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1 Yo mama so ugly she made onions cry

Yo mama so stupid she put a battery up her ass and walked down the street singing I got the power oh oh oh

Yo mama so old it take her two hours to put on a expression

Yo mama so stpid she returned a doughnut because it has a hole in it

I can't stand with lmfao I'm cracking up holy crapping damn!

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2 Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved


That's way 2 funny...

Your mama so black she made the bath look like she was bathing in coffee


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3 Yo mama is so stupid when a burglar was stealing her T.V. she ran up to him and gave him the remote.

I am putting that one on my list

It's funny

So Funny

Gee very good

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4 Yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gasoline money

How dumb is that? Laugh out loud..
Yo mama is so fat when anakin skywalker saw her he thought it was the third death star!

Your mama so fat her back look like a pat of hotdogs

yo thats the best joke in the world nice =)

Joke is so funny and who would be dumb enough to do that though honestly have you guys heard this one your mama so dumb that she sold the house to pay for the mortgage

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5 Yo mama is so stupid she sat on the TV and watched the couch

That's funny
I was cracking up
P. S. Its really funny
But all my friends where laughing so hard

Nice one, but I got better: Yo mama so fat when she became an astronaut it took 27 years to remodel the Apollo 19.

That is funny and I will use it! - bascombe

ROCK YO ROAST BABY - 123fortandbree

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6 Yo mamma is so fat, her pants size is Bitch lose some weight.

I think this should be the first yo mama joke on the list, it took me 5 min to stop laughing

Best roast ever

Oh my hell. That was amazing (= Haha Jeeze man imma use this on my step mum

Lol I can't stop laughing!

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7 Yo mama so fat she had to go to Sea World to get baptized

Ok... Ya know, I do not even think this is the least bit funny.
Yo mama so dumb, she tried to climb mountain dew. - frunees89

Epic only problem is mama ain't Christian so I don't really know how it is to get baptized besides that epic!


Yo my brother said to me to go on the internet and look up some mama jokes and when I went on we had a competion and my turned out the best. Thank you 4 the jokes.

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8 Yo mamma so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing

I'm going to say that one at school torromow

Ha best one there it is so funny if wan to tell your friends that one I'm sure they will laugh because that is hilarious

Yo mamas so stupid when batman asked her if she could be his sidekick she kicked him in the side - AwesomeJawson

It'd make more sense if it was about her being tall. - JayJayPlane

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9 Yo mama so stupid she thinks a quarterback is a refund

#1 I told this joke 2 my friendz and they were crackin up

Laugh out loud the quarterback is hilar

This is my joke
Yo mama so fat when she fell in the ocean the whales started singing we are family

Tom Brady doesn't care. - WorldPuncher47592834

Better yet Yo mama's so stupid she returned a donut because it had a hole in it. Yo Mama's so stupid she took a spoon to the super bowl the fat one took cereal. Yo mama's so stupid she thought nickelback was a refund. Yo Mama's so stupid she put two quarter's in her ears and thought she was listening to fifty cents

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10 Yo mama so old her birth certificate says expired on it.

Laugh out loud it's so true with my mom.

Yo mama so old she was Adams mom

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL man I have to change my pants four timesHAHAA

Lol best one by far

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? Yo mama so fat she tripped over New York City and landed in Los Angeles
? Yo mama so ugly she gives non-epileptic kids seizures

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11 Yo mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car

Yo mama so stupid that she slept on the alarm clock to wake up on time

This joke reminds me of the time that I suffered from indescribable pain. Yes, I am talking about my depressed state. That had been the hardest time of my life, and this poorly executed joke has brought back the sickening feeling in my stomach that I have not felt for several years.

Wow that is so funny me and my bro read it and almost dropped the computer

That's funny. This joke I can actually say to my friends or something. Laugh out loud that's that's a good one. Yeah so thanks for the list and I just want to tell everyone that I like pie. PEACE OUT!

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12 Yo mama is so fat the phone company had to give her 2 area codes.

