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Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.


If it has been running since the 80s and is still going, it must be doing something right. And what I mean by right, I mean by always being innovative and finding new ways to distinguish their-selves from Sony and Microsoft. heck, there consoles don't always have Nintendo in them (unless you're talking about handhelds, that's a whole nother story.) Speaking of, while Sony struggles with the Vita, Nintendo has dominated the hand held market with the all mighty 3ds! They may not have the best online play (Super Smash Bros. for the 3ds, it won't even work on the New Nintendo 3ds XL! ) and you certainly can't grab a copy of Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3 for the Wii U, but they are the only ones with Mario, Link, Kirby, Fox, and Samus on their consoles. Then the amiibo is just a minor reason to join Nintendo. Also, they have everything! You want platforming? How about Mario, Donkey Kong, or Kirby. Racing? Mario Kart and F-Zero. Adventure? The Legend of Zelda or Metroid should do the trick. So ...more - sdgeek2003

I have loved Nintendo since I was 2 1/2, the Wii being my beginning. Nintendo has improved all of their games and consoles since 2004, the DS's release kicking off Nintendo with $20,022,600,000. Since the Wii came out, Nintendo has had that rich controller, Wii Remote. They also kicked off the Wii with the Motion Controls, and it was a blast. The Black Friday of 2011 was the best Black Friday of history; the Wii is the product that caused that. Nintendo has such good plots for their games, and the community is incredible. The quality is reasonable, and the price is too. The Switch has 10 million units sold in only ten months! That has to give them $3,000,000,000 of earnings! Everyone at my school makes fun of me for playing Nintendo, but that never stopped me. They debated all the time, and I had many comebacks for them all. The best being: "Nintendo is appropriate for all generations, while Microsoft being only two." Everyone tries to use the Wii U as an example of "Nintendo being ...more

Who else deserves that crown more than Nintendo? Company that started whole gaming industry when they saved it by licenses. The creators of +pad first ones to invent Analog stick and true inventors? Is that you EA? I don't think so.

Yeah come on argument with that "milking" again. But come on Nintendo isn't milking at all just look there is only one Mario Kart only one Mario Tennis and etc. just you know only one game of its kind on one console. They just give you what you want and you want that one Mario 3D game and then they give you Mario 2D but those are different games. Only "milking" is when you count Pokemon which is actually decided by Game Freak it's all that Game Freak got to survive so Nintendo let's them do whatever they want with Pokemon and just helps them.

Also Nintendo set standard for a lot of genres.

Nintendo is great in behavior and making games. They are making legends and then continue with quality of that franchise they ...more

How can anybody pick any other company? The importance of Nintendo to the video game industry is second to none. They are The Beatles of the industry. - MunkiLord

Nintendo is an amazing company, full of rich and wonderful history. Growing up, with their Consoles and Handhelds I've never had a dull moment. It's a sad thing that they are so underrated in this modern day and age. Despite the Wii U selling poorly, at least the system offers a different feel and experience while Sony and Microsoft feel more and more like they are melding due to their similarities. I miss the days when consoles were actually different from each other more than just the occasional platform exclusives seen today. Nintendo is the only company left that actually produces Hardware and Develops their own games in house. Sony and Microsoft might have their own IP's Uncharted/Halo but they only Publish software. Not develop it. I Hope Nintendo pulls through to a distant tomorrow. The gaming industry would be a lot lesser without them.

Nintendo what everything else don't! The Nintendo is the king of all games. From Mario to Kirby to Pokemon, I can't even express how amazing they did. Awesome range of games, best consoles EVER, from Gameboy to the DS, it is the best company ever. Not just video games, EVERYTHING! I will forever play everything Nintendo, once you start playing, you can't stop. YOU'D EVEN PLAY WITH IT IN THE TOILET! We all love Nintendo, it's our childhood, guys, Nintendo is the best of the best of the best, nothing can compare. And it's not just an opinion, because it is true.

After many years I have learned that if you do not like Nintendo you do not no what the games are all about! The level of innovation has always been groundbreaking and the other companies have always tried to be something as big as Nintendo. All gamers should pay respects to Nintendo as without it there would not be the world of gaming as we know nowdays. For example the EA were early third party publisher for Nintendo and therefore Nintendo is major reason why there are the EA as we know.

Nintendo is the most interesting and the most developed company in the world in my opinion if this was me I would say for them to keep making more systems because because Nintendo makes more and more systems they are making more and more money and the systems are getting more and more advanced if you think about it like that. Lots of people like the the games going from the legend of Zelda series to the Mario and Kirby. my favorite from Nintendo is definitely the legend of Zelda series.

Nintendo has incorporated so much creativity, innovation, and amazing story lines over the years that they end up paving the path of the industry time and time again. Even if it weren't for that, Nintendo still keeps the embodiment of the gaming experience a top priority. No installing your game like on the Xbox one, most games offer local multiplayer, and DLC is only offered on games already completely packed with content (unlike EA). That is what gaming is about whether it's smash bros. with a buddy on the couch or perhaps a lone adventure in Zelda. Nintendo is keeping the spirit of good fun gaming alive.

