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41 Louisa Johnson
42 Matt Cardle

He received the most votes every single week in the competition apart from week one, and then won in the final. How many other contestants can claim that feat? He has the most beautiful and expressive male voice currently in the music business. Matt should be right at the top of this list.

Winner of the most watched series of X Factor ever, heading the public vote every week apart from the first, Matt Cardle is a true musical genius. About to release his 3rd self penned album Matt writes, sings, plays most instruments and produces his own music, how many other X Factor contestants do that? He has to be heard live, his voice is incredible. Headline act at London Acoustic Guitar Show, Matt is the real deal, vocally flawless and musically in a league of his own.

In a poll of top X factor contestants Matt Cardle has to be at the top. Coming top every week apart from the first, which no one else has ever done, Matt went on to win the most watched final the show has ever had. He writes all his own songs, plays most of the instruments and produces his records which none of the other X Factor contestants do. His vocal range is incomparable and he leaves audiences mesmerised with his live performances. No auto tune or lip sync required.

Matt is easily best xf winner. Won public vote most weeks and is stunning live. His vocals need no auto tuning. He has a huge vocal range and is an extremely talented singer/songwriter. Also he is very modest and gives so much time to all his fans

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43 Rough Copy

The day after Rough Copy went off the show, I didn't feel like singing - Liam31idents

They should have been in the final, better than luke

So great that they should make a single - Liam31idents

I hope they have a number 1 debut single - Liam31idents

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44 Tamera Foster
45 Reece Mastin

Rockstar, awesome voice, some of the best perfomances I've seen since Adam Lambert

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46 Souli Roots
47 Sophie Habibis

Sophie is the best voice that's ever entered the X Factor. She would've won easily if the producer's had given her more air time in her auditions, and if they hadn't given her such a crap mentor. She will make it big one day!

Sophie may have only come tenth on the X Factor but she will definitely make it big in the music industry. Hope she gets a recording contract.

48 Chris Maloney

AN absolutely great voice...hope he moves on to great success!

Great voice, great talent and should have less criticism - Liam31idents

49 Journey South
50 David Correy

David Correy though sent home the first live show has done so much since XFactor! Much more then most who went further & even won! Under his independent label, UrbanRock Records, he has signed a contract with Coca Cola & recorded the anthem for the 2014 WorldCup, The World Is Ours, which he will perform at the start of the cup in Brazil. He has recorded several versions of the song with several artists such as Wisin & Paty Cantu. Recently he has teamed up with Wyclef Jean, Rock Mafia & Tokio Hotel to record "I Am" which will be heard on the NFL's Characters Unite campaign against Bullying & Discrimination.. Also this song can be heard on the FIFA14 soundtrack. His song "One More Chance" was featured in an AT&T commercial for "Black History Month" which aired on BET. In addition he is always releasing new music & his new EP will he released very soon. While he is one of the hardest workers out there.. He is also a very kind hearted & friendly guy. Fun & outgoing, I've had the ...more

I know several who are deserving, but there is no doubt that David is the best of these singers, the work carried out starting from The x-factor 2012 is unquestionable, travel and projects undertaken during that year, was fantastic, off the partnership with coca-Cola campaign for the world Cup here in Brazil, it is spectacular to be among 16 contestants still have left him without the least have the opportunity to be where he deserved, among the finalists and one champion nor was this issue that with David Correy in this accession as him or see if you want to hear about, the wonderful music out of it # # ShowMe OneMoreChange Dreamin # # # Frozen I'llBeThere among other

David Correy is such amazing artis with a beautiful voice n that amazing smile he is so inspirational to urs dreamers to never give up n always dream big so Mr David Correy has my vote #teamdavidcorrey straight to the top

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51 Melanie McCabe

Big range,perfect control and likeability. If X factor were real,she could win in 2011,2012 or 2013.

52 Bella Ferraro

Bella has captured my heart when she sang Don't dream it's over. Her version of it was perfection, even withe the nervous pauses. After that, she showed us how beautiful songs can be - if only SHE was the one to sing them! Just think of Brother, WMYB (amazing arrangement, and her own! ), 99 balloons, Sweet disposition, and not to mention Skinny love - THAT is the way that song should be sang. Bella's time will come, she is only 19 and is looking for her style and her "right" writing people. Her singing is so captivating, so rich and so rarely heard these days, and she gets into the "character" of every song she sings. She is not the "diva" style with somewhat boring long cascading notes and lots of screaming, but she's definitely not your everyday "flat" singer. She adds so many notes to just a single note, reminds me of some European folk style music where singers are on full show for their ability to "twist" notes and give us that omph and life - not many modern singers do this, in ...more

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53 Jiordan Tolli

Jiordan's voice is mesmerising. Her version of Stay is so much better than the original, she made it classy with her crystal-like voice. She doesn't have the biggest range, but it is more than compensated for with her unique voice.

Jiordan's voice is absolutely beautiful, she is amazing & did a great job on the X factor. She is so inpirational, I look up to her a lot. I hope to one day meet her, she is my idol xoxo

54 Kerrianne Covell

Kerrianne was a great singer in the competition she should have been in the top 3 instead of CHLOE JASMINE - Connorwilson22

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55 Tate Stevens
56 Same Difference
57 The Collective

The boys are so down to Earth and they really care about their fans, the music they make is perfection and they put so much hard work in for their collectors.

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58 Danielle Geimer
59 4th Impact

They are very entertaining and they harmonize everything. Superb singers.

One of the most memorable X Factor auditions EVER! Should be in the top 10, or even be number 1

One of the most memorable X Factor auditions EVER! Should be in the top 10 or even be NUMBER 1

One of the BEST performers EVER!

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60 Joe McElderry

Joe is an unpretentious but incredibly talented singer who can sing anything and can move you to tears or have you dancing in the street! He has a heart of gold, He can be so much fun, and he has an amazing sense of humor, too! I shopped all the world over listening to anybody and everybody before ( in my opinion) I discovered the best singer around. Beware, he is very addictive!

Wonderful personality, divine voice! Best stage performer by far! Has worked his way into many hearts in last 4 years by lots of hard work and dedication to his chosen profession.he will be around long after others stars have waned.

Joe McElderry is a wonderfully talented singer. His voice has an incredible range and he performs a delightful variety of music genre. Just amazing on stage, fantastic performing live, and he really thrives there

The best X Factor winner ever

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