brilliant, with storylines that seem to be impossible to think of. The character development is amazing, the subtle clues are so clever, and the actors are great - they all basically deserve Oscars. It's so addicting, and there are serious highs and lows which makes the show really believable. It also has a lot of comedy as well as being thrilling and horrifying. This show is basically for everyone, and you'd be stupid to not watch it.

I love this show! Especially Stiles! And it doesn't just focus on the action of it all. It is also REALLY funny! I am loving season 5 atm. It doesn't get the credit it deserves. And on a completely unrelated note... The guys? Extremely hot! The girls are really attractive as well.

It is my favorite T.V. show ever and it has the best cast and they are always smiling and they make you fill like you are part of the show. They help me through a lot of stuff. I have made a lot of friends from watching the show and I love it.

One of the most deep filmed shows of all time. It's a thing between drama, supernatural fiction, and action. It's one of the most addicting shows I've ever watched and number four as ranking is actually not bad but it should have a higher one, I really think so.

It's one the best teen shows to me. It's got EVERYTHING that teens love all in one show. It's funny, sad, happy, romantic. Not to mention the fact that even though it's a show about werewolves, etc. it still shows real teenage problems.

This show literally makes you. Every corner, something new happens. It never ends and it continuously has plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. I wouldn't be able to live without teen wolf. It's not just my favorite T.V. show, it's a part of me.

This show should totally be number one. It's the only lycanthropy story WITHOUT vampires. Originality is golden to catching the hearts of life long fans. Teen wolf is and will always be the best teen's T.V. show ever!

I love this. Its like one of the best T.V. shows ever. Can't wait for more episodes. And it has like a ton of hot guys. And the girls are so pretty too. I just don't do anything else but watch the series


Amazing gets better as the series goes on. It has an interesting storyline compared to most teen shows. My family and I watch it together every Monday.

I thought it would be some rubbish waste of time, and I'm not the kind of person who likes the romance, chick flick, twilight type thing but I absolutely loved teen wolf, best show I've ever watched.

Teen Wold for the win! It is such a great show and I really love the choice of cast. The witty characters have me chuckling throughout the show, and the supernatural element is totally teen-ish. I love Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Originals, and Reign.

It's one of my favorites. It has everything you need: drama, excitement, really good actors, crazy plot twists, hot guys and many more things. The beginning is the best part then it just keeps getting better and you won't believe the humor. What I most like about this show is that you can't get enough of it.One of the best words to describe it is " awesome ".

So many cute guys, interesting plot. It's about this boy who gets turned into a werewolf, no not like Twilight and all those movies. This show has more drama, and hit guys like Derek Hale, ah he's bae

Teen Wolf is just amazing, the story, the Mystery in it... I just love all of that and it makes you want to watch more, you're on edge by the end of most of the episodes. It's pleasantly frustrating

Its wonderful, never was a fantasy fan but this it has all the spices for a teenager, it always makes me hold my breath, with this series I was constantly excited.

Teen wolf is so great I watched the first episode and got hooked. I didn't stop until I had watched all 4 seasons out and now I am itching to watch the 5th season coming out on the 29th of the 6th