Top 10 Users of TheTopTens

The Top Ten Users of TheTopTens

1 PositronWildhawk

I'm number 82?!?! With all humility, I'm underrated!
Update: And now I'm quite surprised I'm at #2! THANK YOU ALL! - PositronWildhawk

I don't often vote on lists that rank users and didn't intend to when I took a peek. I don't care for or see value in precise ranking and comparing friends, respected acquaintances and those I've only partially observed or heard of. I could say one is "closer to the top than the bottom or middle" or such. Yet after reading Positron's attached post (You Just Can't Decide) and strongly sharing that perspective and the way it supports the concept of an inclusive community, I had to vote for minimally the best spokesperson among the top and frequent veteran, experienced, thoughtful present-day members - Billyv

This user sounds pretty awesome to me and the picture is great as well!

What is there possibly to say properly aboot this talented and very smart Guy whose name is the first that comes to mind when you think TheTopTens. His name is merged with This site & he make so many outstanding and votable lists he know a heck of a lot to make so many types of lists! If he's not #1 in the user category then he's indeed one of the top 5 most Recognizable Users on this site! - Curti2594

2 Britgirl

There are some Amazing Top Tenners & Britgirl has to be my Fave because She Is a Super Kind Hearted Friend!

Could their be a nicer Girl on Earth? I think not Britgirl is One Of a Kind & I'm Tickled To know her! - Curti2594

Britgirl has hilarious comments and awesome lists. She gets my vote for sure. - PositronWildhawk

Britgirl, Britgirl, Britgirl! where do I even START with her?! Along with Spencer, Lina, and Krissie, she's the person I've formed the closest bond with on this site! She's always encouraging me and willing to cheer me up, and we're just the best of friends. We consider each other a cousin, actually! X3 She's funny, she's skilled with the site, and she's just such a sweetheart! It's legitimately hard to dislike her, it really is. Love you, "big because"! :D - Garythesnail

Too bad I didn't know who she was before she retired. I heard she was a really nice user. - Gametoon

3 htoutlaws2012

It's a shame that the no. 1 Contributor on this site, with a member score twice as big as Alexandr's is not in the top 20, or even in the top 10. Users like ModernSpongebobSucks who didn't contribute to the site much, but just did other things do not deserve to be that high (Then I guess I would be somewhere at 300 or 400 on this list instead of being somewhere right out of the top 100).

He is no longer the Remix King, he is the KING OF TheTopTens! Let's get him to 1! - micahisthebest

Dudes not even in the top 100? That's insane! THE REMIX KING should be in the Top 10 he is amazing. - NuMetalManiak

Should be higher king of remixes top 50 for sure

4 Puga

If you're an OG on TheTopTens, you'd know how legendary this guy was. - micahisthebest

He's so funny and cool! Should be #2! Oh, also, sad to know he's not contributing anymore. - Gametoon

Nice to be above a certain dictator. Sorry admin Jong un but we all know I am the chief of TheTopTens. - Puga

He was just in fourth. Now he dropped. That's unacceptable. Move him up now! - DCfnaf

5 Therandom

One of my favorite users from when he joined and still one of my favorite users to this day. He's an excellent blogger, he's funny, and he's never afraid to speak out - EpicJake

Top 5?! Wow. Thank you all for helping me get so high, and beat admin. - Therandom

But I disagree I'm underrated. I really think I'm not. I think I'm averagely rated like iron Sabbath priest. ( We were discussing this once) - Therandom

Congrats making the top 5 and beating the admin. - htoutlaws2012

6 DCfnaf

This guy has potential to become the next PositronWildhawk. He puts so much effort in his content and is very mature.

He really puts a lot of time and effort into his remixes and posts. Especially when it comes to fictional characters and video games. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's amazing! He has awesome lists, comments, great personality, and a great sense of humor! Very deserving to be #1. Keep it up, DCfnaf!

Just read top ten reasons why DCfnaf is a good user. They make great points and I think he is a good user. - PokemonRPGbro

7 Metal_Treasure

One of the most informative users on the site who actually does some research that back up his content. I believe he's the best user hands down.

