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261 Jack Walton
262 Paul Akister
263 Dean Ray V 1 Comment
264 Jason Heerah
265 Reigan Derry
266 GeoGodley
267 Marlisa
268 Onkar Judge
269 Bupsi Brown
270 Zoe Alexander
271 Shirlena Johnson
272 Ariel Burdett
273 Warren
274 Mary Byrne
275 Diamond White
276 Amelia Lily

I love Amelia so much.. Her voice is so powerful, so magical that it can burn down the whole world. She's so charming and beautiful and her voice is like a gift from god. I love her so much and she will always be my favorite X-Factor contester.

I abs love amelia. She is the all tine greates rock chick XFactor has ever had. I don't even know why shes so low diwn on the list! Y'all cray :L x

277 Bea Miller

Bea Miller is only fifteen and she has had way more success than Carly Rose has had so far in her career. Hands down the best x factor USA contestant ever! Love you Bea!

Hands down the best x factor contestant ever! Love you Bea!

278 Melanie Amaro
279 Jedward

Jedward are so quirky and funny and they ooze personality. I love them and they are amazing entertainers

Jedward are the best result of x factor, ill remember them for ever

They take number one for hairstyle at least

They may be annoying to some but you have to love their jepic hair
They are also really nice guys. :) they should not be number 27 no way.

280 Frankie Cocozza

The best contestant who has been in the x factor by far. What happened, happened but he never got voted out, it didn't mean who couldn't sing, because when given the right song, he was amazing.

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