Dami Im


Dami I'm is an amazing and super talented artist. From the second she sang "Hero" at her audition, we knew we were witnessing greatness. Her voice is magnificent, pure and flawless. From week to week she effortlessly performed songs from a variety of genres, to which many of them received standing ovations from all judges. She is humble, kind and sweet and is a positive role model for all generations. Being the first Asian-Australian to win X Factor Australia, she has brought together thousands of diverse supporters from all over the world who share one thing - our love, admiration and support for Dami. Never in my life have I been so moved and captivated by someone's voice, her journey is truly remarkable and I am so grateful to be a part of the ride. This is only the beginning for Dami. DAMI ARMY FOREVER!

She can sing any genre and has truly melodious, powerful vocals. Give her any song to sing and she will interpret the notes/music piece pitch-perfect captured/sung with passion and emotion. Her rendition of any song has just been mind blowing on x-factor, all the time becos she will add her "Dami-factor" into the song. She is also an accomplished pianist and violinist, songwriter and her fans are waiting eagerly for the release of her next album.

Dami is amazing, I don't think anyone ever wowed the x factor audience and judges like Dami did and received countless standing ovations by the judges. No artists has captivated me since the mid 1990's, but when she came along she surely made me one of her lifetime fan. I never expected anyone to be given any song and master them. Her voice is flawless. Her album was way better than I ever imagined. She deserved to go much further!

I came late to X Factor last year. Someone told me that I have to see this girl Dami I'm on the show. By chance, I watched Dami as she sang "Purple Rain". When she exploded into the second verse, I remember sitting up in amazement and I knew that she was the one I'd been waiting for all these years. Afterwards, back stage, the camera turned to Dami and she said, "I don't know what just happened out there". We all now know it was Dami's exceptional talent being discovered. Dami and her "awesome singing"!

Dami should believe what she thinks is the right way to go, she has the musical qualifications and the intellect. She will adapt and evolve as her career as a music artist grows. Her success makes us happy.

I came across your X-Factor journey by chance and I am so glad I did. I have lost count the number of times I have watched the videos of Dami. She is a truly rare and special woman and the world is lucky to have you.

So happy that ...more

Dami is the sweetest and cutest girl you will ever meet! She has an amazingly powerful yet angelic voice, and can sing anything from pop rock to ballads. Even disco! She can make any song her own because she adds that touch of Dami-magic to every song she sings! Dami can also play the piano and violin brilliantly. She's so talented, yet so humble and kind. No wonder her husband loves her so much! Vote for Dami I'm!

Dami is sensational. Over the years of X Factor, no other contestant has pulled me in and kept me wanting more and more. I usually watch these shows not really caring which contestant won and never voted until Dami came along and I think that was the case with a lot of people. Her voice is out of this world!

Why is Dami not in the top of the list is beyond me. She's the only contestant we've had that received standing ovations from all judges week after week after week. She is so awkwardly endearing and probably one of VERY FEW in the showbiz. She's right up there along with the greats like Mariah, Whitney.

I have never been a fan in my life until hearing this girl sing. Having watched her videos on Youtube it was AMAZING to have learned that she has never been to a pop concert and yet able to deliver those songs like she wrote it. I'm such a fan of her now.

A talented singer with amazing adaptability and control over her vocals. Did some fantastic cover versions of songs on XFactor her way. 'One', 'Purple Rain', 'Don't Leave Me This Way', 'I'm Telling You' just to mention four that brought the house down. She already has a strong fan-base diverse in both age and ethnicity that ensures her musical career has a long road ahead that will span the globe.

Watch out for Dami. "She has the potential to be the greatest female artist to ever come out of Australia" (quoted from an Australian music legend). Her musicality, foundation and technical acumen in music and voice as evidenced by her achievements in tertiary studies in music as well as her possession of an addictive, smooth and soothing voice and a wholesome personality. I believe this "deadly combination" will separate her from other talent show contestants/winners and the current crop of singers in the industry. Australia has a small population and that's the reason she is currently in this position but when she goes global, she is going to be way, way up there. So watch out!

Dami's magical voice touches the souls of her audience. She is incredibly versatile and mesmerises with her singing. She is amazingly humble, sweet and endearing.

Dami was sensational on X Factor Australia this year! Her soaring vocals brought her standing ovations, week after week - an unprecedented 5 Standing O's in a row in the Live Shows, and a number more to boot. Her versatility was a great strength, allowing her to perform rock ballads, pop, disco, contemporary classics, and rock - all with total aplomb. And her personality - sweet and endearingly awkward - won Aussie viewers hearts. If Dami continues to hone her craft, as she did on X Factor, I'm sure she will become an international star.

How does one measure an Artist's talents? Easy... Just listen to Dami I'm sing either in Acoustic version only or Dami & Piano... If that's not enough, try comparing singers based on how many genre's they can sing? In Dami's case, it's not a matter of what genre she can sing but What can't she sing? The only Genre I have not heard her sing is "Heavy Metal" but as is with this Multitalented musician, I'm sure that will be a breeze for her too. She has made Katy Perry, Prince, Foo Fighter's, Jennifer Hudson, U2, Myley Cyrus to name a few look sound second rate... Once you hear Dami you wont turn back to any other artist... She is also Natural not manufactured as is most of the xfactor pewrformers who win... Whether Dami sings in the studio or live, her voice resonates, cuts through into your heart... Amazing the best Artist going around.

Dami is the complete package of what a SuperStar is.  I don't think there is any other X Factor contestant or may I even say superstars who have graduated with FIRST class honours in a Bachelor of Music at University. That is one of the reason why she can perform any genre and get standing ovation week after week. No other contestant can do this... Dami is unmatch as a singer but it is her pure heart and spiritual aim that the world will fall in love with.

Dami I'm in my opinion is the best all time singer, she got the voice of angel that can connect with your soul, just absolutely amazing. Can never get enough of her singing period.

Her voice is inspired by angels! She is a lovely person with such an awesome background.

Her voice spirals to heights with ease, effortless clear pronunciation of the lyrics and enchanting vocal range make Dami a rising super star

She can sing all types of songs, pop, rock ballads etc etc, and has a voice to do it

Dami not only has talent in music but she is good model to younger generation and brings happiness to everyone around her. Her music is inspiration.

She is a musical genius, born with music coursing through her veins. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

Dami is one of the most amazing deserving entertainer in any talent show. When she sang it goes straight to your heart & that's explained why everyone was drawn and love her

She has an accomplished voice that can stand together with great singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson. She sings with angelic soul. Go Dami!

I'm so in love with Dami and it's apparent I'm not the only one here. She sings beautifully in her X-Factor journey. Her awkwardly endearing personality and humbleness is worthy of our support. I Love listening to her album. I hope there will be Jazz in her next album - YEP she can sing Jazz, Opera, Rock, Ballads, Pop too.

You're such an inspirational person. Your voice is so tender and powerful it penetrates straight to the heart.

This girl has the makings of a SUPER STAR! Love her voice and her persona!