100 Follower Special: How I Came Across TheTopTens

Well, I guess I should tell you guys eventually. It all started in 5th grade when I looked up "Top 10 Worst Cartoons". Something about that list on here-maybe it was the clever comments, maybe it was the lovable users, maybe it was the order of the list. But either way, this was awesome. So I started to go here often. And in 6th grade, I got a lot of acne and friends began to bail on me. I had very few by early 7th. But then, I noticed users on here had a certain connection, and accounts were free and required little info, so I figured why not join for a while and then disappear?

Well needless to say, I was WAY off. I met so many wonderful users like Britgirl and Puga, along with PositronWildhawk and Cartoonsgirl, and more recently BlueDiamondFromNowhere. I also got my best friend to join(Victinimon) and I met ForeverSmiling13,who's basically my older sister on the site.MANY users feel like older siblings to me, in fact. I made all those friends, Plus about 96 more. That is my favorite thing about this site-you amazing users. I've made so many new friends here, and they are true friends. ALso, the lists are brilliant. The comments are clever and make me laugh. Hard to beleive I've only been here for about 5 months,yet I have become a beloved member. I never knew this site would change my popularity...thanks to all my 101 followers. I love you all.


101?! Well done! I've been here over three times aa long as you, and I'm only at 87. Congrats, my friend. - PetSounds

I have 90. - kormo

Nice post - EvilAngel

Congratulations you really deserve those followers you're nice and a great friend even though I rarely talk to you - simpsondude

Thanks to everyone! - Garythesnail

You deserve it, Congratulations! - keycha1n

I like your story. :) and you are Marvelous. - CartoonsGirl

:) your welcome - funnyuser

You guys are awesome. - Garythesnail

Congratulations! You deserve it. - Delgia2k

Hehehe, congratulations! - Delgia2k

Congratulations, buddy! I am really proud of you. You are really awesome and nice. You deserve to have this much followers. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

Yep, you deserve the 100 followers, and nice story. - Mumbizz01


CONGRATS! No matter how long I know you, I'll always know you as a GOOFY GOOBAH! - OhioStateBuckeyes

We are all glad you joined here. - UltimateHybridX

Amazing post! - Animefan12

Congratulations! I am so happy you joined and that I met you! You're awesome lil bro! - visitor

Congragulation! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

You deserve this you are one of the best users - 2storm

You deserve 100 followers and even more than that! Keep up the good work! - RiverClanRocks

Good job - bobbythebrony

Congrats EvilAngel, you rocks mate - 05yusuf09

Oops, I'm accidentally writed EvilAngel, sorry Mikey :D - 05yusuf09

Well done you deserve 100 follows - RockStarr