The Vampire Diaries


This show is unbelievable. If you listen to people arguing and shouting about the show and think 'what a stupid show', don't. I used to be like that. The first season was what some of my friends thought as of as slow but then it really got going - I disagree but if that's the case for you KEEP GOING. Every character is an individual and you will have such strong emotions for each one. Hatred. Love. Guilty Pleasure. And just because there are vampires DO NOT THINK this is like Twilight or Teen Wolf because it's no.2 here for a reason. I watched FIVE seasons in ONE week and now I have to wait a whole week for the next one to come out. Such surprising stuff happens, crazy stuff that is eventually explained, but at the time, you are screaming your head off. This is great as some shows I watch, they're a bit weak storylines and slightly predictable but NO. This will make you laugh and cry within seconds of each other, truly messing up all emotions. I don't know a single person who has ...more

Can't say enough good things about this show. It's a must have and a must watch and a great addition to a canon of already great classic shows that came before it and will most certainly follow after it ends.

A ranking of every season so far:

1. Season 3

This is the season that made this show into one of the all time best. From beginning to end there's no season that did it better. The best for sure! This season made the show.

2. Season 1

Nothing beats a classic, especially one done so well as this shows original that started it all. It really went for it all and didn't slip up once. A great season and one of the best of all time. Without this season being as good as it is, the show wouldn't have been as successful as it became and is now.

3. Season 4

This season was creatively on a role and was so good that any season following it was in no way going to be able to replicate what this season brought. It's just too good and feels like ...more

This show has truly changed my life. I love this so so much it's unbelievable. I've watched the whole series twice already. The actors really make it what it is. The plot and story lines never disappoint me. I fell in love the first episode. I don't know how pretty little liars got number one but the vampire diaries needs to take that place! I love the actors! I can barely tell that Elena and Katherine are played by the same person! Nina can really act! I used to hate Bonnie but now I can tolerate her. Damon is my absolute favorite on the show, his facial expressions are outstanding, and his humor on the show is hilarious! I missed the seasons when Klaus was on the show I loved him! But now he's on the originals and I love him even more! I also miss Katherine. She always stirred up trouble but I do miss her. I also miss Elena, I found her annoying at times but she was her best when she was with Damon. Stefan is ok too. But I hate him and Caroline's relationship, I liked it better when ...more

Words can't even describe how much I LOVE this serious! People said how amazing it was, and it was their favorite show ever, and I didn't understand why. then I watched the first episode and I was HOOKED. oh my god, I was hooked. when I started watching the show, I thought, oh cool, its not only romantic, its also scary! But then it also got humorous, ( mostly from damon:) ) and then dramatic, and then so many other things, and I was like, THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! I started rooting for stefan, but then you see after damon and elena dance since stefan ditched her, they had MORE than chemistry. god I love damon. I don't no anyone who isn't in love with him! Ahh he is sooo funny:):):) you HAVE to watch it if you haven't already!

The best show on the planet. I watched them all, then I watched them all again. Well, I'm obsessed.

The vampire diaries is my favourite show! There was some extreme sexual content in the first season, but it got better. Each episode ends with a scene that leaves your mind spinning, glueing you to it. And then there's our heart throb, damon (i don't mean to offend anyone but stefan looks a bit like Justin Bieber, so...) He is a hilarious, sexy, hot and badass character which you will immediately want to marry. It's just so magical, you will never be able to stop watching it! And in my opinion, this show is better with or without elena.

I love Vampire Diaries. I live in England and It is aired much later than in the USA. But that means nothing because when me and my American Pen pal talk, all we talk about is "Vampire Diaries". It is fast, Funny (at some points) and has really scary, romantic and enticing Drama. Sometimes can get a bit gory but is easily made up by the thrill and Mystery. Plus the guys in it are super hot... Tres Fetch! Gotta Love Vampire Diaries!

I love The Vampire Diaries like hell. It is like outstanding. Its the BEST T.V. show ever. Believe me watch even the first episode of the series and you will be like Oh My God.. Amazing. And Its ALWAYS leaves you with a Cliffhanger at the end and one of my favourite things about VD is that it's every episode has a proper beginning, middle and an end!
Love You The Vampire Diaries.. Love You Damon and Elena..
Can't wait for the Fifth Season!

