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1 The Darkest Hour

The darkest hour was the pull an all nighter to finish the book thrill ride for me the story plot had me intertwined in lure and plot it was so amazing I'm rereading the series again to refresh for the upcoming movie in 2024

This is my favorite book ever

Amazing book! My favorite

It's no wonder this incredible book is number 1. I loved every page of it! I would stay up late reading it because I always had to know what would happen next! Best by far.

2 The Last Hope

I think this is the best book

I think this one is THE BEST. I loved it and I've read it about five times

This is honestly the best book! The battle with dark forest and the final tensions building up! Sorry scourge, but your old news, every DAY I read the final chapters over again! It’s so said how Holly leaf and fern cloud die, but they did an honorable death to say their clan mates lives! And holly leafs last words are so touching! The end is a cliffhanger in a way... but in a good way!

so GOD! 11 - Silverleaf

3 Into the Wild

Definitely one of the best books

This is my favorite because it brings you into the world of warriors

I think that into the wild is the best, because when I came lat to the school year I didn't know what books to read, then my friend (I am not going to say her name! ) showed me a book and I thought that it looked cool because it was about cats. But it was not the first book so she showed me the first book into the wild, and when I finished it, I liked cats even more, and I loved Warriors!

I have 3 Warrior books at home and 1 book to read in class.

The first book is the best because if it were poorly written then you wouldn't read the others, and it had so much info!

4 Forest of Secrets

This is honestly the best book I have ever read. It was just full of so many different emotions, I am surprised it is rated 4th best.

Dude how is this still #4 this was even better than the darkest hour, and into the wild. It even made me more sad than those two. I mean, I guess that the last hope is good, but this should be at least in #2 place. Even my friend is reading it and she is liking it A LOT she would keep renewing it from the library and she is only on chapter three and she is loving it!

I love this the most. By far the best one

I love this book! One of my all-time favorites! It's very interesting and mysterious, lots of secrets being revealed!

5 Crookedstar's Promise

In the normal series crookedstar is not really talked about much but this book made him my favorite cat and it really makes you feel bad for him and happy at the same time
Very emotional

Its sooo sweet and there is so much drama, I gets you hooked lol. It's also very said, but that is what makes it better. (I said something wrong)

Honestly, I think Crookedstar's Promise could be first in the top 10 saddest! Crookedstar is wrongly mistreated by his annoying mother, Rainflower. He's been cast aside by her almost all his life. Then he meets Mapleshade, and he believes everything will be okay. But it's not okay! Mapleshade makes everybody he loves die. But in the end, in the manga excerpt, it's so sad, because Crookedstar is so brave. He says: "I may not have any loved ones anymore, but I have my clan, which I will take care of for the many moons to come." Crookedstar is a strong and brave leader who, like Mapleshade instructed him to, casts his own problems out of the way of his clan, but takes the time to satisfy his own small requests.

The best book ever if I had it I would read it 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times

6 Bluestar's Prophecy

Love this book! Should be number 1!

Bluestar is like my favorite cat and then like when I saw this I just grabbed it and read it for hours straight

One of the best books I have ever read. I remember balling my eyes out, smiling at the funny romance scenes between Blue star and Oakheart. Full of emotion, and simply a great book. But crooked stars promise, and Tall stars revenge follow close behind.

Bluestar has always been an interesting character, in the original warriors series she was conflicted but never the less confident. This story gave us the reason for this by giving us a window to her internal monologue and her past experiences. The elaboration form was perfect and I loved the flawless story line to go along with it. By far one of the Erin's best books.

7 Midnight

Love this entire series!

A truly great book with great entertainment and tension

I did not think that this book was a very start to the Warriors series 2, I liked the sun drown aspect of the book but everything else wasn't the best.

The build up in tension was amazing, and we didn't lose our knowledge of the life of thunderclan, as we got leafpool's perspective. The climax was also amazing

8 Fire and Ice

This book excels with character arcs and relationships. The mixed allegiances between clan and family, and friendship and romance all make for a very complex and emotional depth in the story. Despite it being considered middle grade fiction, this book has character development that far exceeds many YA fiction stories.

