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101 Heal

It deserves much better spot... The lyrics is too awesome... And the singing

Listen to this one at age of 6 or 7, in album westlife? It was a tape at that time, not a CD or DVD... This song is really nice! Actually very song in that album is fabulous!

102 Try Again V 1 Comment
103 Singing Forever

It's a great song and I really like it.

104 Close Your Eyes

Best song ever. Awesome Voices and the guys are so in sync. I'll listen to this every day and don't get tired at all.

133? What? I listen to it every day! It's very wonderful! Do to yourself a favor and listen to it!

105 That's Where You Find Love

This is one of the best love song in the world I swear.

106 Don't Calm the Storm
107 I Promise You That
108 Thank You V 1 Comment
109 Fragile Heart
110 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
111 Maybe Tomorrow
112 Too Hard to Say Goodbye V 1 Comment
113 Difference In Me

I don't know why this song is at 97! Listen to it. But I understand that each person's story is different, so they will like different songs. This one is my favourite.

This is a very beautiful song, its music is so amazing, the lyrics are so baeutiful

114 Where We Belong

MUST be in the top.

115 Poet's Heart
116 Angel
117 Can't Lose What You Never Had
118 Reason for Living
119 Don't Get Me Wrong

Don't get this song wrong... It's place should be before 50...

120 Before It's Too Late

You guys should check this out. Mark's voice is amazing though.

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