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21 Soledad

Another very underrated song. This song has got superb lyrics and great composition. I want this to be in top ten.

Amazing song leaves me speechless everytym I hear it! Deserves top 3!

Soledad 18?!
Deserves 1st, d mst beautiful song I have ever heard

One of my favorite

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22 I Wanna Grow Old with You

This is just a superb song!
Its lyrics is just fantastically superb and heart touching.
It Made me cry when I listen it for the first time.
Now I'm loving it.
I can listen it 1000 time a day without getting bored..
It reminds me of someone special..
Love it

This is the one of the best song I've ever heard!
Definitely deserves to be in the top 10

It's so touching! Love it

This song is probably the best westlife song. Listening once will make you love this. Awesome composition...
Lovely lively..

Love this song perfect for romance.

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23 Obvious

Westlife is the one and only, isn't it obvious?

What is it? What's it doing it in no.20? Simply deserves top 10. - aanan

Beautiful melody and great lyrics. Yea, deserves to be in top 10 instead.

This deserves to be higher up on this list. Come on.

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24 You Raise Me Up

This song is absolutely amazing - it deserves much more credit than what it has gotten so far.

I love this song... My mother sing this song when I'm cry

I really love this song, I don't know how to explain my feelings when I listen it. It should be the best one.

Had this at my mums funeral

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25 Bop Bop Baby

Coolest composition of all.. Download it, Listen to it.. then I can promise that you will never close your media player..

The music make me stay and relax

I lovew this most

26 Evergreen

One of the best from westlife, I wonder why many people don't realize how good this song is, westlife is a legend!

This songs.the best...please listen to it and you realize

This song deserves the #1 position. It is the best westlife I've ever heard. It was followed by maybe tomorrow, soledad, close, and singing forever:))

Shuld be in the top 5

27 I Have a Dream

I have a dream is the beautiful song

I have a dream is a nice song to listen to.

The song very good

This song is awesome

28 Puzzle of My Heart

Why is this song so LOw? This should be at the Top! THis is my favourite song. It has been played like 50 times in my itunes library! Comom People bring this to the top!

This song is just perfect to describe how you're feeling when in love I'm really surprised when I see this sonk ranked 17

This is SFA! What! ICBLIT! This song is not top 1.. This Shaped up my Heart and Doesn't need repair at all please. Please please vote this now!
Come on. Guys! Westlife is old but hell yeah their Songs are so FGAATAT!

29 I'm Already There V 2 Comments
30 Written in the Stars

Better than Against all odds, When you tell me that you love me. Surely a top 40 song

Deserves top 40... Ok, at least 50. But not after that.

49? No no no, I think it should be at least at 29...

The best song of Westlife I think!

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31 Something Right

Something right has got to be there best song then your raise me up

Wait a sec... Its nt in top 15? It should be in...

32 Shadows

This is the most beautiful song Westlife ever had! Why is it in 43rd place? The lyrics are the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard! Listen to this song if you don't know it yet! I promise you you'll love it!

33 All Out of Love
34 You Make Me Feel

I love this song, it's simple yet so touching. Also the fact that we actually get to hear nicky and kian sing lead (which is quite rare) gives it something special. Definitely one of my faves.

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35 Lighthouse

Why isn't this on the top 10? Pretty much the best...

Pretty beautiful song! Deserve a top ten rank

Lighthouse deserves a better rank! Come on!

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36 Safe

This instantly makes me think of my girlfriend. I wish I could be there with her.

Such a beautiful song and heart-felt lyrics.

It is in one of the best movies ever call dolphin tale and when I heard I I just completely fell in love with it

This song is just amazing!

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37 Open Your Heart

This one is the best WESTLIFE song.
Although underrated since it wasn't released as
an official single, it still killed the melody and
gave a perfect lyrics that touched ones' heart.

I'm still listening to it this days.
If I'm not mistaken, I first heard this on a concert in Jakarta
and I just taught "this is westlife at their best"


My favorite song of all time tied with gone to soon

This is the best song by westlife... Please listen & vote

Beautiful song with very sincere lyrics!

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38 More Than Words

This is seriously the best can't stop listening to it! This should get more votes, people!

Great song I think...
The best song...


39 Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

How come this song is here I expected it to be at least in top 3. It's a famous song and such a great melody. Please vote for it.

The greatest love song that ever heard... Romantic.

This song is cool.. This should me on the top...

Why this song is not on the top? It's my favorite song

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40 (I'll Be Loving You) Forever

One of my personal favorites. The song showcases the boys' great voices and their vocalizing skills as a whole. Very romantic and nice. Makes me want to experience being in love.

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