Blizzard should easily be top 5... Just because it's a bunch of casuals here doesn't mean a terrible company like EA should be ranked so high. I mean they released the same game two years in a row for the Wii, and they are supposedly better than the legendary company that is Blizzard? Haha

I haven't seen a trailer or cinematic of a game that does not live up the the expectation of the games they create. Blizzard is the Picasso of games. I am blown away by them every single damn time and It drives me insane spinning in my chair every time

This company sets the standard that all other gaming companies measure themselves. Not only do they make great games, but they make games that are worth convincing your friends to join you playing them.

Blizzard is right under my top picks after Bethesda I chose Bethesda as my favorite because they make quality games and people that can reason play their games

Easily the top 5 in this list. Surprised it's so down here. I mean, their games stand out from their respective genres. WoW being their greatest feat, in my opinion, which already is a top 1-5 game of all time.

In my eyes Blizzard should be in the top 3, I've played every Blizzard game ever made and I would rate them all a 9.

Blizzard entertainment I just in my mind, I plays World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, startcraft and even Diablo 3 Beta, I give Blizzard a vote for the games, and the support of the support. High player quantity

I don't know why blizzard is not first... It's THE BEST Wow DoTA starcraft Diablo... get some logic people

Blizzard may not be perfect, but they always release quality and they keep working on their games and assume content.

HEARTH STONE! WORLD OF WARCRAFT! That's why it should be on top 3 at least.

It has already been said. Everything blizzard touches turns to gold

Blizzard is the best gaming company and it should be richest

Blizzard should me number 1. Their games are amazing

They own the TITAN of a game Wold of Warcraft the #1 most played game ever and #1 MMO for over a decade. Not to mention their fantastic RTS titles and that their one of the only companies left that actually care about the story and not just fantastic gameplay (which they also have) and graphics. I would say Blizzard should be at least number 2 on this list.

All their games has the best gameplay in any genre.

Diablo starcraft warcraft this are very famous titles

There was not a single blizzard game I didn't liked!

Definitely a Top Ten contender. Warcraft and Starcraft perfected the RTS genre. Most companies stick to that, but then came World of Warcraft, the best MMORPG on the market hands-down. And now there's Hearthstone, critically one of the best apps/card games in the industry. When Blizzard touches something gold, it turns into platinum.

This is the best game company EVER!

Thank you blizzard for being exist

The best of the best in terms of strategy gaming. any fool can run around and shoot things in a fps, but try a game like starcraft that requires you to THINK.

The insane degree of quality and the epic scope of their games has set them up as the defacto gaming company of our time.

Blizzard has definitely topped its cap with overwatch. They have made tons of great games, and so far, I haven't played a single bad one.

This the King in terms of game quality... Blizz may not be the richest game dev company but they always deliver.

World Of Warcraft, Starcfraft, Warcraft, Diablo, and etc..
Its all great, I love it..