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201 Yo mama so fat, another mother could fit in her belly button.
202 Yo mama so fat she had to spank herself V 1 Comment
203 Yo mama so poor, she steals from homeless people
204 Your mom so fat she went sky diving in the plane

Your supposed to skye dive in a plane

205 Your mom is so fat she was not even playing bumper cars and she still won V 1 Comment
206 Yo mamma so hairy that I get a rug burn when she walked in
207 Yo mama so ugly, the army doesn't use guns anymore, they use her picture.

Your family tree must be a cactus because they are all pricks

That's a good one you people are so nasty

V 1 Comment
208 Yo mama is so stupid and dumb that she looked in the mirror and said ugh it's hideous

Awesome can't stop laughing over the joke

209 Yo mama's so stupid when I said to her Wanna get high she said sure let me go get my ladder
210 Yo mama so ugly, Nationwide isn't on her side V 2 Comments
211 Yo mamma so fat that she has her own website (

That's a good one.


212 Your mama is so ugly, when she was dropped off the bus, the bus owner was charged for littering.

I don't get it but it is funny


213 Yo mama's so fat when she went up to space there was no space.

I love this one I told it to my friends and they loved it never gets old say it to somebody you will get a laugh yay come on brilliant joke

Laugh out loud I love this one I have herd many of these jokes but this one is the best by ffarr

V 2 Comments
214 Yo mama so fat, when she bends over, we enter Daylight Savings Time.
215 Your mum is so old that when they were doing top ten oldest dinosaurs she was first.
216 Yo mama's so fat! That when she sat on WalMart... She lowered the Prices!

Yo momma so fat that when she jumped up in the air she got stuck...what GO's up must come down...unless it's your fat ass momma

V 3 Comments
217 Yo Mama so ugly, she makes ISIS fighters behead themselves
218 Your mums so ugly when she looked at mona lisa it turned into the scream.
219 Yo mama is so fat when she wore a yellow raincoat people yelled ''Taxi
220 Yo mama is so stupid she tried to steal free samples.
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1. Yo mama so fat, when she died she broke the stairway to heaven
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