100 Followers Special: How I Joined TheTopTens

Hi! I'm BlueFrostOfThunderClan or Bluefrost for short, and this is my 100 followers special post. It's about how I joined TheTopTens.

To all my 100 followers, thanks a lot for following me!

So...let's start!

Back then, I was looking for Warrior Cats mary-sues, and I came across a list called "Top Ten Biggest Mary-Sues in the Warrior Cats Universe". I decided to check that list out. It was a great list, very accurate (but there are some inacurrate parts though. I don't agree with Squirrelflight being very high there). Then I decided to read more Warrior Cats lists. After I've read like almost all Warrior Cats lists here, I decided to make a Warrior Cats list too, so I made an account (the very first Warrior Cats list I made is "Top Ten Best Warrior Cats Not From ThunderClan).

A few days after I made an account, I already made around 5 lists. I discovered that this site has a private messaging feature, but I didn't use it because I didn't really want to chat with anyone (I'm very shy). I decided to read lists other than Warrior Cats lists. When I was searching for lists, I saw that someone messaged me. I thought it was the Admin messaging me that my list has been approved so I ignored it, but then I thought: I haven't made any lists this day, so that message won't be about Admin approving my list. I decided to check the message, and it was not like what I was expecting. It was a message from a user (Brobusky).

I got nervous because I've never chatted with anyone on the Internet before. My English was not so good back then, what if he can't understand what I'm saying? What if I did something wrong? What if he suddenly use complicated words that I don't understand? Many questions were in my mind. Then I stopped asking questions and decided to chat.

Our chat was not like what I expected. I was expecting a very short chat, but no. We had a long, fun chat and he also introduced me to some bands. I started to like this site more after I knew that this site has friendly people.

I decided to see if there are any lists about music. Well, there were LOTS of them. I came across lots of lists about metal and rock. Those lists reminded me of the metal and rock bands I've listened to when I was 7 or 8 (Megadeth, Slipknot, Steelheart, Skid Row, Helloween etc). Those lists also made me love metal even more. Then I became a metalhead/fan and started to hate bad "singers" I used to love, but I asked myself these questions: Will people here judge me by my music taste? Will I be teased and insulted because of my music taste? After I explored this site more, I discovered that people here don't judge others by their music taste and there are way more metalhead/fan here than I expected. That made me like this site more. Those metal and rock band lists also introduced me to more metal and rock bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, Bathory, Amaranthe etc.

I also read so many funny lists. I thought that making a funny list would be fun, so I made one. It wasn't very successful though, but I still tried to make funny lists anyway.

I started to chat with more users (and of course, they messaged me first). One day I checked my messages and I got surprised. Holy crap, a popular user messaged me! (Velitelcabal) I had a fun chat with him. I started to feel more comfortable in this site.

I became a little bit obsessed with this site. I came across a list called "Top Ten Users Who Deserve More Recognation in 2016". I decided to check it out and whoa...what the...someone added me!? Wow! I can't believe it! I felt even more comfortable in this site.

1 month has passed. I've already chatted with around 10 until 15 users (I even had some roleplays). I've also made around 20 lists (but they barely get noticed). One day I was so bored and I got no ideas for a list, so I decided to check out other users' profiles. When I was looking at Birdechosplash's profile, I got surprised. She put me as one of her favorite users! Then I messaged her and thanked her for putting me as one of her favorite users (my FIRST time starting a chat with another user).

I became a bit more obsessed on this site. To me, it's way easier to make friends here than in real life (40% of my friends in real life are fake, 55% barely qualifies as friends, and 5% are REAL friends). Another month has passed. I've chatted with around 20 users (though I have more than 30 messages because of Leafstar LOL), made around 30 lists and gained 50 followers. I also got a bit more comfortable after many users said that my English is actually pretty good (but I once sent a message to someone and he didn't understand what I'm trying to say. Awkwaaard).

A few weeks later, I decided to read some user ranking lists. Maybe someone added me on another list, who knows? One of those lists I read is the list "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens". Holy...someone added me! And I was pretty high there! (I think I'm at 187 that time, well, 187 out of 400 is pretty high). A few days later I decided to read that list again. Maybe I'm going up, or down, well, who knows? I checked that list out and wow! I moved from around 187 to 91! That's so high! I also checked out other user ranking lists and I'm on some of them! That made me felt like I'm getting a little bit more popular and more obsessed with this site (not super obsessed though).

Now here I am, BlueFrostOfThunderClan, a young TopTenner who loves metal, rock, electronic, cats, and randomness who have made over 3000 comments, over 60 lists, and gained 100 FOLLOWERS (but still semi-unknown).

Thanks for reading!


Sorry it was a bit rushed, my phone's battery was low when I was making this post - visitor

been there - GrapeJuiceK

Well done! You joined after me and got 100 followers. The way I joined also had to do with warrior cats but you will hear more about that when I have 100 followers. Oh, I am the first to read this. Yay! - visitor

pipsam - leafstar

Awesome Job Bluefrost! You defiantly deserve a hundred followers! Your one of my favorite users too - visitor

Congrats! - visitor

Congrats Frosty! You got yourself a deserving round of applause *claps* - ArigatoKawaii

Congrats einniv!
by the way your English is good - leafstar

Thanks Kcaj - visitor

Woah did I send more then 30 messages to u. - leafstar

Uh...yeah I guess - visitor

Congrats! I think you deserve the followers. - Elina

100? Awesome. You deserve it! - Martinglez

"Well, somethings chatting with me results in severe headaches" - ARandomPerson

Nice! Congratulations on the followers! - Blight

You've got it all only in 3 months. Cool. - visitor

I swriously had no idea how I got that many followers that fast. There are more experienced and better users than me who had joined months before me yet still don't get 100 followers... - visitor

That's really great I think this is my second month now I only have around 50 - visitor

Congratulations BlueFrost - visitor

This is a really great post. Congrats. - Powerfulgirl10

I was acquainted with the site after I visited the Top Ten Linkin Park songs. - visitor