One reason why I like Metal_Treasure, is not just because of his dedication and hard work to the site by researching and making high quality lists, but because he actually focuses on actually making lists, and comments, actually contributing to the site, instead of focusing on controversies and the wikia. He also doesn't do any of this for popularity, but because he wants to help the site.

What is he doing at 23? a toptenner with such quality should be on top 5 - zxm

He has the most metal and music lists and diverse tastes. He also has high quality content. - Metaladethaxer

8 admin

Hope he gets really comfortable on the couch with a blanket, then realises he left the remote in the kitchen. - Puga

Every day he lives the burden of keeping this site in maintenance. He's the reason why I even have this account. We wouldn't have anything on this site if it weren't for him. He is the most hard-working and inspiring user on this website and it's a shame he's not number 1. Admin, if by miracle occurrence you see this, thank you. - windowslottery

He isn't really a user, in my opinion - EpicJake

He made the site so he deserves lots of credit - bobbythebrony

9 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I know I can be very hypersensitive a lot, but it's thanks to the feedback that a lot of the users gave me I know on here on TheTopTens that I know what I need to do to improve. I haven't made any high-quality lists or posts in quite a while now, but when school is probably over, I'll try to work harder. But seriously, I'm quite honored to be in the top 100. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm tired of seeing people retire! It just sickens me! I know when school comes back in session, that I may have to be on hiatus, but this summer, me and everyone else on here should work hard to make TheTopTens better! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I used to not like him because he is a bit sensitive and gets triggered a BIT too easily. But that doesn't stop him from being one of the best users. Now I think he's pretty cool. Well he's one of my 1st followers along with 2 of my good friends on this site (WonkeyDude98 and ProPanda). So instead of a 5/10 (when I first joined) I would increase it to 8.5/10 because he's improving pretty well so yea. Good job! - AlphaQ

Congratulations ModernSpongeBobSucks! You have cool profile pics and your lists are awesome. Thanks for being one of my first followers.

10 PetSounds

PetSounds is a wonderful friend, if not one of the best I've ever had (that's including IRL). Not only are his contributions worthwhile and thoughtful and respectful, but he's a fantastic dude. I'm extremely happy he's finally in the top ten of this list. - keycha1n

I have a lot of respect for Pet. He's a good guy with a meaningful presence on this site. And he has shown great kindness to me. He really deserves to be on this list. - BKAllmighty

PetSounds is awesome. He's always there to listen and give advice, and to goof off when the time demands it. He's intelligent, he's one of the best friends I've ever made, and he's just a really nice guy overall. I'm really glad to have made friends with him. - Garythesnail

It's great having him around, be it a period of frequent visiting or not.
He's just hanging below the top ten at the moment, and I think we can all put our votes together and get him in there. - PositronWildhawk

The Newcomers

? BloDayBey
? akagan1

The Contenders

11 TwilightKitsune

She's so nice and makes great comments. Should at least be in the top 5. - Gametoon

She's really nice and is a great friend through messaging and in posts. Not to mention she shows a lot of love for the many good users on this website. Come on, who could hate her? I really like TwilightKitsune a lot as a user! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She is kind and a really great writer. Her lists are great and I enjoy binging through her posts. - Atham

She is great friend, she is so grateful and even talks nice about you, just don't be rude to her or otherwise she won't be very nice. She is my friend.

12 Garythesnail

One of the sweetest users on the website. You gotta love him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This guy is amazing. He is really nice, really good to talk to. And a really good friend - Jonerman

He deserves to be at number 9. Garythesnail is one of my favorite users - EpicJake

Never talked to him but he's a good user - bobbythebrony

13 MatrixGuy

I was going to use this name whe I first signed on, then I realized it was taken. - beasthound

He's good cause he can do stunts like Neo! - AlphaQ

Indeed belongs near the top - Curti2594

A great user. Belongs near #1 - EpicJake

14 Alexandr

The first TheTopTens user who reached 100/200 lists. He inspired many other users to create more and more lists