That is so so mean :((

Yo Mama jokes aren't insults, they are jokes! Friends tell them to each other! - CrazyAwesome


13 Yo mama so ugly she made One Direction, go the other direction

Yo mama so fast her DNA type is kfc

Shut up ik you're a crazy directioner girl

Lol, clever - RedLily


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14 Yo mamma so ugly, her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Laugh out loud this one make me win any yo mamma contest

It's great heard it hundreds of times and still laughing!

I'm dead I can't stop laughing my ass off

That is the best thing ever

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15 Yo mama so ugly she made your dad gay.

I didn’t get this one at first but now I do laugh out loud. - BestCoasters

Laugh out loud! That was very funny!

Yo mama so stupid she thought she got virus from a computer

Yo mama is so Stupid she could not spell the work *I*

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16 Yo mama so ugly she made Frankenstein the next top hit.

Okay that was funny, I mean tears are coming out of my eyes right now

Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster, not the monster himself.

Yo mamas eyes are so big the men use it as their blunders (balls)

17 Yo mama so stupid she brought a spoon to the SuperBowl

Haha that's a great one keep up the good work!

And the fat one brought cereal - Villainnumberone

I liked that one because I can actually say it to someone - ukrox604

OMG! everybody knows this one; but still funny!

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18 Yo mama so stupid she told a yo mama joke at an orphanage

Cruel but funny - Penguino

The wittiest one so far!

Such a good yo mama joke. Laughing forever

That is so wrong, but funny.

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19 Yo mama so old when i asked her her age, she died.

This was bad

To momma so dumb she stuck a battery in her ear and said " I got the power! "

This is dumb its suppose to be yo mama so old when I asked her to act her age she died

Dude it's yo mama so stupid she stuck 2 batteries up her butt and said I got the power

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20 Yo momma so poor she was kicking a can down the street and I asked what are you doing and she said moving

This is a horrible insult.

Not the best idea to some people

These jokes are so funny laugh out loud never seen such if you could say thid to a friend they would cry

Budy, you're a boy make a bi- - PeeledBanana

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21 Yo mama so ugly a picture of her fell off the wall

More like Yo mama's so ugly that the camera's screen cracked after taking a pic of her.

Yo mama was so dirty, she used a cactus to clean herself

Yo mama so old, she spectated the extinction of dinosaurs

Wow, that one was great.

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22 Yo mama is so dumb when she opened her phone and it said Sprint and she started running

Ah hahaahahaahaha

Yo mama so old the number of candles she needed for her birthday cake are the reason for GLOBAL WARMING!

Yo mama so fat when she went into the water the whale sang we are family even though you are fatter than me

This is hilarius I love it man these are funny

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23 Yo mama so stupid she went underwater with a pineapple to meet SpongeBob!

Yo mama so stupid she cut open a pineapple and said SpongeBob WHERE ARE YOU?!

Pretty funny not as good as the one with the burgle rand T.V. remote

Lol that was funny


24 Yo mama is so old her birth certificate said expired.
25 Yo mama so stupid, she made an appointment with Dr. Pepper

When I saw this joke it made me crack up laughing! Laugh out loud

Funny joke thank you.

Yo mama so stupid, she tried to climb Mountain Dew.

Yo mama so stupid, she thought strip chicken was a strip club for chickens

Best yo mama joke ever!

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26 Yo mama is so fat she broke the family tree


27 Yo mama is so fat when I killed her in Call of Duty I got a 5 kill streak.

I got one yo mama so fat she don't need the internet shes world wide yo mama so fat when she put on a yellow rain coat and went outside trafic slowed yo mama so fat when she stepped on th scale she saw her phone number

That is not funny. you know some 5th graders could be on here and get scared to death

Yo mamas so ugly her face is rated 18

What the that's just weird but funny at the same time

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28 Yo mama so old she has a picture of Jesus in her yearbook

That is so funny!

LOL! Good joke and very funny too.

Funny and classic

I think jesus was her boyfriend

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29 Yo mama so hairy that you almost died of rug burn at birth.