Can't even begin to describe how much I love this show. All actors are just so flawless (;

One of the best T.V. shows I have watched! I must have watched it now from season 1-season 8 three times now and I'm still no where near bored! Every episode something happens and it leaves you on a massive cliff hanger! If none of you have seen the final it's amazing! Vampire diaries is so good I even found my self crying in certain episodes and I hardly ever cry! X

I love this show! I started watching it on Netflix and I was hooked. I went through the first season in a few days. I like how it doesn't just revolve around romance but like drama, humor, mystery, and suspense. You will love the characters especially Damon. He is hilarious and you'll just laugh. It is a really amazing show.

Vampire diaries is the best one it has a very exiting story and it shows all things about supernatural world and actually I think it should be the first one in this top ten list... Also I love Damon in this T.V. show a lot ;) vampire diaries is the best product of vampire movies I love it forever!

Vampire diaries as a whole is a fantastic series. That being said, I think it's earlier episodes and seasons (up until season 3) were better than the newer ones. However, now we are in season 6 I am really enjoying it again. I love the chemistry between all the characters, and I think you begin to have like bonds with who you want to die or not it's just my personal opinion-- but I think that it's important to watch it for yourself, even if it's to know that it's not for you. X

There is no other show better than the Vampire Diaries. Yes, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Beauty and the Beast, The Originals, and The 100 are also all amazing, but they are not as amazing as the Vampire Diaries. You would not regret watching this series at all. The comments are all spot on :). - zoeybird2266

< Favorite of all time! Vampire diaries has an unbelievable good looking cast and great actors! I Love the suspense and how it seems believable! Except for the fact that no one in that town is unattractive lol> It is the most amazing love triangle show ever. Also most amazing vampire show ever!

My aunt bought me season 1 for christmas (because she knows I love anything to do with vampires), so I decide to watch it, and it was just BRILLIANT! I'm still in love with it and always will be. (p.S. anyone new watching it- YOU HAVE TO WATCH FROM BEGINNING! -There's a lot to take in! )

Vampire Diaries is the greatest show on television today! Every episode leaves you guessing what will happen next which makes you want to tune in every week and find out! Not sure what I would do on Thursday nights without Vampire Diaries! It's "magical"!

The Vampire Diaries is like the best show ever! I thought it sounded awful at first but after 1 episode I fell in love with it! It is SO ADDICTIVE! I watched all 4 seasons in like a week. Still waiting for season 5 finale! :) Should definitely be number 1 on the list!

This is the best T.V. show in the whole wild world! The plot is fantastic and the suspense is amazing! I'm totally obsessed with the T.V. show! It's so hot and it always leaves you on a cliffhanger and you're always left wanting more!

THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! I can't believe its on the 19th place... It deserves much better. It has an amazing plot and action and everything is so perfect, the effects and actors. I'm obsessed with this show it's just so amazing!

Vampire diaries is amazing. I love the suspense and drama. It never gets boring and it works for guys and girl. I really love love love it. You will never get sick of the guy actors either

Wonderful show! At first I didn't want to watch it because it didn't seem that it would be enjoyable but it is. It never stops surprising you. It mysterious and climatic. It gory but not to gory. It's very romantic and sexy too. So watch it and you'll enjoy it.

I think the Vampire Diaries is very creative towards every mythical creature that can be turned into a reality. Most of the time I forget Katherine and Elena are different actors! I remember my parents watching it when I was younger so I watched an episode of series 5 not so long ago and just thought I had to watch it from the start and now it's my addiction. Chardy x

This is by far my favorite show ever! This is one of the only shows that can make me laugh and cry all in one episode! So many hot guys, so much drama, so much killing. I've been addicted since season 1 and it never gets old

The vampire diaries are so amazing you watch one episode and your literally hooked waiting for the next season to come out is literally like waiting for a broken bone to heal you can't wait to see what happened once its uncovered