A Tribute to naFrovivuS

ModernSpongeBobSucks It goes without saying that losing someone you know and love is truly one of the most tragic things one could ever experience. And when it comes to TheTopTens, unfortunately, that can apply to some users. We've heard of users dying, and to a lesser extent, lose a loved one on here or in real life. Prior to this post, the true first death of a TopTenner that me and perhaps any other TopTenner had experienced or heard of was that of MontyPython's late sister, DisneyAnime1234, also known as Kylie. I won't go too in-depth about this event, since PositronWildhawk made a very good post giving his sincere condolences to the tragedy MontyPython and her family had to experience and explaining what and how it happened. As I still continue to hold my own condolences and best wishes for MontyPython and her family along with her late sister, now comes the time where now I will share another of my condolences to the second TopTenner to have died who had just passed away recently on January 25th, 2018: naFrovivuS.

To get things out of the way, I first heard of these news when I logged on today and Aragorn98 and 445956 both messaged me saying that naFrovivuS had recently just died. When I first got word of the news, I felt a brief shock along with lingering sorrow that another TopTenner had passed away. While I never personally talked to naFrovivuS, I've indeed seen his activity on several lists and posts I came across, and based on that, naFrovivus seemed like an overall friendly person who was nice to hang out with. I know it may seem aloof that I'm simply expressing my condolences for a TopTenner I barely interacted with (in fact, I was reluctant to make this post since I thought users like Aragorn98 or 445956 were more suitable to make a post memorializing naFrovivuS's death), but regardless, I didn't want this event to just be forgotten in the next month or so. I wanted to make something that would act as a tribute to a fellow TopTenner who was a respectable person and seemed like a great guy to be friends with. What matters most is that we should never forget a late TopTenner as honorable and respectful as naFrovivuS.

From what little I know of this guy, his history and contributions to TheTopTens are quite notable. I do know that he initially started out in his first account as a user named TheAwesomeBrosVotes. Now I didn't really have an opinion on this account itself, but while it seemed decent to me, I could understand why naFrovivuS didn't like this account and decided to improve by starting from scratch and making a new account, giving us the naFrovivuS we all know and love today. The guy would go on to contribute to this website in one way or another. From my perspective, he's made quite some interesting lists, some of which have even been featured and garnered popularity in the week they debuted. naFrovivuS would make lists and comments expressing his personal opinions on certain topics like music, TV shows, movies, miscellaneous subjects, etc. Say what you may about his opinions, but he always seemed like the type to be open-minded and willing to make his own points on why his opinions stood where they were. In other words, like I've said before, he was a respectful and kind TopTenner.

Speaking of kind, while I never talked to naFrovivuS personally, it seems he's made quite a lot of friends on here, especially including those I know. A few of those like 445956, Aragorn98, and CrimsonShark are just some of the people I know and am friends with that happen to have communicated with naFrovivuS and were close friends with him. Not to mention that even naFrovivuS's brother, isaaonrtdmtr, even managed to get in on the community and join his brother as well. So from the looks of it, naFrovivuS was more or less a huge part of TheTopTens family, with isaaonrtdmtr making naFrovivuS and his side of TheTopTens family even bigger than most others. But, with the huge side that comes when one or more loved ones' are part of the family comes the huge gap formed when we lose them...

As of the time I write this post, isaaonrtdmtr has announced naFrovivuS's unfortunate passing on the latter's profile page, saying the date of the death and that he thanked everyone who has gotten naFrovivuS this far on TheTopTens. In addition, isaaonrtdmtr wrote on his profile page that he's on a break. Given the hard times the two have gone through, I can only understand why isaaonrtdmtr won't be on TheTopTens for a while. Just put yourself in his shoes. One would want to take some time away from TheTopTens if one of their loved ones has passed away.

