In Loving Memory of DisneyAnime1234

PositronWildhawk I came on TheTopTens today and I heard from MontyPython for the first time in a while. She was leaving, and she was telling me her sister had died in a car accident. I can't put into words how sorry I was to hear this.

I only knew Kylie briefly, but like her sister, she was a lively, funny, delightful character. The two of them have been real fun to have around, and beautifully friendly to anyone they set eyes on. I have been honoured to get to know these people, and they'll always be in some of my happiest TTT memories, which included times when I myself was feeling low. I'm devastated to hear that such a wonderful human being is now gone.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say how inspiring these people are. Kylie and Ashley had each been through a lot, such as losing family members such as Ash's father so early, and times when it seemed hope had gone. As someone diagnosed with severe depression, I know very well what it's like to have your happiness and your dreams drained from your soul, having darkness stir in you like a curdling scream that nobody can hear. I never really spoke about this with Kylie, but I learned a lot about how to push through thanks to Ash. I know they've both had hardships, but Kylie had a willpower much stronger than those, and Ashley does too. Just by looking at them, they seemed like very happy characters, and let me tell you, it takes a lot of courage to look happy and alive when inside, you want it all to be over. A lot of people are too weak to push through, because they don't have the attitude and support like they did.

But when tragedies arise, it's very difficult to keep yourself intact. The two girls have always kept their heads high thanks to the love and compassion that they had for each other, and for anyone worth giving it to. Ashley now needs this more than ever, and now there's a hole where most of it came from. But if you're reading this, Ashley, you're in good hands. I'm here to return the favour you did for me, as you and Kylie did to everyone in life. It's people like you and Kylie that help the most despairing of people in this world believe something that they find hard to believe: life is beautiful, no matter how long it lasts.

So friends, let's all show Ashley that we care for her and her family, and in this hard time, we will give you optimism, we will give you love, and we will give you anything you need. I encourage you to comment below any words you would like to say.

We'll always remember you two. And we all hope Kylie's gone to a better place, and we hope Ashley has a beautiful future.


Oh my, I hope that Kylie feels better in Heaven and that Ashley will have a great life ahead of her. - Catacorn

Oh...I had no idea...I don't quite know what to say, except, even though I didn't really know Ashley, how sorry I am to hear the sad news. I hope each day that passes will get that little bit easier for her and her family. We're all thinking of you, Ash and wishing you all the best. - Britgirl

I hope she is in peace. - TwilightKitsune

This is a very sad event, I feel so sorry for MontyPython - Martinglez

RIP Kylie - Martinglez

Let's just put aside our differences Harry, and agree that this is heartbreaking. We fave death all the time, but it's rare for it to happen upon a fellow user, and even rarer for it to directly affect another user. You have my condolences MontyPython, and may Kylie rest in peace. Man, between this and Catacorn's latest story I'm wanting to trash all the onions in the world. - WonkeyDude98

Agree, this is getting unhealthy. It's less fun when we fight, so we'll agree to call a truce. At least I can trust you; SelfDestruct made me a similar promise... - PositronWildhawk

*face, that sh*t changes the context of the whole sentence. - WonkeyDude98

Wonkey, Pos may not have had the best argument for hating rap, but I don't think it's worth fighting over it. I think you both should accept your different musical tastes and move on. - visitor

Besides, it's pretty much the only bad argument pos has ever made. - visitor

This is very rare to hear and also depressing news. Normally it's on our actual T.V. daily news, but not in this case news on thetoptens. My condolences goes out to MontyPython. - htoutlaws2012

My consolations to MontyPythons. RIP Kylie - ProPanda

I'm at a loss for words that such a heartbreaking event happened to MontyPython and her sister. I remember messaging MontyPython a few times and she was really nice. It's just so unfortunate that something tragic had to happen to such a kind user. MontyPython, I give my best wishes to you and I pray that your sister Kylie rests in peace. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Montypython we give full thought to this death and we hope you can power through it and build on your future in life. - 2storm

This is a very sad event, RIP Kylie. - Skullkid755

This is so sad. - RalphBob

That sucks. I feel bad for ash. Hopefully her sister is in heaven. - visitor

My condolences go out to MontyPython. Kylie will rest in peace just like the other good people in the world. This is very heartbreaking. - JaysTop10List

While I don't know who DisneyAnime1234 is, since I joined this site recently, but still, Rest in Peace DisneyAnime1234 - StephanTheIdiot


My condolences to Ash and her family at this hard time. - IronSabbathPriest

RIP Kylee - bobbythebrony

I have never heard of DisneyAnime1234, but this is very sad. RIP Kylie. - Elina

Gone but not forgotten. RIP - Puga

We will always remember you. #RipKylie
;( - GrapeJuiceK

So sad :( Rest in peace Kylie. And I wish the best for MontyPython. - cosmo

Rest in peace Disney anime,and I hope this does not make you depressed Monty,I know how it feels to suffer from my grief,as if my mom has died from lung disease in the past,but this is not about me,anyways,i feel so sorry for you both,and pos,I would also like to stop arguing with you,let's call a truce - Nateawesomeness

I never knew Disney1234 because I was inactive for a long time. Rest in peace, Disney1234. And Monty Python... I'm sorry to hear this, I hope you have a better life. - Delgia2k

