Okay, how do I start this thing...? *gets instructions from the director* So, just look into the camera? *director nods* Where's the camera? *looks in every direction for the camera* *director grabs my head and shifts it so I'm looking straight into the camera lens that was right in front of me* OH THERE IT IS!!! *director facepalms*

*clears throat and fixes my tie* So I see you have arrived at my lair... Prepare to witness the ever burning flames of pure agony that is the Underworld! ψ(`∇´)ψ

*director shakes head frantically and mouths out "no" repeatedly*

Oh... This isn't the infomercial for the Underworld?

*director shakes head again vigorously*

Then what is this for?

*director mouths out "the 100 follower special"*

*my face turns into that of shock* WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?!? ME AND ONE-HUNDRED FOLLOWERS IN THE SAME SENTENCE?!?!? You're lying to me aren't you? You know what happens when someone lies to me...

*director shoves laptop to my face to show me that I have 100 followers* *my jaw drops to the floor from disbelief as my eyes grow wide*

Well, give me a halo and call me an angel (I'm not an angel XD ) The day has come where I, The Dark Lord of the Underworld, have reached 100 followers! Unbelievable, I know! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

*director smiles from knowing that I know what to do*

Okay fellow TopTenners, prepare for this very long, and descriptive history of how I joined TheTopTens and what I've done so far!!! Which will be in third person POV because I felt like doing it in third person. This is just going to be a pretty boring story which will begin NOW!!!

In the beginning, there was Kris... and there was also boredom. And thanks to boredom, Kris decided to listen to Breaking Benjamin (her favorite band of all time). She wanted to know what one song in particular meant. So she decided to use her old, trustworthy friend, Google, to search up the meaning for the song.

Instead of getting her results for the meaning, she got this list of the best Breaking Benjamin songs. She thought "Well, I want to know what the best Breaking Benjamin songs are", so she looked at the list. Then she found out she could vote and comment, she was all like: "ERMAHGERD THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!!"

So she kept on searching for more lists about her favorite bands and her obsession of creepypastas. This continued for a long time (five minutes). And that's when Kris's blind eyes saw there was a button that read "Sign Up". Her eyes grew huge and her mouth opened to a big "O". Then she got up from her bed and started doing a little dance from knowing she could be part of this list making website.

She gladly signed up and put up her information on her profile, and ta-dah! The Dark Lord of the Underworld now had an account on TheTopTens. So after doing all that, she logged out and tried to go to sleep because it was three in the morning and she had school in four hours. That day when she signed up was January 6, 2015.

For a couple of days, probably even weeks, she started getting more obsessed with the site. She would go on whenever she could: during lunch, during class, even when she was in the middle of eating someone's soul (that's what she feeds on). As the days passed, she started gaining followers and even messaging some of them.

She ended up making great friends with samanime (the only person that loved horror as much as she did), PositronWilhawk (the one person that was even more random than her), Letdot52 (the person she could have a good laugh with), Garythesnail (who turned out to be a loving lil bro to her), keycha1n (who was a great best friend to her and really relatable as well), and many, many others as well.

Her real-life friends noticed she was sucked into the website, so they decided to make accounts as well. Angelina (Lina1028), Carmen (Cashmoney19), Randall (Gaymer), Jessica (Joe_Mama), Cristal (Cristalbieber), and Aidee (SoulDeathKidMaka414) all joined TheTopTens thanks to Kris ignoring them because all she did was be on the site. (Great friend, huh?)

Kris then noticed that she had no lists! No lists?! What!? A TopTennner must have at least one list, right!? So she decided to create her first list, Top Ten Interesting Facts About The User Forever_Smiling13. She wrote down the only normal things she could think of, such as she having a knife under her bed who she named Jeffery. Yep, that's normal for her; to talk about her favorite knife.

She then started getting more and more ideas for lists, such as The Top Ten Craziest Stuff You Can Buy Online, and The Top Ten Things To Do Before The End Of The World (which reached number 1). She created a few more lists after those, but they weren't so popular... (._.)

That was all in her first month of joining the site.

During the second month, she created two new lists: Top Ten Breaking Benjamin Song Tittles Replaced With The Word Bacon and The Top Ten Creepiest Pick-Up Lines (PositronWildhawk gave her the idea for the list) in which she put her own original disturbing pick up lines. Yeah, what goes on in her mind is not meant for innocent people. (Note: Kris is not responsible for scarring anyone for life)

She also got her best friend, Adrian (Jeff_The_Killer), to join TheTopTens. It took her weeks of bothering him without stopping to get him to join. He can be a real pain in the butt when it comes to his stubbornness... He thinks girls find that hot! Psssh! Like if he knew what attractive was! He doesn't know what attractive is... (More than five years have passed of Kris trying to help him with his girl problems, and he still doesn't even know how to flirt. He's sixteen years-old and the only relationship he's had is with his computer.)

Not too long ago, she did her first collaboration on a list with gemcloben. Their list, Top Ten Creepypastas To Happen On TheTopTens, was moderately popular. She was also more than happy to work with gemcloben who is a great friend of hers on the site.

And that is all at the moment. She's only been on the site for a little over three months and she's still completely obsessed with the site. So, let's see what she does from this point on on TheTopTens!

THE END!!!! \(^o^)/

So there you go my fellow TopTenners, now you know how I got so into this website that practically controls my life... But I don't know, the last time I let a website get to me, things didn't go well .__. *memories of gunshots and screams play out*

ANYWAYS! I hope you liked this, if you did then comment, follow me if you aren't, or something. I don't know, do whatever you want. I'm gonna getz me some soulz tonight so I don't care what y'all people do!!!

And I know who's soul to start with... DIRECTOR!!!

*director looks up at me*

*my mouth opens up to reveal rows of black, sharp fangs instead of white teeth* IT'S FEEDING TIME!!!

*director loses all color and starts to slowly back away*

*gets up from my throne and teleports in front of director*

I don't think any of you want to see a demon eat so...

PEACE!!! (Nope, meant to say chaos.)

CHAOS!!! (Yep, better way of saying goodbye than peace.)

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆




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Oh my goodness Kris congratulations! I'm sure Adrian will be amused when he sees this (oh, wait, I meant Jeff? I don't know who he would be in this context)! I'm so glad you signed up so close to my signing up-made the confusing first days of a newbie so much more fun! Anyways, you definitely deserve this, and this post just RADIATES personality-which you flawlessly convey in everything you write! What was my point again? Oh yeah-congrats! (wait, did I already say that? ) - keycha1n

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