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101 Jedward

Jedward are so quirky and funny and they ooze personality. I love them and they are amazing entertainers

Jedward are the best result of x factor, ill remember them for ever

They take number one for hairstyle at least

They may be annoying to some but you have to love their jepic hair
They are also really nice guys. :) they should not be number 27 no way.

102 Kitty Brucknell

Kitty is the most exciting act ever on xfactor. Her talent is greatly underestimated. She's a lovely person and dedicated to her fans. And we love her x

Amazing singer and personality, Cares about her Fans so Much DIVAFORLIFE

103 Wagner
104 Frankie Cocozza

The best contestant who has been in the x factor by far. What happened, happened but he never got voted out, it didn't mean who couldn't sing, because when given the right song, he was amazing.

105 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia

The 16 year-old woman but has a unique voice and character, his voice is the reincarnation of the legendary singer Brenda Lee, who owned Fatin sound only once in 100 years

Her voices is amazing.

I love fatin very much, she got natural talent, n everything just begin for her, but she can do it like popular singer
I wish fatin to be top consestan in X factor..
Fatin g luck fo. R you, keep calm.. Humble n do the best in everything
You are incredible

God bless you Amin

She is an amazing singer. She has been superstar in Indonesia. I wish she becomes an international singer someday.

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106 Kye Sones
107 Mary Byrne
108 KZ Tandingan

She has a very clean voice calasthenics.. She's the best.. She can make the songs her own..

109 Bea Miller

Bea Miller is only fifteen and she has had way more success than Carly Rose has had so far in her career. Hands down the best x factor USA contestant ever! Love you Bea!

Hands down the best x factor contestant ever! Love you Bea!

110 Diamond White
111 Joelle

She had the best voice of all the contestants. But she got probably the poorest song choices from her mentor thus resulting in her early elimination.

112 Rachel Crow
113 Melanie Amaro
114 Hannah Barrett
115 Roberta Howett
116 2 to Go
117 Voices With Soul
118 Rowetta Satchell
119 Cassie Compton
120 Addictiv Ladies
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