Nintendo is no doubt one of the most innovative companies to ever emerge in the home console market. They have brought forth such classic titles as Killer Instinct, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, etc. ,thus having that said Nintendo is one of those companies that have staying power in this ever so changing world of home console gaming. In addition, Nintendo is king of the hand-held department of gaming.

Nintendo practically made video games popular. They were revolutionary when they made the nes, and just got better and better afterwards. People now only focus on what they do today and ignore how they changed gaming in the 20th century. And even today, we can't just have hardcore games! The gaming world at least needs one gaming industry that isn't focused on just hardcore!

Without Nintendo, where would Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, and Zelda all be? I've only just listed a few of the many amazing game series they have come up with. Many more legacies have been made and many more will be made in the future I'm sure as well. I have almost every system from Nintendo too, but my favorites are the DS, Wii, GBA, and N64.

Nintendo is the BEST video game company in the world. The reason it is much, much better then ALL the other companies, because, for one, it created the best franchise of all time; Mario. And it has the best consoles of all time, like the nes, the wii, or the Nintendo 64. The Wii blew sales away, leaving the xbox 360 and ps3 in the dust.

One of the few companies that care about the players rather then the profit. How can someone say that any other company is better? It is the Disney of video games: fun, family friendly yet appeals to young, teenage, and adult audiences, and the experience of playing a Nintendo game is like no other.

The nes is likely the best console ever to be made based on its effect on the industry. Ocarina of time is widely considered to be the best game of all time. Mario is widely received as the best franchise known to gaming, and is both the reason, and the icon of video games. Take a look at those statistics, now consider this: Nintendo is the developer for all of these games and consoles.

Nintendo is basically what saved the whole gaming industry! More than that, they have the greatest games of all time. Everybody thinks it's for 5-year olds because there's no FPS games or something like that. Metroid Prime is an awesome FPS.

Their games aren't overused concepts like FPS, which is everything MS and Sony do. EA is out of their mind, with their new Sim CIty only being able to be played online. The other companies here, like capcom, are great companies too, but not as good as Nintendo, and it's mature fan base. - alecola90

Unmatchable! You can't surpass the king! The Big N made their first home console during the video game crash of the 80's! That's like opening up a real estate business in 2008 in America! Yet they were so successful that they revitalized the entire industry. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, F-Zero, Pikmin, Wii series (sports, fit, etc.), Animal Crossing, the list goes on and on and on! Be it Valve, Rockstar, EA, or Sony, no video game company can compare to the sheer awesomeness and quality of Nintendo and their products!

Nintendo is honestly the closest company to my heart, but, disregarding this nostalgia, Nintendo is the single most influential company in the history of gaming, saving the gaming industry after the video game crash of 1983 with their saving grace, Super Mario bros.

Lets be realistic here. Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Starfox, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros, Kirby, Metroid, Earthbound ( Mother ), Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Dragon Quest. Yeah... You have enough games with the first three to last a life time.

Responsible for bringing Video Games to where they are today. Without Nintendo, Video Games would probably be crap. And they make so many great franchises. Like Mario and The Legend Of Zelda. Nintendo will always be #1 and no other company can beat it.

Don't let all the naysayers get you down! Nintendo, is king of the gaming empire, with companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda barely bringing the juggernaut that is Nintendo to even feel just a bit of pain with their forces combined! Nintendo, you are the king of the gaming universe! - SuperLonk

There's no competition. This is the company that saved the gaming industry (super Mario bros), the first company that brought gaming to the third dimension (super Mario 64), the company that made the most successful icons like Mario, Zelda, etc., they've made some of the most recognizable and successful games (super Mario 64, ocarina of time, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2), there's absolutely nothing that matches up. No FPS crap, no M rated games, Nintendo games make anyone feel like a kid regardless of how old they are. Miyamoto is hands down the best game creator to ever walk this earth. Koji Kondo is an absolute mastermind of music, especially some of the SMG and SMG2 music, it's a symphony. There's just no competition in my mind. I grew up with Nintendo, and every kid should too. I absolutely love Nintendo and they hold a special place in my heart. I would be so honored to meet Miyamoto or Kondo, two of the greatest and smartest people to ever walk the earth.

Nintendo is the king of games. (not yu-gi-oh! NERD JOKE! ) If it wasn't for them, the game industry wouldn't be around anymore. They have mastered most genres, and already on there first try made one of the best shooting games of all time! They have revolutionized games and is the most under-rated company of all time just because they don't make all M shooting games! Some of there games have spawned millions of copies! (cough Pokemon cough) They are the best. Period.

Legendary company. Absolutely legendary. Nintendo is the ONLY reason more than 90% of today's beloved video games even exist. Oh, and having ownership of both the highest and second highest selling franchise OF ALL TIME, as well as the second highest selling video game of all time doesn't hurt. I don't care if Sony and Microsoft overtake you, you will ALWAYS be the best to me.
No company is more deserving of #1 than this beauty of a company.