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101 Guerrilla Games

Horizon zero dawn is literally the best game

102 Raven V 1 Comment
103 Re-Logic

Terraria is the best game ever created, it has over 3000+ items in the game.
Terraria also has over 200+ mobs and has 16 or more bosses.
And when Terraria has updated to 1.3, they added expert mode, I was like, "oh yay, expert mode, wow is donna be harder." But no, it has change the Terraria gaming experience, and that is why I love Terraria

One word Terraria. Probably one of the best PC games of all time. The amount of time you can spend on Terraria without going online is incredible. You can't spend that much time on ANY game without a large story line for a long time before going online. Vote for Re-Logic!

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104 Parallax Software

The company that created the Descent series. I've grew up with these games along with other classics such as Doom, Quake, etc.

105 Infogrames
106 Gajin

IL-2 Sturmovik, Birds of steel and War Thunder. Legendary!

107 RCA
108 Alpha Dream
109 Bioware Bioware

Now days this is the same company as EA, and there ability to put out a great game is nothing if not amazing there upcoming game SWTOR is going to bury World of Warcraft maybe not permanently but it wont ever be the same.

I loved the Mass Effect Series, a work of art. I fell in love with the characters and the plot was always interesting. A few kinks they could work out but they are by far one of my most favourite gaming companies. I hope to work for them one day.

Only 24th seriously? Jade Empire, Mass Effect Series. Never winter Night series, Baldurs gate Dragon Age etc

These guys are amazing the games the produce are full of rich story great gameplay and some much more

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110 Treasure
111 Irem
112 Natsume

Natsume had some good games such as the harvest moon series and the rune factory games, that's about it ool

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113 Apple Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

They made the iPhone; revolutionizing gaming and fitting it in your pocket, thank you Steve, we miss you.

Why is this here?


Apple pippin? Nah. Bad.
iPhone and iPad? Great, althrough sometimes not.
Apple computers and macbooks? Underrated. Sure, not for gamers but still very decent.

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114 Crytek

CRYSIS 1 2 3, Far Cry 1 2 3 4 awesome graphics

Should be on number 1

Worldwide popular for their game "Crysis 1^^2". Is a German gamedesigning firm with their headquarter in Frankfurt am Main, Germany!

115 Crowd Control Production (CCP)
116 UG Classic Games
117 Trion Worlds

Rift should be on the list. A lot of people changed from Blizzard's wow TO Rift AFTER WOW's expan Cata was released. Now with TrionWorld's "End of Nations". I think will be better than Sratcraft. And Rifts new and First Expan should put WOW at a lower Status.

118 Josh Games

This video game company did awesome games like "Joshing in the Bath" and "Killing Josh".

119 343 Industries 343 Industries

The most evil company in the history of the gaming industry - htoutlaws2012

They made Grand hitman far cry crash part30

Halo 4 for the win!

120 Retro Studios
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