Thank You For 100 Followers!

keycha1n Well.... Less than 2 months ago, I joined this wonderful site, and because of previous experience on instagram, I decided to stay away from comparing and really even thinking about my number of followers. I quite literally dropped my jaw when I was told I had 94 followers a couple of days ago! And today? I woke up to the surprising achievement of 100 followers!

First off, thank you! I've met some wonderful people here, and I'm so glad I can give back to some of you by my greatest passion: Drawing! Which has not only been a good source of ideas, but was received way more enthusiastically than I ever thought it would be. Not only were you guys willing to wait as long as you had to, but I received countless compliments that may or may not have gotten to my head, but are nonetheless so flattering to read! In fact, starting off, I thought it would be weird or failed idea. I never imagined I would have to shut it down from the sheer number of requests! The minute it starts up again, I have a surprise drawing that people have been endlessly requesting (some of you may know what it is!), which is hopefully the proper thank-you, as I can't imagine anything more fitting to give than a drawing!

But 100? That seems a bit much! And far, far too fast (7 weeks?? Unreal!). As flattered and surprised as I am, what are you guys following me for? These are some users that are criminally underrated, go follow them too! They deserve to make this blog post far more than me! So that's what I will be devoting this blog to, here are some people you should follow:

Forever_Smiling13 - quite possibly my best friend on TheTopTens, she's enthusiastic, crazy, weird, and never ceases to put a smile on my face! Messaging her is really delightful, and she is a wonderful author!

Petsounds - great respect for this mature, soulful, and strong character and his love for music. He's been here a long time, and will always be underrated in my book!

BKAllmighty - he is so nice, mature, and respectful. I've never seen lists or messages like his, they are thoughtful and intelligent, and seriously underrated!

Kiteretsunu - well, this is self-explanatory. He is just a fantastic toptenner and his lists are amazing and hilarious!

Keyson - I don't understand how underrated he is, his lists are incredible and thoughtful, and he expressed so much niceness and gratitude when I finished his Spyro drawing! Deserving of more votes and follows, for sure!

bobbythebrony - his lists are just excellent, there's no more to say, it's astonishing he doesn't have 100 followers, at least!

BlueDiamondfromnowhere - a kindred, young, but gentle soul. She is so nice and has made some pretty incredible contributions, here's another rookie like me, but deserving of much more following!

xxSillyxx - He in fact, gave me the idea to the requests, and of course, I owe the fabric of the idea to him. I admire how strong he is, and what he had to go through in life to get where he is now!

Billyv - he sent me the single nicest message i have ever received, his comments are mature, thoughtful, and respectful. His comments especially are amazing to read, and he's a true delight to message! Message this good soul, and follow as well, you won't be disappointed!

kormo - never messaged, but have admired his lists beyond belief. No doubt a huge contributor to TheTopTens and a genius listmaker!

Turkeyasylum - again, here's a toptenner that will always be underrated. His blog posts are incredible, his lists are funny or thoughtful, and his comments are always great!

Letdot52 - have you heard the song "Ready or Not" by Britt Nicole, featuring Lecrae? I know you like Lecrae, so may be you'd like it! He is nice, and his faith in God is true. Shamefully underrated guy!

egnomac - just great lists, and definitely gutsy and strong. Never messaged, but undoubtedly cool!

McKing1003 - he was the one who messaged me that I had 94 followers, not only does he have great lists, but he is so so underrated! Like, terribly underrated! Go follow him!

Well, my hands hurt from typing now, but I got it done! I undoubtedly missed people I intended to put on, misspelled some user names, or most embarrassingly, put in the wrong gender! But it's done! Some honorable mentions:

Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, SuperHyperDude, Puga, Garythesnail, yeshal, Mumbizz, JaysTop10lists, samanime, Delgia, Kevie, Animefan12, Curti, and Rhapsody!

who are all kind and great users, follow them as well!

Also, someone requested me to draw Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, but I've forgotten who! If they're reading this, would they please message me? This doesn't happen often, I'm sorry! And of course, thank you for 100 followers!


Congratulations! - Delgia2k

Thank you! - keycha1n

Congrats for getting 100 followers, keycha1n! - Kiteretsunu

Thanks Kiteretsunu! - keycha1n

Congrats, and thank you for mentioning me!

