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1 The Darkest Hour

It's no wonder this incredible book is number 1. I loved every page of it! I would stay up late reading it because I always had to know what would happen next! Best by far.

Wow wow wow! Brought this book for my 7 year old cat mad daughter and immediately it is love at first sight. After she has read it I wanted to read it so I 'borrowed' it from her for a couple of weeks and soon I had finished! It was so dramatic and tense, I was on the edge of my bed all the time, especially when Firestar was about to die!

Epic closing book for such an amazing opening to this series of books. Love warriors, I read them as a little kid and here I am after like 10 years reading them again because I barely remember the twists and turns of it. This book is easily one of the best

I personally loved this book maybe not as good as into the Wild but that's just because into the Wild was the starting point I miss the days of Firestars perspective he has an edgy emotional feel that we will never see again I wish he would have narrorated all the books but then again what would they have done when he died

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2 The Last Hope

This books plot is the most dramatic. Even more dramatic than the darkest hour. This book is pretty much the final show down with cats from the start of the books to new enemies made at the end. The way it's written is quite disappointing. I would have wanted the battle between fire and tiger to be more longer and more of the main characters to be killed. It just got confusing and I got lost reading this as it quickly chances character views every few pages. In the new series I would really like the Erin's to continue to add more drama into their series but not to rush and cram all the drama into one book.

This book was the best warriors book EVER (followed closely by the Darkest Hour)! Beautiful ending to the series, but so sad with the death of Firestar, my favorite character. I have read and reread this book so many times, it's just so amazing!

This is my favorite book out of all four series. I love it so much I nearly read it twice in a row! Love the book so much!

I don't understand how this book is at the number 2 slot. this book is garbage. rushed, anticlimactic, thoughtless, and a terrible end for a lot of characters (firestar, mousefur, ferncloud, and others). this book could've been so much better if the writers actually worked together and thought of how to properly end the series instead of rushing it all. complete disappointment of a book.

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3 Into the Wild

I love ALL the Warriors books, but this is the It Book. This book started Warriors. This IS the Warriors books. It made Warriors happen:) and I thank the lord for that:) way to rock Erin - Silverstream101

I've read it countless times now, and it's definitely a good book. Something about the very beginning of any series is always great to reread. Perhaps its nostalgia since I started in the very beginning and followed this series for years. - keycha1n

This is my favorite book series but this is my best out of them all I stayed up late reading this book I read it over and over again I love this book right now I am typing with this book in my hand just about to read it again I love these books it's the best book ever!

I read it and love it!

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4 Forest of Secrets

This book was the most interesting! It had a lot of secrets, and it had a lot of action! Also, it was the one book where I cried the most, and the only the most, but the hardest while crying all those times. BEAUTIFUL. - Splashstorm

I kind of lump the first series books together since it's been a long time, but I remember this book being the one where I started being obsessed with the series. It has everything that's made the Warriors series good. It has mystery, action, romance, and suspense.

I would always stay awake when I was reading this book! It is so exciting I didn't want to stop reading it. All I did was read that book. I like when there is lots of battles and this book has that. This is totally the best warrior book!

This is like my one my favorite warrior cat books! :D love the drama, action packed feture's! There is sooo much mystery in this book that YOU CAN EVEN EXSPLAIN. Then there is a realationship (SPOILERS) coming on with Fireheart/star and Sandstorm while Cinderpelt becomes the med cat apprentince I LOVE this book I love the old cover AND the new cover as well, and to add that Graystripe and Silverstream one of my favorite couple's HAVE KITS! YOU EVEN FIND OUT BLUESTAR IS THE MOTHER OF MISTYFOOT AND STORMFUR! :0 :D AND YELLOWFANG IS THE MOTHER OF BROKENTAIL!?! *keep's saying for about and hour* this is a really good book,


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5 Bluestar's Prophecy

One of the best books I have ever read. I remember balling my eyes out, smiling at the funny romance scenes between Blue star and Oakheart. Full of emotion, and simply a great book. But crooked stars promise, and Tall stars revenge follow close behind.

Bluestar has always been an interesting character, in the original warriors series she was conflicted but never the less confident. This story gave us the reason for this by giving us a window to her internal monologue and her past experiences. The elaboration form was perfect and I loved the flawless story line to go along with it. By far one of the Erin's best books.