LOOK AT THE NO. OF LISTS HE'S CREATED. That no. is greater than the no. of diapers I spoilt while I was an pants pooper. and let me tell you I was a pooper till 6 yrs! So that's pretty huge - butthurtbastard

If you look at the stats, he's got more "TheTopTens records" than britgirl and positron put together. - gemcloben

Its very impressive, his amount of work, its hard to believe, I hope he stays #1 forever, he is the only one deserving that position - Ananya

15 Userguy44

Such a nice and friendly guy. Deserves this spot, maybe higher. - Gametoon

Let's get him at least at number 10. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Great friend and a great user. Deserves a high score! - Misfire

15? Really?! He should be at least in the top 12!
Edit: We did it! - RoseWeasley

16 nintendofan126

I'm number 8!?!?! If this is a dream don't wake me up! - nintendofan126

He's a really nice user! He's a really good friend - CosmoGirl

He is in the top 5. Yay. My best friend deserves to be this high up. - EpicJake

How come I wasn't on this list? - nintendofan126

17 christangrant

He created the Metal World Order which is one of the reasons why he's my favorite user - MetalWorldOrder

Wow I didn't expect to see myself this high thank you to whoever votes for me as I am the leader and founder of The Metal World Order #MWO4Life - christangrant

Best user of toptenlists - Disturbedpotato

18 Turkeyasylum

I'm at number 9? Thank you so much guys! Never expected this when I first came on! - Turkeyasylum

Creative and interesting lists! As well as having good blogs and a cool personality =) - keycha1n

He should be much higher up amazing friend and very creative - simpsondude

Serious? Turkeyasylum should be least in the top 5. - 05yusuf09

19 EvilAngel

He is the Remix King. I know most people give that to htoutlaws2012, but when you get down to quality, no one is better than EvilAngel in that regard. He genuinely has the best ones on this site, with a lot of effort and thought put into them.

That, and he had contributed a lot to the site and was very well known for his time here. In fact, he is the reason why I became a user in this site. - CrimsonShark

EvilAngel has amazing, popular lists and his remixes are incredible. He is such a kind and gentle member of thetnptens and I'm so lucky to have him as a friend on here. Angel, yes, Evil? Definitely not! You deserve to be higher on this list, sweetie : ) - Britgirl

How come this guy (and lukestheman4) isn't #1?
He has the best lists on this site, straight up!

EvilAngel you rule man - UltimateHybridX

His music lists and remixes are one of the best on this site. For expert recommendation on songs from a certain band, he's the guy whose remixes and lists I always look for. His, lukestheman4 and UltimateHybridX's music taste is almost completely identical to that of mine. - Kiteretsunu

20 WonkeyDude98

I just think realized we both like Nintendo! He would make a badass friend and I would be pleased if he was my neighbor - AlphaQ

One of the best users I met on this site. Honest and badass, he also helped me on a list I made a while ago. He deserves a slight bit more attention. - Swellow

Why is he at 82? I mean, I'm fine at being 98, but no user who was respected this much in his time here should be this low. - SwagFlicks

I take back the things I said about him. He's not that bad.

21 IronSabbathPriest

For other users, he can be seen as a meh user. But, from my personal perspective, he stands out more than any other user on this site. Me and him are like those friends who were friends since they are young and grew up together. I don't usually go around writing nice comments on user ranking lists, but when I feel like there is something needed to be said, I will say it. - gemcloben

IronSabbathPriest's a great user, and really mature. He's smart and intelligent, and I feel lucky knowing someone as amazing as him. - TwilightKitsune

To be honest I don't really care about being on the first page. Get me in the top 50 and I'll be fine. - IronSabbathPriest

One of the few old gen users active. I liked him a lot beforehand, but now I like him even more - Therandom

22 cosmo

Cosmo is a really great user. Thanks for being my follower. I appreciate it. - davakoh

