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21 Fifth Harmony Fifth Harmony Fifth Harmony is an American girl group based in Miami, composed of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and previously, Camila Cabello until her departure from the group on December 18, 2016. The group signed a joint record deal with Simon Cowell's label Syco Records and L.A.

I love Fifth Harmony! Five girls, different backgrounds, thrown together in a group and seriously taking over as one of this generation's best girl groups! They have so many different flavors and it all works together!

I have loved them since day 1 and I am never leaving them - belieber4life

Fifth Harmony = Magic

Love a Fifth Harmony

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22 Jennel Garcia

She is so cool and she rocks it well your tone and style is unique

23 Samantha Jade

Sami can sing anything at zero notice to perfection! She is also a talented writer and has amazing ability to capture the audience right from the get-go. Humble and endearing in every interview.

24 Union J Union J Union J are an English boy band consisting of members Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley, Casey Johnson and previously George Shelley.

Great first album, hard working lads, who put on a class show on tour. Could become the next big thing.

25 Misha B

A number of music articles have described Bryan as one of the more gifted singers to emerge from the The X Factor.

The Voice delivered one of the more 'memorable auditions the ITV1 show had ever seen'... 'with the ease and grace of a pro'.

BBC 1xtra describes her as a "break from the traditional X Factor contestant" and that Misha B could be noted for her "show-stopping performances".

The Daily Telegraph picked her first performance as one of the highlights of the series, saying she "oozed star quality from the start... Like a 21st century Grace Jones or an urban Lady Gaga, the teenager seemed like a proper pop star already. "

A truly versatile singer with awesome stage presence. She is capable of singing in any style from blues, funk and old soul to hard hitting rap, reggae fusion, r & b and beyond. She is equally very good live and acoustic as she is as a recording artist. Her covers are generally thought to be better than the original artists tracks. A genuinely positive, creative and giving person who actively supports several good causes.

When she sang on X factor, she was was so much more than a contestant, more like a guest star uplifting the show with real talent

Amazing chart friendly talent, equally good acoustically or with full production, she can sing any style from rap to ballad.

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26 Stacey Solomon

Your the best singer ever

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27 Ruth Lorenzo

Easily the best female contestant the X Factor has ever featured. Ruth is RAW POWER. Every single one of her performances are full of passion, emotion and intensity. She sings with her heart and her voice is absolutely explosive. It outclasses almost every other female contestant on any X Factor series, ever. Even now, I repeatedly watch her performances on YouTube, especially Always, Purple Rain and Love Ain't Here Anymore. This woman is beyond world class and she proved that yet again at Eurovision, where she was easily the best singer of the 26 performing.

Probably the best female contestant or even the best the X Factor has ever had! I think she should have been in the final two and not have left because of the prejudice that was against her. She was one of the few who really had the X Factor in the 7 seasons.

Perhaps one of the greatest X Factor contestants to have ever set foot on the stage. She isn't even British either. Amazing!

My fave by far!

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28 Aiden Grimshaw

He's performance of Mad World was the best thing I've ever seen on the x factor. Can't believe he got kicked out so early. Screw x factor. Aiden Grimshaw is the bomb ;) (don't worry, that was deliberate)

Hands down, he is by far the best x factor contestant. The sad part is that he didn't get very far in the competition. Nonetheless, he is awesome. Check out 'Is this Love' if you still don't believe me..

29 Ella Henderson

Ella has an amazing, very powerful, emotional voice which sends shivers down my spine when I hear her. She is very diverse, whether she's doing dance songs, ballads or changing up popular pop songs and making them her own. Ella deserved to be winner of the X-factor but who cares, she's one of the X-factors most successful contestants ever

Ella Henderson is a great singer who sung the song ghost. You should vote for her. Honestly, believe me. She is great and should of got to the final.

Good Luck Ella.

She is amazing! Her songs should be number 1 everywhere! - BunnyC

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30 Reggie N Bollie

Best contestants ever I think they should win - Liam31idents

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31 Emblem 3

This boyband got talent similar to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime and is definitely the best contestant ever to come to X-Factor audition. They have great looks but still a very awesome music.

They're the worst from season 2. No talent, Generic, and jerks too. - MistyMay113

At the first time, I didn't belive in their talents. I tought they were just pretty faces, but when time pass I starterd to see how amazing they are and hhow they love each other and sing with each other and how anwsome their voces are together. I belive in they now, I am a big fan now. I can't wait to see they live.

32 Monica Michael

Sounds like Adele

Amazing singer

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33 Diana Vickers

She so should have won her voice is so unique and I want her to make an album. Pretty please diana

34 Josh Krajcik

Crazy talented. Hard to understand how isn't far higher on this list. But then again, he isn't a pop teeny bopper, so I guess that explains it.

Came on the show with absolutely justified belief that he was the best - and I think that counted against him in the final. The American public decided Melany Amaro who they had already kicked off the show once should be he winner. The public don't always get it right.

After seeing Josh Krajck live on 2 occasions and wanting more, this guy has more talent than most contestants. Not only is he a great blues, soul singer he plays muliple instruments and is a great song writer. Why is he so low on the list. I saw him on XFactor and never got the idea that he thought he was better than anyone else. You're right, the public got it wrong.

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35 Jamie Archer
36 Ellona Santiago

She has the power voice and great moves at the same time. She is the best performer that X factor ever got.

Amazing performer, no one could sing and dance like her. It was magical.

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37 Rachel Potter

She has the best voice in this competition, well tuned and see her performances!

38 Lauren Platt
39 Miss Dynamix
40 Louisa Johnson
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