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81 Danyl Johnson

May have gone on a downward spiral, but his last few songs were awesome.

This guy had the best audition ever

82 Lucy Spraggan
83 Rylad Clark

His vocals weren't as bad as Gary said they were, though the thing that I'm most impressed about is the way he handles criticism. I mean, carry it on to the Xtra factor this year where all Rylan had to say to Simon's "back door" joke was "do you want me to show you how much? "

84 Lucie Jones
85 Fleur East

She was so good her uptown funk went to number one on ITunes

86 Cyrus Villanueva

Second best Australian contestant only behind Dami. Brilliant and versatile singer, not one poor performance, marketable and nearly the best winners single from The X Factor Australia. Deserving winner and hopefully he can actually be a global superstar that Australian talent shows have failed to produce. Please vote for him and watch his performances. You will be amazed!

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87 Lakyn Heperi
88 Willie Jones
89 Verity Keyes
90 Tabby Callaghan
91 Maria Lawson
92 Ashley McKenzie
93 Josh Levi
94 Altiyan Childs

A massively talented Australian who deserves to succeed. Has another single out called Celebrity, available on ITunes and Google Play. definitely my favourite Singer/writer EVER!

Has done nothing and was dominate in a very weak season because he was more than a class above everyone else. But I just loved his ability to get lost in a song and you could tell he believed every lyric he sang

I am a talent show junkie... Love wtching them, but Altiyan is the best I have ever seen. His powerful flawless performances demolished the competition, and his new music is brilliant. His new single "Celebrity" is a cheeky and clever dig at "fame" showing what a superb songwriter he is.

No-one comes close to the amazing talent and voice of Altiyan... He was so thrilling to watch that we end up
Feeling flat watching all the other contestants... Longing for the excitement we experienced watching Altiyan perform

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95 Jacqui Newland
96 Agus Hafiluddin
97 Sterio Kicks
98 Andrea Faustini
99 Lauren Murray V 1 Comment
100 Amelia Lily

I love Amelia so much.. Her voice is so powerful, so magical that it can burn down the whole world. She's so charming and beautiful and her voice is like a gift from god. I love her so much and she will always be my favorite X-Factor contester.

I abs love amelia. She is the all tine greates rock chick XFactor has ever had. I don't even know why shes so low diwn on the list! Y'all cray :L x

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