Why is she so low? She deserves a higher spot - Neonco31

She actually has a good taste of cartoons

She deserves a spot at TheTopTens

23 keycha1n

When she was new here, she was an instant hit. She had creative, sharp and well thought out ideas, which made her stand out amongst everyone else on the newest page. I then spoke to her, and we were quick to become good friends. She's one of the most intelligent and resolute, charming and whimsical people here. So putting her in 43rd on this list won't do her justice. - PositronWildhawk

One of the best. She makes a lot of good points, which really leaves the opposers to suffocate. Comments are very comprehensive, yet very informal and polite and have good grammar. And most importantly she is a goody-two-shoes. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yeah, she's a user I like, but not really for her lists or posts I only like her for her drawings and personality, but in my opinion she should be higher, like at least in the 20's - ToptenPizza

She's a canvas painted up with personality... On the front AND the back! You can see her personality in her drawings, her lists, comments, etc. She should at least be on the first page... - Turkeyasylum

24 CrimsonShark

Still has been one of the best guys I've ever met and definitely set my life on a whole different course than it would've - xEliHbkx

I've spoken with him for some time, and I have to say he is such a great user. I would've never thought someone could be such a strong and reasonable critic among several different topics. He is definitely one of the best users.

Out of all the users on this site, CrimsonShark is and always will be my favorite. He has a good personality, great content, experienced, good interests, and very helpful of this site. Hope he doesn't retire.

He is a really nice person who I really enjoy talking to! - EliHbk

25 ProPanda

29! An outrage! Such a nice, heartfelt user, that has great taste and criticism at the same time should be far higher. On this site, could you ask for a better combination? - Hater

ProPanda is amazing! He is nice to everyone and has a great taste in music! Propanda is, in my opinion, the best user on here

Positive user with good content that is great to talk to. - Martinglez

Great user and has good taste in music unlike most users on this site - Mcgillacuddy

26 Randomator

He's an excellent user. He also makes great lists. He needs to be higher than 26. He should be in the top 20. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

It’s an honor to be in the top 30 on this list. I feel I’ve grown a lot as a user in almost 3 years and hopefully I can grow even more in the future. So thanks for getting me to the top 30. - Randomator

How can you not appreciate this guy’s contribution and content? He’s one of the users still keeping this site somewhat alive. - Userguy44

Nice and cool guy - PeeledBanana

27 gemcloben

He is very underrated and is one of my best friends on this site. - RiverClanRocks

He is one of my best friends on this site! - IronSabbathPriest

Very underrated user, this guy. - Mumbizz01

He's a fantastic user! He is easily better than me. - nintendofan126

28 bobbythebrony

I literally cannot stand him. He's so arrogant.

Wow I'm in the top ten now? - bobbythebrony

He's a very great. 70% of the reason I love him is because he hates Killary. The only bad he did is that he supports Trump and hates people of a religion. Other than that he's a very good user. Keep it up just don't show hate to a religion. - njalabi63989

Thanks for all the votes my friends - bobbythebrony

29 MontyPython

Oh my gosh! 17 you guys?! This is awesome! Thank you so much! You guys are more awesome than a European swallow carrying a coconut! Or was it an African swallow? - MontyPython

Needs to be higher than Puga because MontyPython is nice and is mostly positive all the time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

So sweet and joyful to be around, always looking on the bright side! - Garythesnail

She is nice to talk to - RockStarr

30 BoredJeff02

He won't be forgotten for his contributions he made to this website and for being a good friend - christangrant

Not sure why I'm this high but thanks. Maybe I will come out of retirement.- SomePersonYouHate/Jeff

He has improved from his old account and now acted more mature - Neonco31

Thanks to whoever added me... I appreciate the support.

31 NuMetalManiak

Yeah top 30! Almost where you should be.

Update: Dropped 12 spots magically (sigh). - htoutlaws2012

Highest I've ever been so far. Should be Top 10 by the end of next year.

Also vote on my lists please. I promise more good things. - NuMetalManiak

And it is even more worse than before. #548. Whoever did this must be really proud of themselves. Let's break down why I am a better user than almost all of the ones before me.

