Of all the companies I can think, none seems to be better company than Valve.

They started as just a bunch of fans, and made the higher influential masterpiece of a game Half-life. Unlike other companies who frown on software modifications, they completely embraced it which brought Counter Strike to Gaming, a game series that to this day remains one of the most often played comparative games of all time. They then made Half-Life 2, which was even better than the first one, and introduced Steam. Which now is bar none the most popular digital distribution system on the web, has more Active users than either PSN or Xbox Live, and is a platform for any indie developer to make a hit game. Then they worked with modders and independent developers again to bring us Portal, and didn't stop making games. They went from being a company that made really damn good games, to owning like, 50% of the market for PC games.

They did all of this while listening to their fans, changing their ...more

Please name something bad that Valve has created. I dare you to. Got nothing? That's what I thought.

Valve is the best not only because their games are fabulous, but because I truly believe that they are attentive and care about their fanbase. On top of that, and perhaps more significantly-their steam platform is probably the most fundamental and essential driver for the indie game movement, which has opened up opportunities for small gaming developers and true game production artists to push the game development industry deeper into the realm of art, as well as diversity, originality, and creativity. Go valve!

Epic and amazing games aside, Valve (through Steam) has been by far the most significant contributor to the Indie developer scene, providing a platform for beautiful and brilliant indie games. Indie games are able to take more risks and be more creative, thus pushing game development in new and creative directions. They are the best possible testing grounds for new ideas that big developers can't take a risk on until they have been tested. Valve has provided the space for this, and continues to encourage it. Go Valve!

Valve's Source Engine is absolutely amazing, and with it you can do wonderful things. One thing I love about Valve is the fact that you can easily access the Hammer World Editor, and make your own maps in the Source Engine. In addition, Steam is set up in such a simple way that you can find whatever you're looking for with ease. To put the icing on the cake, (I had to use that metaphor because Portal is my favorite Valve title.) I have never been disappointed by a Valve title, and don't know anyone who has been.

Its was a hard choice between Valve, Blizzard, Naughty Dogs and Nintendo and I love all the different companies. All the companies are unique and bring the own brilliance that I love. As a gamer it so amazing to grow up with so many brilliant games. I personally love all their games that they have made except rare but that's because I've never played one of their games. Some times when I play games I wish I could be a game developer and bring entertainment like the way valve and the others do.

I can't believe that money centered EA is second. Games released by EA (note that I didn't say made: released) are very well made games, but EA ruins these perfectly designed games through there corporate greed and countless mistakes. Valve on the other hand doesn't rush their releases and puts quality into every game to make sure it's polished and a definite classic.

Basically, Valve is one of the biggest companies out there, they are a little of the few abbles to make a mix between story and gameplay, with a great graphic quality.
They principally make First Person games, but all of them are different and original, there's no way to compare Half Life with Portal, every single Valve game is a whole universe in creation.

Best First-Person-Shooter developer ever. Valve continues to revolutionize the FPS genre with every game they make.

Valve kind of innovated the term, "epic". I mean, they had a TON of awesome games! (Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, etc. ) Even though Left 4 Dead 2 was considered a let down to critics and players, I believe that it was still an awesome game with a compelling story line, characters, and horrifying infected. I don't know of really any other sequels or games that are less than fantastic! Meanless, I believe Valve's tenure, quality, and devotion deserves them the #1 spot on this list.

Valve made their own engine based on the quake engine started with half-life 1 in 1998 and Gabe Newell worked with Microsoft after 13 ages he left Microsoft and made half-life and valve then he made history I think Valve is one of the best video game company because they always use the same engine and its still looks in date Waiting for source 2 and half-life 3.Valve rocks

Valve actually cares about their fans. They respond to their emails, play and watch their user-created content, and give away free add-ons. Plus, they've yet to release a single bad game. Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, etc.

Left 4 Dead, Half Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, need I say more? The source engine is incredible. I could literally play HL2 over and over again. The games never get stale, and are all unique from one another. When a new Valve game is released, I don't get the demo for it, because I KNOW it's going to be awesome.

Valve should of been in top 2nd But I guess its top third because of certain games that doesn't really peak peoples interest for as rock star company has more than a million people playing Grand theft auto because of its free to play Interests... Most people don't play Call of Duty because its more gory then usual.

Valve never disappoint their fans. Their games are just awesome and they somehow are able to connect the players emotionally through their games. I'm pretty sure most people cried after finishing Portal 2.

They could make a lot of money by just dishing out a slapdash third game for their franchises. Yet they continue to try and innovate with new ideas instead of relying on the old tried and tested formula. A favourite in my book.

They created Counter Strike The Number one played online game, Portal a puzzle first person shooter. They created Steam. They created Half Life one of the best games of all time. Soon they will release DOTA 2 it is going to be free to play. They also created Team Fortress 2 and it is free to play too.

Nintendo makes a lot of games but when it comes to GAMING valve destroys any competitor and is the best when it comes to GAMING. I often times see a lot of top 10 lists of the RICHEST gaming companies and nintendo is at the top of its game however valve is better when it comes GAMES

I've heard of their games a while ago. I first heard of Team Fortress 2 and Portal 1 and 2. The first valve game I ever got was Team Fortress 2 back in 2015. I then got almost all their games. I realized they were probably my favorite game company by far, with or without a half life 3/left 4 dead 3

Valve will be the inspiration of developers of the future and for me it's the best company that iv'e every seen, my favorite games in valve Team fortress 2, half life 2, portal 2,and a lot of famous YouTubers are playing these kinds of games valve games are not like normal games no they are special games and I'm proud that I'm playing it's own game and I'm a big fan of valve seriously valve is the best video games company ever!

They made just few games and each of them have been revolutionary for the world of games, like Half Life or Portal. I still dream about when I was younger and I played half life! No other games gave me such emotions!

The great thing with valve is that they always take their time to actually finish a game before releasing it, so every game they make is/will be a masterpiece

Best company ever no doubt. Humble generous and steam all it takes to make a world class company. No doubt they will always be known as the best. No matter what. Like people said I dare you to name a bad valve game. Basically they started up fps in the best way possible. -DJ Migz

Valve have made so many amazing games that you can't compare to anything else. Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2... Some of my favorite games to play. Every game is enjoyable and beautifully made.

Seriously, Steam alone justifies placing Valve at the apex of game developers. Only Nintendo compares to valve, in terms of both importance and game quality.