So as I come to a closing, I want to express the last of my wishes and condolences that I have to say for naFrovivuS and anyone associated with him. For naFrovivuS, I wish you the best of wishes for you as you rest in peace in a better place somewhere up there in the heavens. For isaaonrtdmtr, I give you the biggest of my condolences to you and your family in this heartbreaking time of tragedy. And for my fellow TopTenners who have ever encountered or interacted with any of these two TopTenners, if all of you are reading this post right now, I want all of you to give the most sincere and heartfelt of your condolences to these two TopTenners and their loved ones in honor of their time on TheTopTens and in mourning of their recent tragedy. Nonetheless, I hope this tribute post meant something for naFrovivuS, isaaonrtdmtr, and all the fellow TopTenners who have ever met and been friends with one or both of them. So from the bottom of my heart, may naFrovivuS rest in peace and may condolences be given to all the family and friends who were there for him in his lifetime.

R.I.P. naFrovivuS

Sincerely, MSBS and all your friends and loved ones from TheTopTens


I've been stressing out since last week with work progress, sleep problems and occasional headaches prior to Frovivus's death. This one came off as a huge shock for most of us, let alone me.

I'll be needing to cut some activity for a few days to finish off my work and to distance myself enough to not let myself get too emotional. That, and I need to take time to grieve. And yes, condolences to his family and isaaonrtdmtr.

#Frovivus - CrimsonShark

This is just too sad. I'm 12 years old and I started hugging my mom while crying. That is how sad it is? - 445956

I'm only 11 and I cried under my desk. - TeamRocket747

I didn't really know too much about him but I have read some of his lists and comments and they were pretty well-thought-out. His tastes were pretty good too (Porcupine Tree is an awesome band), but it's probably best to not judge by taste anyway. I'm still torn about his passing and I highly give condolences to his friends and family. - visitor

I knew very little of naFrovivuS, but from the bits I did have a good time with the guy who I thought would have a great 2018, but the admin wouldn't let me have him included, but still thought he could be someone of recognition, and yet gone so soon is quite stunning to say the least. Oh, and actually he was the first male casualty on the site, and the 3rd to hear the passing of. If you're wondering the other person I'm referring to, let's not forget Sasukes_Princess don't believe me go to her profile. - htoutlaws2012

Right, I almost forgot Sasukes_Princess was another passing of on TheTopTens. But hey, either way, let's all remember to not forget all 3 of these late TopTenners. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My Thoughts And Prayers Go To His Family - JPK

His family has my deepest condolences. - Absolite

I'm at loss of words. I've had hard times in my life, but losing a close family member at such an early age is something I haven't experienced. I can't say how that feels, but I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemies.
I didn't know naFrovivuS particularly well, but I've seen his activity on the site, and he was very clearly an intelligent, kind and loyal character, and undoubtedly an invaluable part of the lives of those who knew him. It's always heartbreaking when we lose someone with this kind of influence on others.
Coping with such loss is a difficult time for everyone. Friends, family, and communities. And though we are a small community, coming from different parts of the world and having different hardships, we have each other. Let's all pull together and support each other, and even the darkest hours will pass. Let's all play our part, and remember our good friend naFrovivuS and what he meant to us. - PositronWildhawk

May he rest in peace. I hope his family will eventually recover from the loss.. - Phillip873

We were goood friends man...that sucks... - DCfnaf

That is so sad that a successful user died. I hope his family can recover from that. This reminds me of the death of DisneyAnime1234 in a car accident. - visitor

I didn't know naFrovivuS very well either, but he seemed like a nice guy and it's very sad that he's not with us anymore. My prayers go out to his family and isaaonrtmtr. - SplashMoun10


Never knew this guy personally, but it really does suck to see a former community member leave us.

He'll never be forgotten. Condolences to his family and friends. - ProPanda

#RIP Hope he's in a better place now. - visitor

I am sad. I am praying for his family. - Drawbox

Jesus Christ...I’ve never experienced anything like this.
I wasn’t really friends with him, but I think we interacted one or two times, I only remember one instance. But sh*t, this is so damn sad.