*plays Stairway To Heaven*
R.I.P. DisneyAnime1234
:( - GrapeJuiceK

Damn. This is saddening. I never knew DisneyAnime1234 but still, it was sad to know she died.
Rest in peace DisneyAnime1234. - SelfDestruct

Even you Self? Wow. - WonkeyDude98

Wonkey, you may not agree with this, but self hasn't done anything wrong for 2 years now. - visitor

I know we don't get along completely well a lot, SelfDestruct, but it's really nice of you to drop by and say something nice for such a sad event. Let's both hope Kylie rests in peace. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

*curls into a ball*
*starts crying* - TwilightKitsune

I heard about her she sounds very nice sorry for y'all lost top tenners - visitor

That is so sad. I feel bad for them. RIP Kylie. - Powerfulgirl10

RIP Kylie. We will miss you - visitor

Rest in peace Kylie. We will remember you. - visitor

Very sad - visitor

Rest in piece Kylie :( - Cahtergah

Rest in peace. I hope she will be In a better place now :( - MLPFan

I never knew Kylie, but I sometimes messaged with Ashley and I can't even begin to describe how heartbreaking this is. I am athiest but Id just like to say that if there is a heaven, I hope she gets the best seat in the house. If there is such thing as reincarnation, I hope her new life is the best. Rest in peace, Kylie. And Ashley, I hope the best for you and your family. - AnonymousChick

Whoa, that's so sad. I mean I personally didn't know DisneyAnime1234, but I do know MontyPython. Anyways I hope that MontyPython gets better. Rest in peace DisneyAnime1234. - Anonymousxcxc

This is absolutely heartbreaking... I wish I talked to her before her tragic death... I've just heard about her now, but hopefully she's peaceful up in heaven... I'm really sorry for her sister too, that must be extremely terrible news, and I hope you are okay and coping well... I hope your family is okay, you have my support. - Flowersocks2137

What day was this? - visitor

I heard the news on June 28, 2016. - PositronWildhawk

June 27th

I can't believe I haven't heard of this til today. This just struck my heart completely. - Mumbizz01

Although I never knew her, it's still sad that she died. - visitor

I never knew her either but this is a really sad event nonetheless. - visitor

Where did it happen? - TwilightKitsune

I never knew her, but to lose someone that made so many people happy is heartbreaking. Hopefully, MontyPython and her family are ok and Rest In Peace DisneyAnime1234. You were gone too soon. - visitor

RIP Kylie 😿
I never knew her but this was so sad. I hope she rest in peace - visitor

How did she die? - anonygirl

Car crash. - DCfnaf

I didn't know her, but may she rest peacefully. :'( - 906389

Now that's just sad. I never knew her, but I still hope she rests in peace. - visitor

This is heartbreaking. I hope she rests in peace. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

RIP Kylie - Neonco31

I never knew Kylie, but from what I heard, I'm sure she was a good person, and may she rest in peace. I hope that her family is okay, and I wish them the best of luck in the future. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Well I never knew DisneyAnime1234 or Kylie but what I heard she must have been a great user to you all. I'm disappointed that I didn't have the chance to meet you because I came late and she died too early. May she Rest In Peace and enjoy heaven. old was she when she died? - AlphaQ

Thirteen. - PositronWildhawk

My age. Oh god. We lost a beautiful soul at such a young age :( - TwilightKitsune

13?!?! Man, that's depressing! - BorisRule

I've never spoken to Kylie (I became an active user on August 2016), but I am aware that this is a tragic incident that had to happen.

The best thing we could do in a situation like this is to dedicate the prosperity of the site and better our community in honor of her. Think of her as an inspiration, a role model if you like. Hopefully, God will reward you for honoring her memory. - CrimsonShark

According to Ash, a semi truck smashed into the side of the car which killed Kylie.
Did they find out who the driver was? Will he get arrested? - TwilightKitsune

I don't know the details of the incident, but I honestly don't believe Kylie's death was intentional. - PositronWildhawk

It was an accident... - ProPanda

Rest in Peace, Kylie. I didn't know you, but I know you were kind and good-hearted. Hope you're better up there in Heaven. <3 - Absolite

This is so sad... - visitor

Holy crap, I never knew about this... I know it's been a year but I hope she's having a great time up there in heaven, rest in peace. - visitor

I hope she is rest in peace in heaven - BorisRule

That's awful! You'll forever be missed! - Spicygarlic

I didn’t even know her, but yes, RIP, I hope you’re in a better place. - MrCoolC

May her sister rest in peace. - visitor

RIP Kylie - MasonOcker

I even though it was sad and I don't even know her - DrayTopTens

R.I.P Kylie, you will always be remember in our hearts and minds. - ArcticWolf

May she rest peacefully. - Cyri

I hope she's happy in heaven. She sounds like she was an amazing person. If only she could've lived longer. - RoseWeasley

Damn. That's really hard to hear. I know I'm making this comment late, but I feel very sorry for Monty. May her sister rest in peace :( - visitor

That’s tragic. She will be remembered - wadkad

R.I.P. Kylie. - CriticalMaster95

That death must have been very shocking. RIP Kylie :( - LiamCoasterFan