This book is so intresting! It is the first book I read and I Pretended it was a play And pretended I was Bluestar and my other friends were other cats to make it funner! I balled my eyes out when CinderPaw got hurt. And was mad when it ended with a clip hanger!

This was the first book I read, I hadn't realized that it belonged to a series when I picked it up, and I fell in love with it. It not only introduced my favorite character, Cinderpelt, but it also introduced me to the series as a whole. For that it will always have a special place in my heart.

I'm still reading this but it is so much fun to read it😊

9 Sunrise

Best book in the serie. Sad, has good plot-twist, and the last chapters are still my favorite moment in literature years later.

My only problem with this book is how Hollyleaf runs away and doesn't face her problems like a warrior. However it did make me cry when I read the end of the book, so thumbs up.

Definitely the best plot twist within the series. Love this book

This one was very interesting at the end - CuriousKitten555

10 The Forgotten Warrior

Like, the best book ever! Loved that Hollyleaf came back. It was awesome when Hollyleaf nearly kills Sol

Lob this book - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

I love it so much

Do you mean the new cover


The Newcomers

? Pinestar's Choice
? Lost Stars

Very spooky - cube

The Contenders

11 Firestar's Quest

Best book ever and that SkyClan got intoduced

I liked the adventure in this.

i like it

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! It is great and I love the romance. You are assured firestar loves sandstorm most and always will.

12 A Dangerous Path

I love all the Warrior books, but this one got my heart beating. I read all the others like five times, and I read this one eight times! I recommend it to anyone who likes action packed adventures. I just love it!

Even know this book was very sad I loved how action packed it was. and there was many good warrior. Fire star became leader. And tigerstar was very smart.

This is no doubt one of my favorites. It was so action-packed and fun to read. The dog pack had you standing on edge, the love between Brightheart (Lostface at the time) and Cloudtail is so adorable, and just the feel of it makes you anxious!

Remember everyone- pack, pack, kill kill!

Why is this book down here? It is action packed and my hands were very sweat when I read it. I read it eight times.

13 Moonrise

Love this entire series!

Worst book I ever read. $1&3@?! You Stoneteller

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE ON MOST SAD WARRIORS BOOKS! This is the first time that I ever cried while reading a book. RIP Feathertail :(


So sad, I cried all night, every night, for the next few weeks, in fact I'm crying now!

14 Twilight

Love this entire series!

The entire first several hundred pages suck. Twilight is only good a time the very end, like Rising Storm

I loved this book! The entire New Prophecy series is so underrated!

How could this one be in 27th place? I love this book, it's the best book EVER! It's so emotional, every time I read it I always cry a lot, especially after chapter 17. That chapter is absolutely mind blowing. I cried even harder than I did when Cinderpelt died in chapter 23! I don't know if it was because of what Spottedleaf said ("Deep down inside, you know what is right. You must follow your heart."), what Crowfeather said ("I'll do whatever I can to make sure you won't regret this. I'll take care of you."), or what Leafpool said ("Once, being a medicine cat was where my heart led me, but Cinderpelt is young and healthy, she'll be able to train another apprentice after I've gone.") It's just so emotional and exhausting. Just the way I like it.

15 Dark River

This book was amazing! So suspenseful when the tunnels flooded!

This was one of my favourites when I read it, it was second warrior book I ever read. I loved the introduction to the tunnels near the lake and the history of Fallen Leaves and Rock! Also exploring more of The Power Of Three's life!

Actually I didn't like this that much just the fact there was no drama and it was boring
Glad it wasn't yet another journey to stupid mountains again!

This book is the introduction of the best ship in the Warriors series...

Ashfur x Scourge.
lol jk its jayfeather x stick - Willowfur

16 Sunset

Love this entire series!

