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41 Amazing Amazing

Amazing is really amazing!

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42 Us Against the World Us Against the World

This Song is very beautiful, I can not stop to hear it again and again. LOVE this song very much...

This sOng is awesOme!... When I first heard it, I was really tOuched by heart simply because it's indeed a nice sOng intended fOr lOvers... TwO thumbs up fOr this amazing sOng... WESTLIFE is the best!... :D

Just can't believe that it is so down... Just mazing n mazin mesmerizin song!

Listen over and over and over again... I thought it was US against the world at beginning Ka!

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43 Pictures In My Head Pictures In My Head

A bit nostalgic song for me... Listened it when I was in my high school...

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44 Beautiful In White

It's Shane Filan's song. This is the most beautiful song in the world. This gonna be my wedding song!

It's a Beautiful song for a beautiful moments between Westlife's member...
You should now it, listen to it, and love it!

It's very beautiful song, beautiful lyric, and I think your girl will love you much if you sing this song for her

It's a very romantic song! I love so much

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45 Wide Open

Good song. And at the right place.

46 Miss You Miss You

What a song, this automatically induces the feel of pain... I just wanna said that straight from my heart I miss you... Really love this song a lot
... Westlife you awesome

What's wrong!
I really can't understand why Miss you is not on top the list. - AI-man

Why this song is so low. it deserves top 5 position along with I wanna grow old with you... now a days people gone crazy... it induces a sweet pain which cnat explain by words

47 Against All Odds

This song make me damn love Westlife so much. Especially when they sang with Mariah Carey. The song had a great meaning. Well done Phil Colin.

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48 When I'm With You When I'm With You

This is a really beautiful song! I really love it!

Oh my goodness! "When I'm with you"This song should be in one of the top tens.
It is fantastic!
Please download, listen to this song, & then vote!

If you have nt listened to dis song yet.. Please do it..
Dis can be one of the best romantic hits from the boys..

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49 Every Little Thing You Do

This song is wonderful. Lyrics... Amazing. Thumbs up for this song. I recommend every westlife fan to listen to this song for sure.
a small portion :
"It's every little thing you do
That makes me fall in love with you
There isn't a way that I can show you
Ever since I've come to know you
It's every little thing you say
That makes me wanna feel this way
There's not a thing that I can point to
'Cause it's every little thing you do"

Pretty cool! Got crazy bout it! I love it! Heard it in Grand Theft Auto!

This song Grand Theft Auto go up.. Just listen to it 1nce.. Cnt stop listening.

50 All or Nothing All or Nothing

I can't believed it's not even in the 40 best songs for me it's the best. It thrills you though you haven't experienced it yet. It gives me Goosebumps.

51 You See Friends (I See Lovers)

Although it's not a popular one from them, I find the lyrics really really great. Anyone can easily relate to it since it is experienced by most (if not all) of us.

52 I Cry

Really good song! I cry silently, I cry hopelessly... Love that part!

53 Close Close

Come on guys this is the best westlife song I ever heard. This is my top ten list.
1. Close
2. My love
3. Evergreen
4. When you're looking like that
5. Walk away
6. Fool again
7. Still here
8. Drive
9. I lay my love on you
10. Pictures in my head

So many great songs that this song may seem underrated, but this is actually a very good song you won't regret listening

What a great song! I love it so much!

54 Home Home

One of the best after Bryan had gone, Love the chorus part at the end!

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55 Hit You With the Real Thing Hit You With the Real Thing V 1 Comment
56 Loneliness Knows Me by Name Loneliness Knows Me by Name

This song is really Awesome! The music is beautiful and the song is emotional too. One of the best songs of Westlife. So if you have not listen to it, please download it and listen.

57 Somebody Needs You Somebody Needs You
58 If Your Heart's Not In It If Your Heart's Not In It

Such a sad song. Although unknown, it is their best song! Deeply moving, the title says it all... "if your heart's not in it, please don't try to fake what you don't feel..." - so deep yet so true at times...

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59 How to Break a Heart How to Break a Heart

Especially love the "ha-ha-ha" part

It's a great one, this song taught me how to love a nice song...

Little gem of westlife... Love the depth of the song

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60 When You Tell Me That You Love Me When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Great song! Should be at least in top ten

Great music, superbly good song.

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