100 followers is both an incredible achievement and a testament to what a valuable member you've become. You should be very proud. And you did it in only two months!? It took me a year and a half! - PetSounds

Now I have no clue how I did it, you really deserved the achievement faster! Thank you! - keycha1n

Congratulations on getting 100 followers! - visitor

Thank you SL! Apologies for not adding you on any part of the blog post, but your lists are truly awesome and really creative! - keycha1n

You deserve it, Joy. You're one of few relatively new members who puts time and effort into your incredibly creative works. I can't put into words how well you stand out, so all I can say is keep it up. In time, who knows? You could dominate the stats page, and earn a place in the hall of fame. I don't know if you will, but I know you can. So I encourage everyone reading this to give Joy the support she deserves. - PositronWildhawk

Thank you PositronWildhawk! That's one of the most motivating comments I've seen, and means a lot coming from someone who ALREADY dominates the stats page! - keycha1n

Thank you very much for putting me in the honorable mentions. And congrats on your 100 followers! - Mumbizz01

No problem, I love your lists and I'm nearly done with your request, :D and thank you! - keycha1n

The paper at your house must feel so blessed :)
Congrats! - Puga

Haha, well when you put it that way... thank you! - keycha1n

Congrats, Keycha1n, for such a kind user, you deserve to have 100 followers 😊 - Animefan12

Thank you! You're another super creative and star listmaker, who also happens to be a rookie, much respect, I've only gotten on the hot new lists once! - keycha1n

Thanks for the compliments Keycha1n and don't worry I got to 100 follows yesterday. Anyway congratulations - bobbythebrony

Nice! Congratulations to you to, well deserved, certainly! And thank you! - keycha1n

Congratulations :D. You know what? Lets celebrate I got an Oreo cake here and balloons. Lets do it! - CartoonsGirl

YESH. **proceeds to eat like bear** thanks! I didn't know you whilst making this post, but I might compile a bunch of other members in one big edit later! You deserve that, definitely! =) - keycha1n

Congrats, you are cool! - Magnolia

And you as well! I so admire your listmaking! :) thanks! - keycha1n

You deserve it my dear! I love your lists!
Much Love,
Irina - Irina2932

Thank you! So glad to see you've come back lately, you're a wonderful user as well! - keycha1n

Good job girl

- Tylisha - visitor

Thanks you Tylisha! - keycha1n

Congrats - visitor

Thanks! - keycha1n

Thank you very much for including me. - McKing1003

As long as you're staying, I'd say it was more than deserved... - keycha1n

You're one of TheTopTens's most creative users. You deserve it!
You are a very talented, your drawing skills are very high!

- MostTalented_BoyX

Not talent-hard work (maybe a little talent, but mostly work ) Thank you! You're underrated as well! - keycha1n

You deserve it. - EpicJake

Thanks! - keycha1n

A user who is actually contributing well in a site? Wow, congrats Cha1ns! - visitor

Haha! Thanks SHD! - keycha1n


Thanks buddy! And you're really not far behind me! And your reaction is priceless! Thanks! - keycha1n

You didn't mention me :( - gemcloben

I didn't know you during the time of this post? Don't try to guilt me, I have no obligations. - keycha1n

Anyway, you deserve it more than me! - gemcloben

Oh well, you reserve it more then me! - gemcloben

You truly deserve 100 followers. You are a nice and kind user with incredible drawing skills. Congrats! - Minecraftcrazy530

Thank you! You're a valuable member as well! - keycha1n

I come here often to check the no. of post comments - Animefan12

Seeing when they'll surpass the amount of follows? - keycha1n

No, I meant that I never expected this post to receive so much comments.
And, my goal on thetoptens is to create 5000 comments. - Animefan12

Ikik I was joking, and I'm sure that will happen... In about a year! - keycha1n

Wow... thanks for what you said about me! I also think you are a great person and such a talented drawer! - keyson

Thanks! And not talented-hardworking! ( - keycha1n

Great job! You deserve it! - Pony

Thanks! And don't worry, you'll get there with the Pony acc. Soon! - keycha1n

I really love your drawings. Especially the one of Adam Sandler. Even though I can't stand him, I thought your drawing of him was very nice. - visitor

Oh well, at least I got honorable mention. Congrats! - Garythesnail

Congrats keycha1n! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 - 05yusuf09

Congratulations - RockStarr

Congratulations! - SamuiNeko

Congrats! - blst0033

Congratulations keycha1n! Keep up with the followers! - Catacorn