I actually first heard the news through christiangrant’s profile; I happened to glance at his profile after I’d just logged in, and I saw the caption “R.I.P. naFrovivuS” and I thought “Oh my god.”. I went over to naFrovivuS’ profile, and I saw the caption that his brother wrote, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just felt nothing but sadness and sympathy for his brother and his family members. damn, I wish I could have gotten to know him better. He was such a good user, and even though I wasn’t necessarily friends with him, I’d had a few friendly interactions with him and he seemed like a relatively nice guy. I’m so sad now.

R.I.P. naFrovivuS, and my condolences go out to all of the fellow TopTenners who were friends with him, and, most importantly, my condolences especially go out to isaaonrtdmtr and the rest of his family. - visitor

May he Rest in Peace he was a very good user, he was smart and had a unique taste in music and I would like to share a song since his favorite genre was Progressive Rock I think it is right to listen to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Heres the link:
https://m.youtube.com/watch? feature=youtu.be&v=uEPVqJjMiAc
. - christangrant

#RIP, he was a really nice guy - visitor

What is the cause of his death?
This is sad - visitor

From what I know, it seems he died of an illness. It's nonetheless tragic considering his young age too. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Pneumonia - TeamRocket747

I hope his family can get over this and never forget him. And 16 is a way too young age to go. If I lost one of my siblings, it would also be hard for me probably. - visitor

This is a bit of a nitpick here, but he was 17, not 16. - visitor

This is very sad - BoyGenius234

Oh God... Rest In Piece.. - visitor

This... is so sad, He was a great user, he stopped me from bashing Zootopia, and that was a great thing he did. So sad he has already passed away :( - darthvadern

Wow, first DisneyAnime1234, now this guy. - visitor

If we lose another toptenner, seriously, I might actually lock the door of my room and not come out for a week - TeamRocket747

I honestly hope the family will treasure him and find some way to move forward. I'm so sorry this happened. I didn't know naFrovivuS too well but I'm so sorry this tragedy happened. Rest in peace. - RoseRedFlower

Rest In Peace. Never really knew him, but damn... Always feels scary when someone dies that you might've actually known about. - visitor

My god he gave me a negative answer on my last contact with him I grieve for his loss and death of yesterday this will be the current deaths that I will never forget I decide on this day and sorrowful,glorious honor to add naFrovivuS on my bisexual/gay users list and add a list of the requiems for naFrovivus R.I.P - Kevinsidis

Tragic. It's truly sad when someone in the community is lost. Rest In Peace. - Skullkid755

I disn't know this guy, but I send my condolences to his friends and family. It makes you feel fragile, to have someone like you die. - FrozenHatingPokefan

R.I.P naFrovivuS you will alaways be in our hearts - toptenforlife

What illness did he died of? - Kevinsidis

I don't know. I'll send you an update when I learn what illness he died of. That, or you can ask 445956 or Aragorn98 about the illness at your own time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thank you messenger - Kevinsidis

No problem. I just messaged 445956 around midnight as I write this comment. Hopefully, we can get a straight answer. And thanks for asking. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well, it appears 445956 doesn't know either, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if naFrovivus's brother returns so we can ask him what the illness was. It does seem suspicious he didn't give the specific illness, but I can understand why he couldn't give us the full detail considering how much is going through his mind right now in this time of tragedy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

<,< >,> OK - Kevinsidis

That's kind of disrespectful. People don't like saying that after they lose someone important to them, just saying. - visitor

You do have a point there, Lucretia. It is best we don't ask these kinds of things during tragedies like this and instead focus on giving our condolences and best wishes to the ones who need it most at this time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm sorry Lucretia something is on my mind - Kevinsidis

And modernspongebobsucks I'm sorry too - Kevinsidis

No worry, all is forgiven. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm a disgraceful being at that time aren't I lucretia 😟 - Kevinsidis

Pnuemonia - TeamRocket747

Condolences to his family and friends. It's incredibly tragic, especially at such a young age. - BlarchBlaces

Although I never heard of naFrovivuS, from what I've read in this post and the comment section, he seemed like a really nice user. It sucks to hear the news of another TopTenner passing away. I can completely understand how his brother and family feels because of my own experiences, and hopefully they're able to heal from this soon. 16 years old is a terrible age to die at, especially if the death is related to an illness. I send all of my condolences to his family. RIP naFrovivuS. We will never forget about you! <3 - Powerfulgirl10

