UHX and Lukestheman4

EvilAngel These two guys have been my best friends on the site, and for them to both basically be gone is a big reason why I thought of leaving myself.

These two guys I considered in my trio on here.

Lukestheman4 was actually the first friend I made on the site, around five years ago at the time of me writing this. Wow has it really been that long already. Luke had similar music taste to me, mainly in the area of all things Linkin Park, so of course we became friends. Though he never officially left, he is very rarely on TheTopTens now. Without him, I feel like a huge asset to the site has moved on.

UltimateHybridX, or UHX for short, announced via his profile that he was leaving. However, what he failed to do was message me regarding this. We had a message thread spanning nearly two years, with what must have been hundreds of messages, with it starting when he joined and cited me as his idol. So how can he leave and not tell me personally? Whatever his reasons, he has left too, and with both of these heavy hitters leaving the site, I feel I am the only one left and the community has suffered, especially for rock and metal. UHX has got me into one of my all time favourite bands, Digital Summer, who I wouldn't of known about if it weren't for him. He's been a source of friendship, and truth be told, besides my girlfriend and parents I told UHX more than anybody, more than any real life friend. He is like the friend I never had who just seems to be into everything I am, the same bands, same shows, he is like a different nationality twin who is slightly older than me. As a result, you can all see why I was knocked when he left.

This is why I decided to leave. But I couldn't even last more than a week. Proof that I am a toptenner at heart, I would hear new albums and think "My remix needs updating", especially since now with the new contender system that the site update has brought we can make top twenties or thirties if we wish instead of toptens. I thought I just gotta add contenders to my top remixes. But the main two reasons I stayed are these:
1. I looked at what UHX had done, and realised that ironically I was doing the same thing as he, but to all my other friends on here, And 2. I saw all the love and warmth I was getting from all the messages, some from members I never even knew had noticed me were sending me messages for the first time asking me to stay... so how can I refuse them?

So here I am, last remaining of that trio... I hope they both return some day, but until that time, I will carry the flag and get stronger than ever on here myself. Thank you to everyone, especially to BritGirl, Pos, Gemcloben, Garythesnail, Yusuf, Keyson, petsounds for being the reasons I have stayed. And of course Admin. I must admit, I prefer the old layout and colors and feel there was more warmth, but I am loving the new contenders remix feautures.

So, one outta three left, let's remember Luke and UHX, be awesome like they were. I hope they are doing well in whatever they are doing now, and hope UHX does well at college. See ya bro. Until we meet again...


And it is now that I realise how much Pos wrote in that blog :D it took me a while to type all of that, yet Pos made a blog for UHX and myself that was probable three times longer... It shows how committed he was to giving us a good send off, and for that I thank you Pos. That blog was literally the difference between me staying and going, I am not even exaggerating. - EvilAngel

Sad, but at least one remains carrying spirit of u three think of yourself as a fusion! - Forsaken

Change your name to UltimateEvilLuke or AngelHybrid4 woah that's cool - Forsaken

Good to have you back, mate. - PetSounds

Yay - bobbythebrony

Glad you're back! - RiverClanRocks

And it's great that UHX is back, too! - visitor

I could not imagine what it would be like for me if TwilightKitsune or SamuiNeko left. I really feel sorry for you, EvilAngle and I want us to be friends. Please message me. - visitor