Perfection is what Roackstar is all about! They dosen't release game unless its gonna be a MASSIVE hit! They are the one who are sure to hold the game of the year award for every game they release! Whether its Grand Theft Auto series, Red dead redemption, Max payne or even bully Rockstar does its best! The best thing of this developer is that the Tiny details they have in their games. Go see the IGN list of tiny details in Grand Theft Auto V, you will come to know why rockstar is most loved game company now. They are the one who pay attention on every detail a game should have. WOW! I love this company so much. They are the reason my childhood was awesome!

Their open world games are outrageously good. I played them for more than 40 hours, and my boredom never gades away. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into their games.

All Rockstar Games made by love and quality. The one of few company that make full A title game to be honest Rockstar brings love to all games and the all game that out is changing gaming industry Rockstar game should be top ten

When I play a game made by some one else it feels like any other game but when I play Grand Theft Auto 5 or red dead redemption it feels different and I end up playing the game for years and I am a fanboy

Gotta agree with this one. Unlike many other companies, these guys aren't cash grabbers. They're not going to release a game unless it's exactly what their audience is looking for. - Mcgillacuddy

Every game they put out becomes a classic not to mention the amount of effort easily noticed on the game, realism (realist graphics and great physics that look like a mixture of realism with cinematic stunts). Great customer support, feature rich dlcs and multiplayer modes. Great company.

They don't make many games, but the pure scale and quality of their games I think even beats Naughty Dog (scale-wise). every game they release is destined to be GOTY. We need more studios like Rockstar Games and Naughty Dog. The publishers let these studios take their time so that they can make sure the quality is great

Rockstar is the best they made awesome games like Grand theft auto, Red dead redemption, Manhunt, Bully and the Midnight club

Have any of you played red dead redemption? That's what I thought...

They make quality games don't ask money for DLC even though sometimes the game is pay2win *cough* *cough* Grand Theft Auto Online

Rock star earns the highest money in single game, for example Grand Theft Auto: 5 earned 1 billion, which no game has ever earned

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best game ever, all rockstar games are an accomplishment of what a good game should look like and be.

Rockstar made most of my favourite games ever like Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Red Dead and more, and Valve is just overrated.

I love rockstar all games he is the best game maker in the world I loved Grand Theft Auto v to much

Rockstar should without a doubt be in the top five. All of their games consist of huge storie lines and gigantic playgrounds for gamers to play with. They have created entire new worlds and many successful games that any gamer would love to play without a doubt

Red dead redemption and the warriors?

There support is amazing and they've created some of the best games ever they are not secretive ether there always on top of it and are the only company that hasn't RIPED ME OF! besides Microsoft and Nintendo good job Rockstar

I like very much grand theft auto and of course really want to buy it!

Grand Theft Auto Red Dead Redemption Bully Manhunt Max Payne LA Noire Rockstar has it all

The only times I wait in line for a game before opening is when Grand Theft Auto's released.

Nah, its just Grand Theft Auto once every 5 years and nothing more

Grand theft auto, red dead redemption, bully, max payne, the warriors, do I need to say more?

This would have been my 2nd choice if had Sucker Punch of which belongs in this category

Grand Theft Auto, Red dead redemption, la noire and so much more

Rockstar is a gaming company I definitely respect. They don't bore us by releasing their big titles every year. Unlike EA and Ubisoft. I love that they haven't spam released a Grand Theft Auto title every year