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1 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Best movie no question best actors and funniest punch lines in any will ferrel movie I ever saw and I saw all of them Step Brothers old school the other guys talladega all of them Anchorman is the best

This makes me laugh every time I watch it so do most of the other ones on this list P. S why isn't stepbrothers higher - Namerkp2

Oh my God I watched this with my friends a few months ago and we couldn't stop laughing

DA BEST ever

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2 Step Brothers

"I'm Brennan"

"I'm Dale. But you have to call me Dragon. "

"You have to call me Nighthawk. "

Dale: "You and your momma are hillbillies, this is a place for leaning doctors! "

Brennan: "You not a learning doctor, you're a big, fat, curly-headed!

Best and funniest quote EVER!

Definitely the greatest. Its funny because I know two little kids who act exactly like them.

Pure geni us. w ill ferrell co-wrote, not a second in the movie where it isn't perfection. "i've got a belly full of white dog crap, and now you lay this on me!? "

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3 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

What happened to "if you ain't first your last"?

What the hell you talk about Ricky?

That day in school.

Oh come on Ricky I was high when I said that.

If you ain't first, you last, and this is not first.

This barely edges out Old School as his best. Anchorman was his worst, it was depressing and bland. Elf also is a great movie. - Cbatower

This is my favorite movie! "Lets get thrown out of applebees again". Classic

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4 Elf

Elf is the best movie of all times no one can top the awesomeness of it! It should be number one on the charts! who ever rated it as number 6 has problems.

This is my favorite Christmas movie ever, and a big part of that is because Will Ferrell is the lead! Best actor ever! - BeanBag343

Funniest Christmas movie ever

Best film in the whole entire world

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5 The Other Guys

Hands down 1 of the funniest comedy's iv ever seen! Will ferrell is a killer! And even mark!

Really underrated, never going to be such a funny cop comedy EVER!

Why the hell is this 6? This should be 2nd! Step Brothers being 1! Anchorman is overrated!

An incredibly funny movie! Should be higher on the list.

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6 Old School

Movie really put me up on Will. Still one of my favorite comedies. - Real_1985

Frank the tank is streaking hilarity - themaster09

Will Ferrell made this movie great as a will Ferrell
Movie it's one of his best but as a comedy movie as a whole I didn't really find anyone else enjoyable

7 Blades of Glory

I cannot stop laughing after I watched this!

It's hard to pick the best will Ferrell movie. I don't know if this is the absolute best but it's one of them. Jon heder is great in this.

If you mean to laugh then watch dis movie...

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8 Semi-Pro

Funniest basketball movie in the world. Laugh out loud funny

Great in this basketball flick - themaster09

Will Ferrell carries this whole movie... a comic genius... Jackie Moon.

Hilarious! The best basketball movie I've ever seen

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9 Stranger Than Fiction

One of the best metaphysical fourth-dimensional movies. Only Adaptation is greater - nomercyz182

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10 The Campaign

Cam brady is a baby slapping contender in this movie which makes elections fun - themaster09

One of Will Ferrell's greatest. Incredibly hilarious with a terrific Zach Galifianakis.

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11 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

For all of you that haven't seen this it is hilarious, it ups the first one, gives brick a girlfriend and burgundy a shark and it even has way more cameos

I have a black friend he's always following me when it's sunny, that would be your shadow brick

Remember that one time I was bored and I came out of my moms vagina. Classic

I Recommend Everyone To Watch This. It's Way Funnier Than Part 1.

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12 Zoolander

How can children learn to read if they can't even fit inside the building?

13 Land of the Lost

It is hilarious! So funny and doesn't go over the top in r content. My favorite comedy movie of all time

14 Daddy's Home

Almost better than get hard 2nd best will Ferrell movie ever

15 The Lego Movie
16 Wedding Crashers
17 Megamind
18 A Night At The Roxbury

! 16? This is a classic and a must watch!

This is me and my friends all time favorite movie. Whenever someone asks us a question we say
"No... YES! "

19 Starsky and Hutch

Should be top 5!

20 Get Hard

17 what the hell it should be number 1

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