Janet Devlin


She's Janet and doesn't fake being someone she isn't, she's showed me that I could still reach my dreams and be my self Oh and she's an award turtle. That is all.

I have been on this planet for quite some time. I have lived through Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mack, Duran Duran, The Quo. Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli and many, many more. I have listened to and loved many songs of all genre but have never been what you call a particular fan of anybody. I either liked what I heard or didn't. Then wee Janet walked on the X factor stage and I was captivated and captured into being a very big fan for the very first time. I think Janet is delightful. Nothing fake, nothing unwholesome an absolute delight. Quite unusual. I love her singing, her genuine love of music, her charm and her individuality. Her family must be so proud. I wish her every success in her musical career and hope to see more of her very soon.

Janet Devlin right from her first audition, you could tell that she had that unique, beautiful, soulful voice. As she went through her X Factor journey, we discovered that she also was very musical, played the guitar and has written her own songs. Janet also has her own ideas about music which is so refreshing in an age of manufactured artists. Her integrity shown through when others were trying to change her. But most of all, Janet Devlin's voice is incredible. So unique, Original and soulful. Somebody Like Janet comes once in a lifetime, we are seeing the beginning of a huge star in music who will be around for a very long time to come. I have never waited with such anticipation for a debut album. Janet comes close to perfection as you gonna get. Awesome.

Not only she has the weirdest and most unique voice ever, she's awkward and funny and she does lots of twitcams without being told to. She answers to her fans with random replies because she doesn't like compliments, and she DM's them if they are outside the hotels the contestants are staying after the concerts (in tour) just to say hi and make funny poses with them!

I never EVER watch the Xfactor, because it's manufactured pop crap. But I happened to be in the lounge when Janet's auditon was on. There was this shy unassuming girl with the voice of an angel. I was captivated and watched every week just to see how she did. Ok I admit it, I even voted for her. I'm 57 and love Heavy Metal, Rock, Blues and German Electronic Music, but this girl has something very very special. I hope she never looses that "little girl" quirkiness in her voice. It's adorable. At times it reminds me of Bjork. I for one will buy her album. But I hope she does not try and release her records independently, as I feel she will sink without trace; without the marketing know-how of an established label. Thank god for YouTube, so I can still listen to her every night, whilst waiting for her album to come out.

Music is very important to me, as I'm sure it is to most people. All of us can relate to having a soundtrack of our lives, songs that speak to us, people that we can relate to etc. But most important to me is the honesty within the song. When I hear an artist sing, I want to know that they feel the words. This is what Janet Devlin brings to music, honesty and integrity. We're just lucky that she writes and sings so beautifully too.

She's just plain amazing at singing. She has awesome hair, and she should of won the X Factor. She, in my opinion had the best voice in the competition! Well done Janet for getting that far and coming 5th. I hope she has a great music career, and may I say, it's not like she won't. I really hope she reads this. Bruce.

Janet is extremely talented, her voice is unique and just simply beautiful. She has the kind of voice which enables you to listen to her singing, over and over again without getting bored. Out of all the contestants, Janet is definitely the loveliest and I reckon will always make music for the right reasons. She is also very good with her fans and continues to stay grounded even though her fame is increasing. So yeah, you get the point, Janet is the best

Janet is amazing, she has such a great quality of voice and she knows exactly what she wants from her career! She is such a genuine person as well, she does the randomest things and doesn't even care and she's great with all of her fans. Also, she is absolutely beautiful, she is seriously flawless and I'm jealous of her... Just a tiny bit. Janet is so down to earth and I will always support her and her music, I cannot wait for her to release some stuff, until then, I'll just keep watching her YouTube videos!

An incredible singer-songwriter in her own right and getting non-stop plaudits from across the music spectrum, Janet is fast becoming one of the most sought after artists in the industry by fellow musicians who are looking for individuality and creativity in an industry otherwise saturated with manufactured acts who target sales through corporate hype.

Janet's first album, Running With Scissors shot straight to number 1 in the indie charts without any promotion. She has been in non-stop demand in America and has had two tours.

With a Christmas EP and single (December Daze) on the horizon, a new album due in 2016 and the possibility of a third tour, Janet's career is continuing to build.