Okay... the person who said that Bramblestar almost killed Firestar is wrong... DID U EVEN READ THE BOOK?!

So one person on the Sunrise area was confused with this amazing book! Brambleclaw (soon to be Bramblestar) gives up the feeling of hope he had of his half brother to save Firestar!

About the bramble claw prophecy, it could have as well have been Thornclaw.

17 Fading Echoes

Oh lord. I don't like this book

This is where Ivypo- PAW and Dove...PAW's relationship starts to slowly break apart! - SeeU

I definitely prefer Ivypaw/pool to Dovepaw/wing. Dovepaw/wing is alright but a total Mary Sue.
Anywho, I liked this book because it had Dovepaw and Ivypaw’s relationship end and Ivypaw in the dark forest - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

18 Tall Stars Revenge

I haven't even finished the book and its already my favorite super edition, also poor Tallstar (Who is the best original leader)

Loved that the cats actually TALKED to eachother.


I loved this book! Every chapter I loved, I felt like I couldn't put the book down! I love the rivalry between the Tunnelers and the Moor Runners and how we meet Jake. It was sad when he forgave Sparrow though

19 Night Whispers

Love this one! Flametail's point of view, the feeling of impending doom, foreshadowing, and more! They took the exciting end of "The Fourth Apprentice", and made that feeling go throughout the entirety of "Night Whispers". My favorite line from the series other than Frireheart's speech at the end of "Into the Wild" is from this book. "JayFeather gasped as the star clan cats froze over and shattered. All he could see before he woke up was the moon pool, as it shimmered softly in the cold, dead moon light."

So much suspense and foreshadowing in this one! You can practically feel ominous clouds over the clans. Dovewing and Ivypool have a big fight. (Very dramatic) and Flametail. Loved him. So sad when he died!

Best book ever. I think it had a great storyline (live every other book in the series) and I may just be biased because I love Flametail, but I love love love this book!

Well it was boring I looked through it it's just all they do is say I love tiger heart she trains in the dark forest like dude

20 The Blazing Star

Dawn of the clans is the most amazing warrior cats series.

This is the second best warriors book and book in general I've ever read

I just finished reading today!

The dawn of the clans series is the best hands down, because it didn’t focus on a prophecy!

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21 Skyclan's Destiny

It was really sad how the warriors judged the daylight warriors

Amazing book. It's fun to laugh at all of Leafstars horribly-chosen names and cry about what happened to SkyClan in the past. It has the perfect amount of drama and battles to keep me satisfied.

If you hated this, you're going to LOVE the fact that yet another SkyClan book is coming out this year! Yay... - RiverClanRocks

22 Warrior's Super Edition: Yellowfangs Secret.

This is my favorite book in the whole series

This is super sad but super awesome. I always get sad and mad when Yellowfang is basically FORCED to be a medicine cat!





I love you, yellowfang

This is one of my favorite Warriors books! I cried from start to end :) HOW IS THIS BOOK #25!?

23 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

Came out on November 5th, 2013. Complete insight into the whole world of the Warriors! Detailed pictures and descriptions of 75 important cats/animals in the "serieses", information about everything you want to know, and contains never-before heard of short stories detailing Bramblestar and Tigerstar's leader ceremonies. AWESOME I LOVE WARRIORS TO DEATH

Anyone watch the trailer for this? because if so...”we are WARRIORS! ” (This phrase is even better then the books themselves) - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Why is cats of the clans rated higher? Its just an Intended version of that

Warriors is the best book series I ever read I would give it a 10 out of 10. Meow!

24 The Fourth Apprentice

I loved the tension of this book, especially at the beginning, when Lionblaze and Jayfeather were testing Dovepaw to see if she was part of the three. When he said that she didn't want to, I thought, tough, you'll do it to save ThunderClan, and the forest!

