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Electronic Arts, Inc., also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California.


EA buys out other companies like it's no one's business. They would be mediocre, if not good if a legitimate job description for the company couldn't be "Buys good things, throws them in the rubbish bin, then lights them on fire and releases that as a sequel."

EA may have some very big name titles under their belt, however, half of those have been ruined by the company over the years. EA doesn't even personally design the best games the company owns like the Mass Effect and Dead Space series (both created by Bioware which EA bought out). They care more about money than the creation of great games, making them one of the worst companies in my books.

EA should be the best game developers in the world! It is the one company that is truly spends times in its games. It made Battlefield for crying out loud, revolutionizing shooters! How much more awesome video games do you need? It made Crysis, Dead Space, FIFA, and Mass Effect (just to name a few). Battlefield all the way!

Ea makes changes when no other company dares, then other companies take their model and repolish it. In all I think Nintendo is still more relevant because of the caliber of games and that guy with the big sword.

Ea has some of the greatest franchises out there, all well built and visual and content powerhouses, however, valve is the most revolutionary company. Either way both deserve to be high on this list

EA is not too much of a bad company. They've released a lot of fun games, but they're starting to go downhill now with the crappy releases of Battlefield Hardline, Battlefront, and the new Need For Speed. - Mcgillacuddy

I have loved everything EA has put out since they started: The Sims, Madden, Ncaa football, dead space, need for speed, and many more. Everything EA makes is gold and I will continue to consider them #1 even with their bad rep.

This is EA logic. Let's create Amazing game franchises, and mess them up after some games, doing the exactly same boring every release.

Great company. They did justice to companies like Dice and created great games for all different types of people. Battlefront for Star Wars, Battlefield for warfare, EA Sports (Madden, Fifa, NHL, etc.) for sports fans, Titan Fall for any kind sci-fi game fan, and etc. EA does justice to many genres and companies and has entertained me since 2015!

A company that has created the world wide phenomenon NEED FOR SPEED and just keeps the legend alive. Also on the move to creating games with cutting edge graphics like crysis 4, etc.

Yes Nintendo have done a lot for gaming in the early years a generation or two ago! But it is EA who have really steped up to the plate in the new gaming environment! And continue to be more and more diverse this is shown by having leading games in 90 percent of gaming genres! EA is the face of today's scene!

EA comes out with games year around Grand Theft Auto Is getting old and is there only very successful EA has many Successful games that's comes out every year you'll get 1 Grand Theft Auto in 4 years

Guys... EA are publishers, they never helped with the making of any of these games, they just published them.

EA has made video games of all types of genres - Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing, Shooters, RPGs etc. And many of them are successful. It is the number one video game company, no doubt.

EA is masterpiece at Visual design of games because of their Frostbite and CRY-Engine. They have so many good games, and Mass Effect is the top of it all

This is the greediest, most evil company in the world. They only care about money and contantly release games where 75% of the games are locked behind DLC. They also treat their employees badly, have horrible online servers, and buy great video game companies and ruin them. - thunderstar1124

Nintendo is good, but EA is better. This game company help revive old popular games, although it ruined it a little, but the game is still good. This is the game company I liked before any other.

EA is pushing forward with new ideas and I think that they are great games. All there new games have been making a huge hit across the world

EA sports are the best games like NHL, MLB, NFL, FIFA, UFC, PGA I love sports games because the games you can play on here NHL is my favorite.

One of the best gaming companies of all time. They also did Charm Girls Club, Littlest Pet Shop and NBA Live. - monsterhigh200

No ea is a greedy company that will do anything to take your money see example star wars Battlefront 2 - ikerevievs

Ea made the best games my favorite game is battlefield hardline and battlefield 4 is in the mail so ea deserves number 1

Ea has proved to be one of the best in contemporary video game arts, they deserve to be number 1

Anyone that thinks EA is good must kill themselves immediately as not only are their games unfinished and buggy they buy out good companies and make them crappy.

Just because EA has a bad reputation, that doesn't mean they haven't made AMAZING games before. - PeterG99

EA is the greatest. It holds many game titles like battlefield, mass effect, dead space, fuse, need for speed and so on. EA should be number 1