I don't even know where to begin in explaining how incredible Janet is, in some ways it's beyond mere words can describe. A pure artist who has stayed true to her principles & has gone out of her way to share her journey with her ever growing fan base. The songs she has written are stunning and beautiful, from the infectious Creatures of the Night through the hauntingly personal Walk Away to the entrancing of Nothing Left to Hide, Janet has proven herself to be an incredible lyricist with an outstanding voice to match. A star for years to come.

Janet Devlin auditioned for The X Factor at just a small age of 16, by 17 she was performing live to millions. Janet plays the guitar and is very passionate about music. Janet is really good to all of her fans and they appreciate her so much. She'd never let her fame get to her head and would never of dreamed of coming this far.
Janet, you are amazing. You are so unique and have a voice like no other. I hope that your career goes far and that all of your fans will support you along the way. :-)

Without a doubt the best and most angelic voice that has been on X-Factor! She is such a sweet girl with the mesmerising tone and quiver in her voice. I love the way she posts songs on YouTube and the times when she does blogs for her fans. I am going with my disabled daughter to see Janet on Saturday 24th March and we are desperately hoping we can get to meet Janet... Please?

Janet is the most amazing, unique and inspiring artist ever to come out of any of these shows.
Instead of rushing out a cheap pop album to cash in, Janet took her time to write her own album which was fan-funded without a label.
The album has received rave reviews from serious critics and fans alike.
Janet has worked with a number of great artists who have all been impressed by her ability as a singer song-writer and is still being pursued by the major record labels who are desperate to work with the uber talented Miss Devlin.

Anyone who doesn't know this young lady's voice and songs need to discover the magic as soon as possible. But it's not just her voice that's so special, her talent for music writing is inspiring and comparable to some of the music's greats. Her attitude to life is impeccable, her kindness to her fans is flawless and her future in the music industry will be something to behold.

There is a magical unicorn wondering lonely in a field somewhere in the darkest depths of Northern Ireland, hoping one day to be found by an angel. An angel who will pet him and cherish him and sing to him in her own special. Soothing his tortured soul with her calming sounds until he builds enough confidence to spread his wings wide and take flight, to have many wonderous adventures for the rest of his life.

Janet is just perfect, she has inspired so many people to reach for their dreams and she has taught people that it's okay to be yourself.. Even if that is different to those around U. She knows who she is and what she wants and she is going to work her bum off until she gets what she wants. A true inspiration.

Janet has made her devlinators really proud. Her performances on the X Factor were by far the most unique and she has a nice type of voice that is a god send. Janet, all of your devlinators love you.

Simply amazing as a singer, a song-writer, a poet and most importantly as a person.

She has put so much hard work into her albums and EP's to make sure her music is the best quality possible. As an early pledger to her album, I've been repaid many times over with 2 albums and an acoustic EP plus loads of other gifts and bonuses.

Janet always makes so much time for her fans, even staying behind at her gigs to chat with everyone. She had put her artistic integrity over the potential riches record companies were offering and she is growing so fast as one of the most original, super-talented artists in the UK, maybe the world considering the number of fans she has from Europe, America and Asia.

Very proud to call myself a fan.

Janet has a stunning voice, I can't even describe how it makes me fell when she sings. She stayed true to herself throughout the competition which almost every other acts failed to do. She is so adorable it's impossible to not like her, and to top it off she is such a lovely, friendly person! I will always be a Devlinator and even if she does nothing after the tour, I can never thank her enough for the way seeing her on T.V. made me feel, I love Janet

Janet is such a star already but that star will rise to stellar proportions. A star in the sense that she has kept true to her music and will not sell out her musical soul for cheap sales. She will not fall for the bland everyman music and autotuning so often used by the less talented to hide their own inabilities. Instead she has shown over and over a respect for her music and a level-headed respect for her growing bastion of fans who will. What a star!

Janet is, in my opinion, the best thing to have happened to the x factor. She deserved to win and I really hope she does well in whatever she chooses to do!

One of the most down to earth and nicest people the x factor has ever seen, An amazing singer with an amazing style and would definitely by her album!

She has a beautiful voice and I'm so proud to be a fan of her's. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets and I think the judges were too harsh. Amazing

She is a true star, who knows what she wants and with a truly unique and awe-inspiring voice! She really deserves to get far in the music world