The plot just pulls you in so well it's scary! The most funny, beautiful, and emotional book of all Warriors! Every cat in this book was so funny and sweet. And the nostalgia is the end just made me fall out in tears. Definitely the best Warriors book to exist.

This is my second favorite warrior cat book and my first is Crookedstar's Promise. I used to make fun of it (I don't know why) until I checked it out. Anyway I think Omen of the Stars is kinda crappy (But I love ivypool) and power of three is awesome and dawn of the clans is great and maybe the new series is great. the new prophecy bored me to death. But I can agree the best ones are the Super Editions and novellas.

Anyway, I think Bluestars Prophecy was depressing but honestly I hate happy endings in stories because all those 'happily ever afters' in Disney movies are extremely cheesy. So I had like 3 weeks to borrow that book from the library and I spent all night of one day for ten hours. (I wish I could do that with Harry Potter :{ ) It entertained me and even if I completely spoiled myself on warriors, I still learned valuable facts I already didn't know. I didn't know Bluepaw named Thistlekit. and more. and WHY DID HAWKHEART KILL MOONFLOWER?!

I was like ...more

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6 Crookedstar's Promise

Honestly, I think Crookedstar's Promise could be first in the top 10 saddest! Crookedstar is wrongly mistreated by his annoying mother, Rainflower. He's been cast aside by her almost all his life. Then he meets Mapleshade, and he believes everything will be okay. But it's not okay! Mapleshade makes everybody he loves die. But in the end, in the manga excerpt, it's so sad, because Crookedstar is so brave. He says: "I may not have any loved ones anymore, but I have my clan, which I will take care of for the many moons to come." Crookedstar is a strong and brave leader who, like Mapleshade instructed him to, casts his own problems out of the way of his clan, but takes the time to satisfy his own small requests.

This story was so sad because Crookedstar has been cast aside his whole life and blames himself for the deaths of everyone he cares about, his mother, father, mate, his kits, and his daughter. Plus, later in the series his grand daughter falls off a cliff. In Bluestar's Prophecy, his niece also freezes to death even though he doesn't know it. So many terrible things have happened to him, and he's been so brave, even in his final moments. This book shows real courage and perseverance. This is my ALL time favorite book in the series.

Crookedstar is the best. This is a awesome and very sad book. Thumbs this up and vote for Crookedstars promise if you think that their should have been a scene in the last book (The Last Hope) where Crookedstar gets to kill Mapleshade when all the star clan and dark forest warriors come.

This book is sad plus awesome! worst character: RAINFLOWER why? oh because... SHE DID NOT CARE FOR HER OWN SON BUT CARED FOR HER OTHER SON the best chracter other then crookedkit was oakkit why? because he cared for his brother so much even though rainflower dident

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7 Sunrise

This is my favorite warrior book, because the plot is SO interesting! My heart always starts pounding out of my chest when I read this book.

This one was very interesting at the end - CuriousKitten555

Sad sad but so awesome! If you like plot twists then read this

So sad!

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8 Midnight

Midnight was my least favorite warrior book it did not suck nether was it good I mean like it was just a classic how is this up here?

They find out about the destruction of the the clans back in the forest. Midnight is surprisingly a BADGER! - Jewlwhisker_456

Midnight is a badger. Who would've thought of that? Erin Hunter? Somehow, I doubt it.

Wow they sure made this book interesting
I wouldn't be surprised if they lost fans due to this monstrosity

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9 The Forgotten Warrior

This one was great! Hollyleaf came back, Cinderheart finds out the truth... Sol is nearly killed by Hollyleaf. (Nice if Sol died, but I understand why Hollyleaf didn't - no, couldn't kill him)

I love this book. This was the book that got me to change my opinion on Hollyleaf. I hated her before reading this, but after I did, I loved Hollyleaf. - Oliveleaf

One of my favourite books in the warriors stories, HOLLYLEAF!

I'm so glad that Hollyleaf is alive! I wish that she had killed Sol though.

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10 Firestar's Quest

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! It is great and I love the romance. You are assured firestar loves sandstorm most and always will.