I've taken the time to listening to many, MANY artists. Think about that. How else did I get over 700 in music lists? I wasn't even stat-padding or nothing, instead, I'm actually LISTENING to the music in question, soaking up every track I hear.

And I'm obviously a video game aficionado, with reviews mainly for role-playing games, but also for other ones as well. I'm clear on what I like about gameplay, music, and plot, key features of the games I touch base on.

Recently, you can see that I have done full-fledged analyses of some of the more controversial lists on the site. I try not to go too overboard, but if there's anything to say, it's that I cover every item on the list.

So please, tell me that I'm that bad again? In an actually objective sense, I'm clearly better than anyone ...more - NuMetalManiak

Some of the HIGHEST QUALITY CONTENT I have EVER seen. Deserves top 20. - Bammer73

32 JaysTop10List

Now back to 13! Not bad at all! Thanks! All we need to do is get to 1- I'm not good enough. Well, at least the Top 10... - JaysTop10List

He's a very good user. Vote for him guys! - nintendofan126

This guy worked hard. He's pretty good list maker. - Delgia2k

Yay, he is in the top ten now. - EpicJake

33 cjWriter1997

He deserves to be a lot higher, he's an awesome and kind person. - Element119

Should be higher up - PeeledBanana

I’m surprised that he wasn’t here. - Undistinguished

34 Kiteretsunu

Kiteretsunu should not be in 119th spot. No way. Vote for him. - PositronWildhawk

He is a very under rated user. - Garythesnail

Kiteretsunu is a Smart, Kind and a Great Friend to have, Vote of Him his lists are amazing. - Dreamformusic

Vote for him. He deserves more hype than most of the users here get. - NerdyPweeps

35 darthvadern

I have a lot of self-esteem and I do believe I do produce pretty good content if I do say so myself. Judging by the universal opinion on myself I'm not wrong either. - darthvadern

How this guy is so low, I have no clue. Just look at the effort Darth puts into his lists. A huge variety of subjects yet all of them are pleasant to read and look at.

Ah come on, this low, 36? Why is he not in the top ten, heck, not even in the top 30? His lists are very unique and some are important, and he has really high quality stuff, he should be number two, behind htoutlaws2012. - Bammer73

Certainly an improved user, now is not annoying and actually pretty nice - Phillip873

36 lukestheman4

I love lukestheman4 because this user is like the bands Linkin Park and Evanescence and this bands are my favorite bands.

He's awesome! I love his lists! Lukestheman4 should be in the top 3! - Magnolia

How come this guy (and EvilAngel) isn't #1?
He has the best lists on this site, straight up!

Lukestheman4 you rule man - UltimateHybridX

Luke is one awesome user indeed when I first came to this site a year ago His lists and EvilAngels were the ones I would always go to because the love for Music and Gaming and they are both Smart and know a lot. - Curti2594

37 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

It's sad BarneyTheDinosaurRocks is even on this list. We do not put trolls on the list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Even though I don't like him at all, I will admit, two of his list can be decent (Top Ten Facts about BarneyTheDinosaurRocks and Reasons why Barney and Friends is better than Anime (don't get me wrong, I hate both Barney and anime but I like how he hates anime.)).

Not only is he not number 1, but he's not even in the top 20! Unbelievable! One of the best users of the new gen! - Therandom

He is a hilarious troll, he does not deserve a lot of hate. He is awesome and very clever at making lists.

38 BKAllmighty

Recently discoved his lists. Really, really good. Check them out for yourself..! - Britgirl

The lists he makes are very creative, Honestly he should be higher. - htoutlaws2012

Extremely underrated with many good lists. He should be higher. - Minecraftcrazy530

How is he not in the top 10? He's a great user. - nintendofan126

39 EpicJake

Ugh... I do not see why his this low, his not as bad as those who do deserve to be at the bottom as they are. EpicJake on the other hand is a good user, with great takes in sports of pretty much everything. - htoutlaws2012

He is one of my best friends on this site. - nintendofan126

Wow once I thoughts he was like 400 something oh well top 50 is Still good

How did he end up in 672nd? - Neonco31

40 keyson

I appeared late on this list, that's why :) laugh out loud I'm just kidding. I love being in this list no matter the position - keyson

