"The Forgotten Warrior" Best Book in the Series

"The Forgotten Warrior" is the best book in the Warriors series. It was well written and brought back memories from the books before it.

For those who have questions, like What happens to Sol? or What happens to Hollyleaf?, this book answers those questions.

This book is mostly about Sol coming back for revenge on the Clans. He starts creating tension between all the Clans to get them to go against each other.

Meanwhile, Lionblaze thinks that his sister is still alive, since he found some of her fur before. Everyone thinks that Hollyleaf died when she left ThunderClan through the tunnels. The tunnels collapsed, and rocks fell through where Hollyleaf was planning to escape. She managed to run out quickly before the rocks fell on her, so she was still alive, but the cats didn't know.

Later, Sol continues to cause trouble in the Clans, so Hollyleaf comes back and warns her Clan about him. This was a very major part in the whole series. Everyone, including the readers, thought that Hollyleaf was dead, but this scene changes everything.

When Hollyleaf comes back, she wanted to tell them the truth of Ashfur's death, that she had killed him to keep a secret safe. When she was about to explain the truth, Brambleclaw jumps in and says that she only killed Ashfur on accident, because he didn't think that the others would be able to handle the truth. Others believed that, so the accepted Hollyleaf as a member of ThunderClan again.

I think that the authors of this book were smart to add that part in. It makes it more interesting for the reader to see how the other cats will respond to Hollyleaf coming back.

Much later in the book, Hollyleaf gets face to face with her enemy Sol. She fought him, and had the chance to kill him, but decided to show mercy. This is also bringing back Hollyleaf's old self. She once was very loyal to the warrior code, but then broke it when she needed to kill a cat. Now, she is returning to how she was before, and following the warrior code.

Another reason why I like this book is because it changed my opinion on Hollyleaf. I used to hate her a lot for killing a cat, but then I saw that she was doing it for the good of others. I also saw that Hollyleaf did want the others to know the truth, but she just wasn't able to tell them.

This book was a very important one in the series, and without it, there would be many unanswered questions, and the story would not be complete.