300 Follower Special: Special Thanks & Other Additional Notes

htoutlaws2012 So yeah 300 followers holy moly, Most users have at least 100, but for me if I was going to make a special post like this it has to be at a reasonable number, and 300 is a great number for this post. Now I have to confess myself because originally I was not in it for popularity when I started. I did not care what others thought of my opinions, I respected there's greatly. Although I was never in the realm of being anywhere near controversial. At the very least I was considered Neutral to some users which I find good, because if I rubbed someone the wrong way, I would talk to them in the most modest way possible. Simply Do not make my time a living hell and I will not make yours either. Like I said, I am not generally that bad once you know me (well unless you would like to be negative Nancy step forward). How about we do not go there, and start by thanking some of the users who I have either guided in a way over the years or users I have liked the most:

Metal_Treasure: He may not be my first follower, but he maybe my absolute favorite user ever. Not only is he the most hardcore metal fan, he also got me into bands like Blind Guardian, Overkill, & Helloween. Also some of his list are pretty creative that work for metal music lists.

therandom: When I seen his content in 2015 I was like wow his quite entertaining with these posts. Seriously thought he was the best at blog posts, and I still do. Also trying to get tons of support to be the next admin #Therandomforadmin2017.

MSS: Now before you say ''oh but outlaw his overrated'' yeah I totally understand, and I see the valid reasons, but I will defend him for this post. Not only did he get ideas from me, he also appreciates my work. I'm quite respective right back for that. Or maybe the words ''you have potential'' sparked him to become the user that he is now.

Positron Wildhawk: What can I say about this guy other than he just might be the perfect user ever. Other than some say his take of liking in music I do not see anything wrong with him. Back when I was doing the whole voting post I was literally gathering almost every single user who was on that whole week and surprisingly here he comes on as I give him the request as he accepted it as he had participated in the voting my reaction ''wow he did it too'' (super shocked).

2storm: Good buddy, underrated user. I remember going back when there really was not that many sports fans on here, and he was one of the very few in 2015 that did like all sports, and i'm all ''yeah''. Of course it's not like today were more users today now like sports as well. His got some very underrated post you should check out. When someone mentions you on a 12 year underrated list that means you need more spotlight.

Lightning Blade: Even when he was jerk4life or whatever that name was I still liked him even if the name was not the best in the world. Another user I helped in a way, and also his remixes are top notch at the time unfortunately all that is hidden gem now. All the hard worked gone and uncredited.

zxm: Like LB, zxm also has excellent remixes, and who is the one who inspired him. Yes me! Wonder why remixes may soon start to really get some attention.

Britgirl: I'll be honest I was not high and mighty about her at first, but later on I started to realize why she is a pioneer for other users to come after her.

BKallmighty: He is without the doubt the best TTT has ever seen in terms of movie reviewing. I mean he has still been on here since 2009 8 years ago, and still going strong.

Puga: Like Britgirl, I was not all up and arms for Puga, until I started reading his posts then my reaction changed to yeah his great.

velitecabal: I know he may not be around to read this, but he is the main reason why in 2016 I started to really take off as a blog poster. Seriously he was good at em, and not only that to say in return I may be great Blog poster now I am having high standards in myself in something oh my.

TwilightKitsune: Simply hardworking all around

christiangrant: One of the latest of the new Gen 17 users, and I think who turn into a great user. Not because he is labeled a metal elitists by some users. You can not deny the content he has put out. I know it's too early to tell, but from what I see right now how about we give him a chance.

Lucretia: We may have a record folks how many account has it been six, seven. I like the user it is just please stick to one account is all we ask for.

MorbidCannibalSlayer: There is a good sign of blaze, then there's the bad side of blaze you do not want to be by. What I mean is at one blink of an eye he'll say long and very high quality content, but then in his oddly ying yang switch, he turns into his alter ego troll self. While I am saying I do not like or dislike the user I just think whatever he does is very unpredictable when he starts to turn.

Ananya: Very underrated, metalhead. First impression: this user seems cool, 2 years later seriously needs more attention. Like she seems to be lost in the shuffle of other metalheads of recently right?

NuMetalManiak: Another underrated user, not only does he like the genre of anything metal, he also reviews RPG's which are video games, and probably some of best ever like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and many others. Please do him a favor and give him the well deserved attention he needs, his even low on the list of the best users ever not even top 100.

If there is anything else you would like to say in addition to this then please do so, and also the Royal Rumble post has almost arrived just a few days left, for now we shall met again later and thank you for your support.


Congratulations! You deserve all the praises for your hard works. - zxm

Congrats. And I appreciate the thanks from you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Congrats, you deserve them. As you know, I initially found you overrated, but I'm glad my view has changed, you deserve all you're popularity. - visitor

*your - visitor

"Most users have at least 100"

should be Most users with at least 100 member score. About 99% of users on the site were profile-pictureless people who left one comment or remix and never came back. - visitor

Well for this post you see that all the users of most followed have at least 100. So I'm not trying to mean by member score oh no, not the main point being made. I would say 85%, but fine. - htoutlaws2012

Thanks for mentioning me. - visitor

You deserved them! I hope you get 10,000 followers soon... and IF ANYONE READING THIS DISAGREES WITH ME I WILL TAKE YOUR SOUL - TwilightKitsune

Congratulations - VideoGamefan5

Thanks for mentioning me you deserve all those followers - christangrant

I'm about as hard-working as you are and I'm not even mentioned. This bothers me more than it should. - NuMetalManiak

Oh, you know what your right actually. I'm not sure why I forgot you, but if I were to update this post then you would be there. - htoutlaws2012

I see it. - NuMetalManiak

You deserve more than 300 followers, Congrats ht! - Ananya

Congrats! Deserved it - Martinglez

Congrats and hopefully you'll reach Everest - visitor

Good job, I know I'll never get there, wow! That is a big achievement not too many make, but I'm not surprised you did. Your content is good and... everything else too. I would love for you to be in the admin. :) *salute* - visitor

Good job HT and thanks for the shout out - 2storm

All I can say is that when I saw your stats and accomplishments I was like:"Damn, I have to work harder.Much harder". I need to come to your profile more often to see how it's done. Who knows, maybe I'll get motivated to expand my profile a bit and stop being a lazy douchebag I'm known to be ha ha. - UltimateHybridX

I totally appreciate that coming from you Hybrid. Who knows maybe I'll eventually see a rulebook done of me in the future. - htoutlaws2012

Extremely late congratulations! - visitor

Despite the late welcome party, well appreciate the respect. - htoutlaws2012

Great job though I'm really late - visitor

I'm way to late right now well good job on over 700 now - visitor

Awesome job! You deserve all of your followers! Keep it up! - visitor

Damn this is top notch. I hope this message pops up in your notifications so you have a read of it ahah - micahisthebest

You got 700 followers in 3 years 😱 - 2storm