Dovewing is really bad but I love ivypool

Good thought I hate dove wing
She treated ivy pool so bad

I loved this book so much but when rippletail died I put my hand over my mouth and I was like what the heck lol but I still loved how dovepaw saved tigerheart she's just and apprentice and she saved a cats life #dovepaw for the win lol

25 Outcast

What the heck is this book?


26 Long Shadows

I like its cover

This is like the best actual book. SPOILER ALERT! This book is the one that the three learn that their mother isn’t Squirrelflught and Ashfur becomes a murderer

This was an awesome book and the coolest looking to me.

I need to get back into warriors

27 Path of Stars

Literally the best, alongside forest of secrets.

I have no emotion and and when graywing died I burst into tears and cursed erin hunter so much I got suspended

Best. Book. Ever. I love this book so much! Just finished reading. RIP Gray wing

Graywing will be missed - Danidragonite

28 The Sight

One thing to say about this books. Fun day. The cats totally have a fair type thing with all clans. Contests, food. I can just imagine TigerStar seeing this and having some angry reaction to the clans getting along like this. Lol

This was actually the first I read from Warriors, I like be the development and the different ranks between characters and being able to start warriors with a kits point of view with a power was so interesting!

I knew jay kit would be blind but it totally surprised me when he was born with it

When I started this book I thought Jaypaw wasn't blind!

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29 Starlight

Love this entire series!

The is the best book because there is romance action adventure rebellion and it is my first Erin Hunter book I ever read.

One of the most emotional Warriors books made, along with Yellowfang's Secret. - Blubbydubber1

I love this book. I read the whole thing yesterday. It's really good! - kittywarrior107

30 Rising Storm

This one has the prettiest art!

This was the first warrior book I read

Yellowfang was grumpy at the start but once I saw he nice side she was amazing and I wish she never died I was crying because of her death I hate when loveable cats died :..(. But there a a bunch of loveable cats still live.

This one is amazing my favorite in the first series and has a big cliffhanger at the end.

31 Eclipse

This is so good! Why I still it 32?! Eclipse is so suspenseful and I can't believe that Erin finally made shadowclan good! I finished it in one day

Thunder and shadow team up! Only a derp moon could do that!

This is the best warriors in the 3rd series I like it a lot because of lionblaze

and out of the 30 Erin Hunter ( mostly warriors) books I’ve read this is my fourth favorite

32 Bramblestar's Storm

I love squirrelflight and brambleclaw! They are so cute!

This book is very good, and I like that it captures the legacy laid before it by recognizing the past story arcs that came before it. I like how Bramblestar creates a new warrior code rule in honor of Firestar, and the ending manga makes me cry. It is so sad to see the hurt of Squirrelflight, and so joyous once she and Bramblestar learns they will be biological parents. I didn't always approve of them as a couple, but after this I support them full heartedly.

Very good, very sad

WHY! It should be at least the third best! But it is my favorite.

33 Shattered Sky

This one was amazing and honestly my third favorite warriors book the first two being last hope and path of stars. The first one had a good adventure and the second one showed us how evil dark tail is but I really like this one because it’s the first time we got a war around the lake and oh yes it is a war. I hope the 4th one is good.

It was very violent and epic! In other words... AMAZING. I couldn’t stop reading near the end! I read through my math test!

This is one of the only books where I cried. I wish that Shadepelt, Foxnose, Petalfur, Herronwing, Pinenose, and Max did not die in that battle.

I just read this book and it was very, very good. I just couldn't stop reading. You should definitely read this series and this book. IT WAS so GOOD! - BillyBobJoe

34 The First Battle

I love the tension in this book and how the anger of the cats gets so bad that littermates kill each other. I also found the reappearance of the dead cats to be quite interesting. My favorite warriors book for sure!

Dawn of the Clans is the best series of warriors in my opinion and narrowly beets Forest of Secrets and Path of Stars (and a few others) for the best book. So emotional and the relationship between Grey Wing and Turtle Tail was well developed even further.

Love this book! Lots of drama and Thunder is awesome! But I don't see why no one wanted him back!