This was a great book! I love the romance. The way he (Firestar) put the clan together was very interesting. I greatly enjoyed this book, and hope you all will/have, too!

I love this book because it shows how you can form a true clan

I loved how there is another clan and SKYCLAN?! LOVED IT! - lilydoestopten

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11 Sunset

So one person on the Sunrise area was confused with this amazing book! Brambleclaw (soon to be Bramblestar) gives up the feeling of hope he had of his half brother to save Firestar!

About the bramble claw prophecy, it could have as well have been Thornclaw.

No. I don't like it because Bramblestar almost kills Firestar

It was really boring until the end. - RisingMoon

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12 Fire and Ice

This was the first book I read, I hadn't realized that it belonged to a series when I picked it up, and I fell in love with it. It not only introduced my favorite character, Cinderpelt, but it also introduced me to the series as a whole. For that it will always have a special place in my heart.

I just got done reading a forest of secrets, it was good but I think this one is my favorite so far because there was so much going on.

I loved it one of the best books I'm surprised no one commented

the best

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13 Twilight

How could this one be in 27th place? I love this book, it's the best book EVER! It's so emotional, every time I read it I always cry a lot, especially after chapter 17. That chapter is absolutely mind blowing. I cried even harder than I did when Cinderpelt died in chapter 23! I don't know if it was because of what Spottedleaf said ("Deep down inside, you know what is right. You must follow your heart."), what Crowfeather said ("I'll do whatever I can to make sure you won't regret this. I'll take care of you."), or what Leafpool said ("Once, being a medicine cat was where my heart led me, but Cinderpelt is young and healthy, she'll be able to train another apprentice after I've gone.") It's just so emotional and exhausting. Just the way I like it.

This book should be first. It is so my favorite. It is probably the saddest book though.

It's dramatic and beautiful- truly deserves to be in the top 5 at least.

Saddest and most dramatic warriors book ever!

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14 A Dangerous Path

Why is this book down here? It is action packed and my hands were very sweat when I read it. I read it eight times.

This is no doubt one of my favorites. It was so action-packed and fun to read. The dog pack had you standing on edge, the love between Brightheart (Lostface at the time) and Cloudtail is so adorable, and just the feel of it makes you anxious!

Remember everyone- pack, pack, kill kill!

I get goose bumps every time. And there were so many sad deaths. And just for a side note, DIE, TIGERSTAR, DIE! - AnonymousChick

This one was sad, but I kinda like the sad books. - Oliveleaf

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15 Moonrise

I LOVE this book. So sad and exciting. Also great cover art.

So sad when Feathertail dies (that moment proves she was a mary sue)

Personally, I HATED this one.

Personally, I HATE this book.

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16 Fading Echoes

Oh lord. I don't like this book

This is where Ivypo- PAW and Dove...PAW's relationship starts to slowly break apart! - SeeU

17 Long Shadows

This was an awesome book and the coolest looking to me.

I need to get back into warriors

"Wow Erin's been lying to us for, like, FIVE WHOLE BOOKS"
-after Squirrelflight's confession

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18 Eclipse

Thunder and shadow team up! Only a derp moon could do that!

19 Night Whispers

Love this one! Flametail's point of view, the feeling of impending doom, foreshadowing, and more! They took the exciting end of "The Fourth Apprentice", and made that feeling go throughout the entirety of "Night Whispers". My favorite line from the series other than Frireheart's speech at the end of "Into the Wild" is from this book. "JayFeather gasped as the star clan cats froze over and shattered. All he could see before he woke up was the moon pool, as it shimmered softly in the cold, dead moon light."

So much suspense and foreshadowing in this one! You can practically feel ominous clouds over the clans. Dovewing and Ivypool have a big fight. (Very dramatic) and Flametail. Loved him. So sad when he died!

Best book ever. I think it had a great storyline (live every other book in the series) and I may just be biased because I love Flametail, but I love love love this book!


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20 Skyclan's Destiny

Amazing book. It's fun to laugh at all of Leafstars horribly-chosen names and cry about what happened to SkyClan in the past. It has the perfect amount of drama and battles to keep me satisfied.

If you hated this, you're going to LOVE the fact that yet another SkyClan book is coming out this year! Yay... - RiverClanRocks

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