Update: So apparently I was following naFrovivuS before he died, and I must've forgot about it. (I never really pay attention to who I follow since I just follow any TopTenner I see.) And ironically he passed away on the day that I went to a funeral a year ago. Once again, RIP naFrovivuS. <3 - Powerfulgirl10

May you rest in peace Frovious. I never knew you personally but I hope you are in a better place - TwilightKitsune

Among the cosmos - Kevinsidis

Rest in peace naFrovivuS. - SelfDestruct

Nafrovius, who seemed to live a great life(or at least one better than mine) died recently. YET I'm STILL ALIVE, even though I hate my life and everybody HATES me.

Seriously though R.I.P - visitor

Dude, not trying to start anything, but while I understand you meant the first part of your comment as a joke about a comment from the past regarding a similar death and that the second part was a genuine giving of condolence, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't use that joke again.

Again, I know your comment intended no harm, but I do think it's disrespectful to bring up that comment when we should only primarily focus on mourning this tragedy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Alright. - visitor

Thank you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Too soon man...too soon. - DCfnaf

Please don't be that kind of person. - Phillip873

Are you Disney1994? - visitor

No. - visitor

Despite what my comment may suggest, I am deeply sorry for him and all his relatives/friends. - visitor

And I almost died in a car accident since last year I thought I thought I felt the almost same inevitable pain and death as disneyanime1234 And she died 😢 - Kevinsidis

Oh god this unbearable pain oh my Jedi god for the cosmos savior - Kevinsidis

I almost drowned when I was 5 - TeamRocket747

I know - Kevinsidis

I almost died tons of times - AlphaQ

We'll miss you buddy. Have a peaceful rest - Neonco31

I haven't even got a chance to talk to him personally, but I've heard that he's a great friend and user :( May he rest in peace <3 - Goku02

Rest in Peace, NaFrovivuS.
We will never forget you. - visitor

RIP NaFrovivuS. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

God isn't real so he will have his spirit and be heard among the cosmos - Kevinsidis

@Kevisidis-It's a bit debatable whether or not God is real, but it's probably best to not bring debate-related things into death-related posts. Just saying. - visitor

I'm sorry beings some atheist just triggered me I apologised of its own user's point of view and making me unleash wrath - Kevinsidis

No he will just be on his grave (I'm not making fun of his death) - visitor

Oh wow, this is sad - Martinglez

I wish that no one makes fun of his death just like what happened to disneyanime1234 - visitor

His content was really good, sad that he died. I wish I could have met him, he seemed cool. - visitor

A belated Rest in Peace from my side as well. Although I didn't talked to him that much, it's always a big loss when an active member of a community passes away. His name popped up on many lists, and he appeared to have had an opinion on many different things. I was pretty busy lately, so I wasn't all too active until yesterday and the word hasn't yet spread to me, but now that I have read about this, I want to say goodbye. - Martin_Canine

Rest In Peace. I hope he's in a better place now - MLPFan

Anyone have a link to his page - Queen_hello

You can type in "u:" along with naFrovivuS's username in the search bar so you can go to his profile page to see what it has to say. In the meantime, may our best wishes and condolences continue to bless isaaonrtdmtr and his late brother. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Rest in peace man, I never knew you that well, I don’t think you even knew me, but you were a great guy and I miss you. - InsertCleverName

May his soul rest in peace... he had a good legacy and made solid content. It's a shame that he's gone. Never talked to him much but he seemed like a great guy. - visitor

I feel bad because I never followed him, and there is no point now - Gangem

I never talked to the guy, but it sucks how he died. R.I.P. naFrovivuS. - visitor

R.I.P - MistyMagnificence

RIP We never really got along but he deserved to live longer - AlphaQ

How did he died?

Anyways rip - BorisRule

I think it was pneumonia. - AlphaQ

That's sounds said :( - BorisRule