One of the hardest battles I had to read, should be in the top 10 for sure.

35 Hollyleaf's Story

I liked how it showed Fallen Leaves life and I guess Holly Leaf, stupid cat, but anyways it was very interesting living in the shadows of the clan life!

It's good to get a part in Hollyleaf's world. - Jetmaster

36 Secrets of the Clans

I first saw this book in the library, and since I loved the Warriors series I obviously wanted to know some secrets from the clans, and I was not disappointed. Great book(but could improve some of the stories.

37 The Sun Trail

The only bad thing about this is Clear Sky - RoseWeasley

Amazing! - Danidragonite

It's so amazing! I love all of the tribe/ancient names and the journey itself. Some of the relationships felt a little weak to me, but others felt so genuine. The journey itself easily makes this my #1, and every other part of the book only adds to that.

I love this book so much! It is a beginning of an era for Warrior Cats. I love the romance and a lot of characters die in it making it super interesting

38 Dovewing's Silence

I like it it is interesting

BORING - Presidentofpotatoes

I found this book to not be very interesting but more like a better ending to Omen of the Stars as I feel the Last Hope didn't end very well.

I found this really boring

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39 Warrior's Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny

YEAH DUDES - Presidentofpotatoes

This one was already done!

40 Yellowfang's Secret

This books already done

Ha! It says,"badger-stinky" in this book!


I think this book is the best. it should be first place! I just wish that Yellowfang had stayed with Raggedpelt. I read it in one day, unable to put it down. everyone should read it!

41 The Rise of Scourge

Just my favorite book nothing important

Not just the best warrior cat book the best book ever! ( I love tiny

This isn't a book, it's manga (even though it doesn't have anything with real manga anything close).-.

42 Mothflight's Vision

I think it's the best to be made. Like seriously, this book is NUMBER #1 on my favorite books.

Ok, so I had just read this book causing me to cry in the middle of my Chinese class because poor Micha but also I feel like the ending where (Spoilers! ) Moth flight gives away her children. Also, Moth flight is spelled like this because I mean, look at the book. there is a space between the words Moth and flight. it was rushed a the end and lost a bit of the emotion for me but other than that it was one of my favorite books!

Such as powerful story. It really makes you feel as if you live in the forest with the Clan cats.

This is definitely my most favourite Warriors book ever. Moth Flight's Vision not only includes the thrill of a normal Super Edition, but the sharp plot twisits are so enthralling I read this book four times!

43 Dawn

Love this entire series!

Well, it does have the best warrior cat on the cover. (It's Squirrelflight peeps! )

I like it because it has the Great Journey!

Maybe I should have voted for this instead of Firestar's Quest!

44 Thunder Rising

No WAY! I love thunder rising! I'm rereading it and oh my starclan IT IS GREAT! It should be at lest 6th!
Favourite character: turtle tail

This one was very good out of the 31 Erin Hunter books I’ve read this is my 9th favorite this and the sun trail are the only 2 dawn of the clans books I’ve read so far! -lit llama

45 Hawkwing's Journey

This is a great/dramatic book I almost read shivering it was as if something was cursing them *spoiler* I almost died hearing the clan split up and never to see each other again curse you dark tail curse you!

This is probably one of the best books in warriors for me. Literally half the clan dies

I just finished this book and it gave me intense feels. Great to read. I especially love Finkit

It was a really good book! though, Hawkwing and Hawkfrost? I mean, don't name 2 main characters with the same prefix... It's just weird

46 Cats of the Clans

I loved this book to read more about the cats.My advice is that read the books first there are some spoilers! ❤

47 Sign of the Moon

Really good. Tribe of Potatoes! - Presidentofpotatoes

48 Codes of the Clans
49 Crowfeather's Trial

Got this the day it came out, and I haven’t stopped looking back at it. Seeing Crowfeather try to understand Breezepelt is a joy.

50 Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight are related

EPIC - Presidentofpotatoes

This book will always hold a special place in my heart


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