My "auto-biography" of thetoptens

gemcloben Most people make these kind of things as a hundred follower special, but I am never going to get that many followers, so here you go!

I can across this site about a year ago, I used to watch YouTube channels like Matt Santoro and watchmojo, but then I decided I wanted to find the opinions of others, not just youtubers. I then typed in best guitarists and this site came up. I was looking for Brian may to see if he was there, as I was a big fan of him. I then saw other guitarists like Hendrix, and I was not surprised. I was getting into metal at the time and I listen to bands like iron maiden and Metallica, but I wanted to find more than the ones I already knew. I found great bands on here like Judas priest (no idea how I never listens to them before), but I recognised the site.

I then realised there was many lists on this site, so I used it to find a lot of music. I then realised how limited the site was without an account, I joined in august 2014. The first person to follow and message me was subbashsahu. I then wrote my first comment on the best years for music list. I also remixed a lot of lists.

Then I had a look on other people's profiles and noticed a recent votes on lists graph. I thought then about making some lists. I made about 5 lists and got quite excited about it, and I wanted to tell people about my lists and promote them. I messaged kiteretsunu, positron wild hawk and matrixguy. They all remixed my lists, commented and followed me. I was very excited, as these were my three favourite users at the time.

I then made many lists and a few were sort of successful and got over a hundred votes. This made me want to do more. I then realised they has stats and the member score system. I then wanted to get my member score up and get on every stat. I couldn't get on every one though, no one did.

I then wrote 1000 comments and 200 remixes. Even though I was quite successful and had one of the 100 highest member scores (which was an achievement for me back then), I felt as though I should leave this site.

I did enjoy this site, but I felt that however hard I try and however many things I do on this site, no one really cared at all. I only got in the top 3 on 3 lists. I felt like no one cared about me or anything I do on this site. I then decided if I was to leave this site, I was to give it another try.

I then spent a long time doing nothing. I had tried everything on this site, except blog posts. It was my last chance. I decided everyone was making so called blog post series on turkeyasylums list, so I thought I might try it. So then I came up with an idea.

Everyone had made versions of their favourite shows with toptenners. I then decided "well, these are just the same as the actual show, just with the names of toptenners". So I decided to make a more interactive one, where toptenners can play along. So I based it on my favourite show, big brother.

TTT big brother had a good start, as I got all my contestants in about 4 hours. I made the first episode, and it got quite a good reception. I finally felt like people cared about my work on this site. But this was only going to get better.

The series got quite popular, I even inspired Turkeyasylum to write his own series. I also got recognised as a toptenner a bit more, as puga and Ricky Reeves both included me in their own series, without me applying or requesting, which was quite nice for someone like me who got no attention at all.

I then wasn't looking forward to the series ending, as I was enjoying it, so I wanted to make another series. I thought of making another interactive series, but I then wanted to make a series on my own. I then decided to make a sort of ranting one, but I also wanted the opinion and reasons of those who disagree, so I made room 101.

I made 6 room 101 posts (all of which were marked as high quality). I am now up to 8 HQ posts (my aim is ten). My blog posts were then quite popular, getting me 2 places on the top ten funniest blog posts. I was quite proud of myself.

I also made friend with people I would never have spoken to, like evilangel and garythesnail. I made list collaborations with evilangel and mcking1003, I started talking to beatlesfan1964, iron Sabbath priest and garythesnail and users like animefan12, mumbizz01 and mcking1003 put me on their lists. I now feel like I have friends on this site and I should stay. Hope you enjoyed reading!


Congrats. I'll prepare a presidental party when you hit 100 followers. - visitor

I'm sure you will reach 100 followers in no time gemcloben. You're an awesome user - Kiteretsunu

It's already a virtue having you here, Ben. - PositronWildhawk

Great Biography, Ben. - DapperPickle

You're an awesome user, don't doubt yourself! You're bound to get 100 followers soon! ☆*:. 。. o (≧▽≦) O. 。. :*☆ - visitor

Don't worry. I reached 100 followers so I'm pretty sure you van too - bobbythebrony

This is an excellent blog post. I loved it. - visitor

This blog post was awesome! I hope you get 100 followers - nintendofan126

Well your more likely to get 100 followers than me - visitor

You will get 100 followers soon, we all hope. - Mumbizz01

Please don't leave gemcloben - visitor

I won't. I changed my mind about that about a month ago - gemcloben

Amazing and attracting post
I enjoy it actually the begining part around music m/ - Rhapsody

You'll go far! You're bound to get 100 followers, - IronSabbathPriest

Saving... - BeatlesFan1964

You deserve many more followers, you are awesome! - Garythesnail

Stay awesome. Them 100 are bound to be coming soon. - Puga

Your list, opinions, blog post are all much appreciated! - keycha1n

I'm gonna make a list about you. - Animefan12

Saving... - Animefan12

I'm glad everything ended up ok. I'd hate to see or hear of a user who didn't feel welcome or appreciated. It's very apparent to me that your work here is of the most dedicated variety. I wish I had it in me to write posts, series, and so many comments! Makes me feel a little lazy, in fact :P - BKAllmighty

Same here :-D - EvilAngel

Amazing, I really loved it! For me this is #1 thetoptens post ever! I see you've done a great job here & wrote it in an interesting way & I'm sure you'll get at least 200 followers after such post. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Just like everyone says, I hope you get 100 followers. Someday you might even surpass me! - MusicalPony

I hope you get 100 followers! You are a great user! - Minecraftcrazy530

Great bio, man! I enjoyed reading it ^^ - UltimateHybridX

Brilliant Bio. You'll move up the rankings in no time, you seem dedicated. Great post, from a great member mate - EvilAngel

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Cool! - keyson

Cool - muffinkid

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