A Minute Of Honor (100 Follower Special)

ProPanda So. 100 Followers. You guys on TTT have no idea how much this means to me. As some one who dosen't really have a "best" friend, and has little to no relevance in school popularity outside of being in the advanced math program, and really good at tennis, I've never been remotely popular. But to be here, on a site meant for opinions, as only one of the first 125 users off a site with over 500 users to reach such a milestone is extremely amazing. I'm so happy to have done so, and I hope for more in the future. I'd like to take a minute to thank the people who helped me get this far:

9666llotr: For being follower #100.

Jonerman: For being my first friend and follower on the site. We have talked about so much and were always really good friends. You are an underrated guy on here and I'd like to thank you in depth first.

WonkeyDude98: Arguably the closest I've had to a best friend on the site. An exceptionally wonderful person, with dedication and effort I have never seen come from any other user. His extreme intelligence, especially coming from his age, is just amazing so thank you. If there is any user on this site I'd call the best, it's this guy.

Martinglez: If, Wonkey isn't my best friend on here, then he is. Talking to you is like having a pen pal, and considering your skills speaking English, you as well are extremely intelligent. You are exceptionally polite (and annoyingly calm as well). I hope our Eurovision series becomes a success, considering that we can work together on it from different parts of the world. I guess that's advanced technology for ya.

Moonwolf: Another one of my friends from the site. We share a taste in music that almost everyone on the site hates, yet you are so friendly about it, that no one can help but like you. You have had some great content and were always fun to talk to. Like everyone else, it's been a pleasure and thank you.

SwagFlicks: Now, unlike the former three users, but more like Jonerman, we have never really had a long ongoing conversation, but many short talks about different things. You are an extremely nice guy, and as serious as you can be, it's always fun talking to you. I take serious inspiration from your content, and consider you to be one of the greatest users in the history of TTT, an all-time classic if I may say so. After reading your latest blog, I can't help but wish you a long and prosperous life as a successful rapper.

Bobbythebrony, Puga and Therandom: Now, I'm surpised y'all are not on everyone's Best Users remix because you're objectively perfect users. You can be a god guys at times (not a typo), and exceptional ones at worst. People who are always trying to think for the better of the site, and are guys you may not like, but gotta respect. And, Bobby, like Hendrix, I wish you the best of luck in the future, you deserve a long life.

Disney1994: I still haven't figured why everyone hates you so much. It was always fun talking to you, and it's always fun discussing movies with you my friend. We have had some pretty great times and it's a pleasure to call you my friend. Btw, I got a special treat coming for ya soon.

PeachyBlast: One of the nicest users on the site. You are always amazing to talk to, with fun blogs, cool lists, funny comments, and giving off a sweet vibe. I can see the #PeachyPanda ships coming in, but like #PeachyBusky ftw yo! Anyway, yeah thanks, it's always been fun talking to ya.

Catacorn: Another user I always enjoyed. Your song parodies have never ceased to make me smile, and you have always been a nice person. You have really good taste in television and music as well.

More HMs go out to:
PositronWildhawk, Britgirl, and Keyson: For being nice people with funny, variety-filled and fun content.
Twilight Kitsune: A nice person, but disbiases too much
RiverClanRocks: We needed to talk more
TheEvilNuggetCookie: Hilarious guy tho
velitelcebel: Would have gotten a full mention had he not degraded himself.

And you can ask me anything in the comments. Also, October will bring some creations, some surprises, other highly anticiapted (*cough* Total Drama *cough*)

This is ProPanda, and thank you all.


There is actually many more I have to do... Will be updated from time to time... If you're not here don't feel discouraged.

Elina, SparkOfLife, and Nate will all be honored soon. So chillax - ProPanda

I'm honestly surprised that you didn't get them sooner! Congratulations! You clearly deserve them! Thanks for the mention! And to be honest, the English thing was mostly my parents, teaching it to me as a secondary language from a very young are. - Martinglez

Congrats! - WonkeyDude98

Congrats m8 - visitor

Wooohooo! ProPanda, WE LOVE YOU! Also please call your fans Professionals - ArigatoKawaii


Congrats! - RalphBob

You deserve em - visitor

You deserve them, I did mine as a list though to be more original. - Skullkid755

*Goes into the darkness where I will be forgotten still*Nevermind that,you deserved 100 followers - Nateawesomeness

Congrats, man. Hope you gain more followers and recognition in the future. - SwagFlicks

Cool. - djpenquin999

Congrats man. Happy of be one of 'em. - visitor

And I'm your 66th follower. - visitor

WOOHOO! GO PROPANDA! - TwilightKitsune

Always will be friends! You are very welcome. And congratulations on 100 followers! - Jonerman

Wow, You've gotten a hundred followers! Congratulations, Your one of the best users here Propanda! - visitor

I haven't been looking at people's posts for the past week but congrats bro! - Mcgillacuddy

How did velitelcabal degrade himself, is it the pro policy thing he did? - Skullkid755

He sold out to Tumbrl - ProPanda

When I found out he did that weeks ago, I messaged him on his 2cool4u account the words "I thought you were against political correctness". True story. - Skullkid755

Congratulations. You deserve it. - zxm

Corgrats. - visitor

Congrats dude! - visitor

You've been a great friend and user to me. Here's to 300! - AlphaQ

Hopefully, someday I will be in a post like this. But I've gotta prove myself. Someday...(walks down the country lane). - PhenomentalOne

Noice dude... - visitor

Nvm, vel did NOT degrade himself. - ProPanda