AWESOME COMPANY! Maker of the Total War series, which is hugely popular with everybody! Awesome strategy game maker!

They were pure genius from 1988 to 2002, but they started to decline in quality over the past decade. To me, they have made the best Arcade games. Funny actually, my favorite games from Sega have been from when they were really desperate. So, all in all, Sega has been geniuses on three things. Dreamcast, arcade games, Genesis

Sega is the best game company of all time Nintendo fans don not read this Sega is way better than Nintendo and Sega have every right to show off right in front on Nintendo's face because their biggest franchise sonic the hedgehog showed Nintendo how video games are made

SEGA has brought us the beautiful Sonic the Hedgehog series, and every game they make is unique. They have managed to rival Nintendo, which takes true dedication. I shall always be loyal to this amazing company.

They made a lot of hidden gems, including Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast, I'm expecting Sega to publish the best Sonic game ever this year, or else the franchise might be gone forever, we want more.

I know sega was starting to go downhill, but when they started with sonic colors they looked they like to brighten up


There newer sonic games are terrible, but anything before lost world is gold (Yes even sonic 06)

Atari wished to be what one day Sega would be, a company rivalling Nintendo! But not as good

Sonic (Not 06/Boom), Jet Set Radio, Chu Chu Rocket, the Genesis, Dreamcast.
Hell, they arguably were the first games company to use physics, and have it an important aspect, if not the selling point, of their most popular series. You cannot deny Sonic 1 was revolutionary.

This has been my favorite gaming company for years. They are inspirational and are awesome

Nintendo is number 1: understand but why isn't Sega number 2? - spodermanfan1000

Nothing compares. Grew up on them, and in my opinion far superior to Nintendo. Shinobi, Altered Beast, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nights into Dreams, Phantasy Star, SHENMUE! Nothing compares. Sega did, and still does what Nintendon't

Was playing Captain America: Super Soldier. I liked it. The visual effects of the 19s was designed superb.

The only game I know from sega is sonic

Of course I have to accept the fact that Nintendo is better but I had to put my vote on Sega because they need to be number 2 an not 8. Nintendo still makes consoles and Sega doesn't but Genesis does what Nintendon't.

They gave us Super Monkey Ball, Shenmue, Classic Sonic, need I say more?

General chaos
Gunstar heroes
Maybe devil may cry

The only reason I don't like sega, is because they are milking a franchise which the world doesn't need anymore: Sonic. I played Sonic Boom, and I HATED it.
Sonic just isn't an 8th generation game.

Sonic The Hedgehog. enough said.

Sonic and monkey ball are amazing

I consider this company to be the best they were one step ahead of everyone
If they released a console right now they would be number 1

Sega should be number 1. Far better than Nintendo and all otheres

You do reline that Nintendo made the first video games out there. -_-

To be Honest,
Nintendo: Gameplay
SEGA: Soundtrack (Except sonic boom). - Trenchpit777

Sega does what Nintendon't!

Here's their best geniuses:

Genesis, Dreamcast, and Sonic.

Sonic was the very first game I played. And it was on the Sega genises