This was funny for a while. Made other people laugh like crazy. - BubblesakaOzzyBear

so good

Pretty Good

30 Yo mama is so fat she makes Honey Boo Boo look hot.

nice one

Me and my friends were laughing till we died.
-Ghost That Somehow Has An iPhone

Not that funny:[:[:[:[
Yo mama so stupid she sat on the T.V. and watched the couch

31 Yo mama so poor, a robber came and left her $20 and said "Be back later"

This is not even funny there can really be poor people out there and u are making fun of them

This is stupid and not funny

The person who comment before I did is right

I iove it come out with a now one

32 Yo mama so fat when Count Dracula sucked her blood, he got diabetes

That one is already on here, except it said " yo momma so fat Dracula drank her blood, and got diabetes.

No wonder Dracula died

That one was funny

33 Yo mama's so weird she shoved a battery up her butt and yelled "I got the power!"

She would get electricuted

Don't stick a battery up your ass I didn't do it but you will hurt. I just know.

Just wow, that's amazing

This is the best one I've heard in my life

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34 Your mums so dumb she tried to drown a fish

This Joke is Old I would say, but it still makes people laugh thinking bout it. - BubblesakaOzzyBear

Laugh out loud. This was so funny when I heard it. Laugh out loud

Amazing and fun to read it is hularius Make another joke like this and it would be fun to read I like this kind of jok this is amazing make another joke like this make like she cut her hair to just go to the ship

I love this one! Let me tell you something; it's really hard to drown fish!

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35 Yo mama is so ugly she's the reason Slender Man doesn't have eyes

Wit kinda school bans yo mama jokes?! Do they have any sense of humor?!

I told this to my friends, and they laughed the entire recess! Though we got in trouble because apparently, Yo Mama Jokes aren't allowed at my school. Still pretty funny, though! ^.^


36 Yo momma so poor she hangs toilet paper to dry

Nice the best I have no words

Hah so funny made me piss my pants

It's a joke for gods sake

Worst yo mama ever.

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37 Yo mama is so fat, when she steps on the scale it says, "to be continued"

When does it start again

38 Yo mama so short she bakes cookies with the Keebler Elves!


39 Yo mama so old that when she was in school there was no history class

Yo mama so old jesus sat next to her in the second grade

this is so hilarious! hahar
- PikoBaybee14

This is so funny I can't stand it holy crap dam

Yo mama so old moses sat next to her in day care! GET OWNED!

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40 Yo mamas so ugly not even goldfish will smile back

More like the snack that sucks your sack

So funny because the gold fish theme song is"the snack that smiles back"

The snack that doesn't smile back goldfish

Yo mama so hairy,
Bigfoot takes pics of her

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41 Yo mama so stupid, she feeds Gatorade to sick alligators.

Laugh out loud, Imma say this to my friends at school~

That's halarious!

42 Yo mama so poor, she went to the shoe store. They said "are you buying" and she took her shoes off and said "no, I'm selling".


43 Yo momma so fat she stepped outside and caused a lunar eclipse

I am definitely going to say that

Ya mama's so fat that when she started to walk she caused an earthquake

44 Yo mama is so stupid when she threw a rock at the ground she missed

Best joke ever

45 Yo mama so fat, when she died she broke the stairway to heaven
46 Yo mama so fat Dora can't explore her.

Confirmed...Best one ever


This joke is by far the most funniest I agree


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47 Yo mama so fat that when she saw a bus filled with white kids she screamed stop that Twinkie

This is the most funny 1 yet! My Class Is Just Like that -_-

That messed up

This is so funny I laughed so heard I couldn't breath

I can't stop laughing

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48 Yo mama's so fat, when she sat on a dollar George Washington sang "oh say can you see get your fat ass off me!"

BOI YO MAMA SO FAT THAT vader thought she was the third death star

I love the jokes this is my 1 post so far but I changed my pants 9 times

Totally sharing with my friends

I love that joke do some more of those I laughed my but off

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49 Yo mommas so fat by the time she gets dressed it's time for bed again

That's so funny haha it might be the best yo mama joke ever man I can't stop laughing, I'll use it all the time! I love it

Yo that is mad awesome I can't stop laughing.

This should be further up; this is hilarious

Not that good

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50 Yo mama like a doorknob everybody gets a turn.

What? I don't get it?

It means that your mama sleep with a lot of men!

Dude, yo mama so fat. That when she went to the theaters, there was only three people there, and she was sitting next to everyone! I made that joke up in four seconds!

So stupid so fat or what?

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