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61 Hey Whatever Hey Whatever V 1 Comment
62 Angels Wings Angels Wings

I love the lyrics it really fits with the song I just love listening to it.

63 Never Knew I Was Losing You

Try to listen and you'll like it

64 Don't Say It's Too Late Don't Say It's Too Late

It is the best (at least for me)

65 We Are One We Are One
66 The Dance The Dance

It's super, super, super cool songs... This song brings tears to my eyes... One of the best heart-touching songs I've ever heard...

V 2 Comments
67 I Do I Do

The best song of the album 'Back home'! I love it so much because of its charming sweetness... It has the touch of romance in every line! :-)

68 My Girl V 1 Comment
69 You Don't Know
70 No No No No

The best westlife song... I practically listen to everyday
If you've heard it before vote for it
And if not... Listen to a sample
It's the best :)

71 Moments
72 Desperado Desperado
73 My Private Movie My Private Movie

Well, this one's a great song too. I bet if they had a chance to promote this as a single, this might had been on top. Upbeat, fresh, and totally cool, this song's really great.

V 1 Comment
74 No More Heroes
75 Hard to Say I'm Sorry. Hard to Say I'm Sorry.

One of the best song of westlife.

76 Catch My Breath Catch My Breath

Hey this song is amazing I can bet it I'll remind you about your highschool crush!

77 Let's Make Tonight Special

The most beautiful song from westlife...

78 Greased Lightning V 1 Comment
79 How Does It Feel How Does It Feel V 1 Comment
80 Have You Ever Have You Ever
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