He should be way higher! Honestly he's a way better user than me. - Garythesnail

How is Keyson not in the top 20? He's one of the best users ever! - Garythesnail

Gotta love his lists - Curti2594

41 RiverClanRocks

Her content is kind of repetitive, but then again I only talk about music (Well, except when discussing Pokemon fantasies with RiverClanRocks )! Her taste in music is awesome, she's fun to talk to, and she's a nice person. - WonkeyDude98

She's somewhat annoying at times, and her content is kinda repetitive, but I still like her overall. I'm not totally sure why, I just do. - Garythesnail

She should definitely be in the top 15 at least. She's very nice. A great writer with an awesome imagination.

Number 17? How is this possible?... - RiverClanRocks

42 UltraLunalaX

Probably the TTT user who improved the most in my opinion. She really tries to make HQ content nowadays and try to make up for her past - CrypticMemory

Nice user get her higher - Yoshidude

A very nice user. - Bammer73

43 velitelcabal

The fact that Jared is not in the top 5, let alone top 60, is bewilderingly awful. Sure, he does get on people's nerves (a lot) and his posts can be inane at times, but they are funny, his grammar is good, and he's a cool guy to talk to when you get to know him. - WonkeyDude98

Come on people, Jared has a great comments, posts and great grammar. He is should be higher up. - 05yusuf09

Thanks to whoever added me here!

Extremely mature and respectful, considerate too... He talked to me in a chat and as far as I know, he is immensely knowledgeable in politics! Great grammar as well... - Flowersocks2137

44 B1ueNew

Looks like I'm already on here - B1ueNew

The cream of the crop when it comes to TheTopTens.

Our lord and savior - HaloFanboy

Who don't love him?

45 CartoonsGirl

Absolutely stunning. She clearly puts time and effort into everything she does, and she's one of the best friends I've made here. EASILY earns a spot in the top 10 and in everyone's heart. - Garythesnail

She is my favorite user on this site! I would jump in front of a bullet for her! - nintendofan126

She Deserves To Be In The Top Ten - RockStarr

I have lots of users that I like. But I like Cartoonsgirl the most. Cartoonsgirl. If your reading this, I think your awesome! - nintendofan126

46 Element119

One of the best users of 2017 she is fun to talk to and writes great comments - christangrant

Should be much higher - 445956

Let's get her to top 5

775? Nah. Vote her up - EpicJake

47 Lucretia

And this awesome user is so low? Why are this site so sensitive to her? I love how she is not afraid to share her political views even if not a lot of people have them and she was very nice to message. She is also very creative. Please vote her up guys!

Never seen a better user. She is caring, has a lot of content, is kind, funny, and very nice. Vote for Lucretia everyone!

Again still low. I will vote for my darling Lucretia every day till she is where she should be... I love you Lucretia!

48 NikBrusk

Nik is an amazing user, and even though he left this site now, he is still a great person and deserves a good spot on this list. - Element119

Nik makes good lists and I don't see him getting enough attention that other users get. His most recent list was good and quite fun to read. I could not comment on your LP album review posts but I decided to let you know here that those were perfect.

I'll miss this guy.

He's practically my friend on the site, he's great to talk to and generally makes good lists.

49 SwagFlicks

At least he taught me not to abuse quantity. I'll try to learn from that. Thank you, SwagFlicks. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Bye guys, it was a fun two years or so. - SwagFlicks

519? Oh no. I don't even know him all that well but I know he's good enough that he deserves hundreds of places higher. - IronSabbathPriest

Any place is fine. Just want ideas to come out at a healthy time. I honestly think I'm underrated though. - SwagFlicks

50 ArchAces

I hear he recently deleted his account. That really sucks. He was a good user. - DCfnaf

ArchAces is way down here? Everybody, vote him higher! - Turkeyasylum

ArchAces? 269? It's a phenomenal disaster! Vote him up! - Animefan12

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