Top 10 Wingers in International Rugby


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21 Nehe Milner-Skudder

Great counter attacking

The best ever...

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22 Seabelo Senatla

The best there is in rugby that's a fact

23 Vincent Clrec
24 Jason Robinson

Best in both union and league

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25 David Campese

This ranking is a complete joke! Campese at #23? It has to be a joke! He is undoubtedly the best winger rugby has seen to date. By a mile! (Arguably, he's the best to ever play the game.) Let's get serious here for a bit!

There is no question who the best winger in the world was, mr David campese the wizard of oz. Campo was the pele of football!

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26 Nick Cummins

I have never seen as good winger as him

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27 Andrew Trimble

Not the fastest, but defensively and tactically brilliant.

28 Waisake Naholo

Because is a destructive players can run anybody over

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29 Adam Ashley-Cooper
30 Pieter (Slaptjips) Rossouw
31 Alex Cuthbert

2nd best after George north a powerful runner but slow

32 Sean Maitland

A really fast runner and a brilliant finisher

33 Hosea Gear

He is strong and ran trow tree springbok players

34 Bjorn Basson

Best and you know it

35 Nemani Nadolo

Super freak with marvellous skills

36 Breyton Paulse
37 Juan Imhoff
38 Gerald Davies

One of the best Wingers in the 70's era.

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