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41 Yo mama so fat she broke your family tree

That's the most hilarious one yet... Gotta tell this to everyone I know, Good job!

My brother pooped on his pants and my saliva came out of nowhere. Best joke ever... Period

Your family tree is a cactus. Everyone is a prick. - Doggus

That's just peak but funny

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42 Yo momma so fat she wears a sock on each toe

That one so funny I farted.

She got some fat toes

That is sooo funny

The best!

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43 Yo mama so stupid, she went to the dentist for a Bluetooth

I'm in 5th grade and your jokes are killin my enemies

I had to cover my mouth to not laugh just now! - birdechosplash

How about this one: Yomamas so dumb she went to the Pacific Ocean floor woth a pineapple to try to live like SpongeBob, and so small she could fit in the pineapple

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44 Yo mama is so old her birth certificate said expired.
45 Yo mama so old when God said let there be light, she hit the switch.

No, no, no he said get ya ass out the way

That is hilarious to the point I sh#t my pants!

I know another version that goes yo mamas so fat when god said let their be light he told her scoot over a bit

To some people this can be offenciffe


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46 Yo mama so ugly a picture of her fell off the wall

More like Yo mama's so ugly that the camera's screen cracked after taking a pic of her.

Yo mama was so dirty, she used a cactus to clean herself

Yo mama so old, she spectated the extinction of dinosaurs

Your mama so fat she eats with a fork - Doggus

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47 Yo mama so stupid when she wanted to commit suicide she jumped out the basement window

Told that to my friends there laughter could be heard all over the world

So funny. I love them all but this is one of my favorites.

Laugh out loud! Funny joke yet.

My mate called darren wants to have sex whith you he lives in garnent not far from the chemist

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48 Yo mama so fat Dr. Suess wrote a book about her called Hop on Slop.

So funny but didn't get it

Seuss is spelled wrong

49 Yo mama so old she farts dust.

Yo mama's so old when she breastfeeds the milk is expired

Yo mama is so old when she breastfeeds powdered milk comes out


Haha funny

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50 Yo mama is so fat when she was a baby her name was Sara 2 Tons.

What's the point of this? Is there some sort of hidden message between the lines then laugh out loud - Songsta41

So funny but I would do music better because I am in orchestra and I play the cello and I am in intermetate orchestra.

51 Yo mama is so fat if she was a Magikarp, splash would do damage.

That is classic love it Pokemon my favorite

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52 Yo mamma so fat she got baptized in the Pacific Ocean V 3 Comments
53 Yo mama is so stupid she tried to climb mountain dew.

Your joke is so funny I almost peed

Dodo yo know that is so funny

Awesome made me wake up

Wow, and I thought the haunte house one was juicy.

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54 Yo mama so stupid she went underwater with a pineapple to meet SpongeBob!

Yo mama so stupid she cut open a pineapple and said SpongeBob WHERE ARE YOU?!

Pretty funny not as good as the one with the burgle rand T.V. remote

Lol that was funny


55 Yo mama's so fat she needs a hula hoop to keep up her socks.

That is so funny my dad almost peed his pants

To mama so fat when she sat on A quarter George Washington sang "o' say can you say get you're fat ass off me"

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56 Yo mamma so fat the moving truck came and she got in
57 Yo mama's so stupid, she put lipstick on her forehead, because she wanted to make up her mind.

That is so funny laugh out loud

That was so funny I had to go to everbody it and they started to crack up

The best
Yo mama so fat

HAHAA good one

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58 Yo mama is so ugly when a killer tried to kill her he killed himself instead

That poor killer

Who cares about that killer, but that joke is really funny!

Love this joke laugh out loud


59 Yo mama so old she has a picture of Jesus in her yearbook

That is so funny!

LOL! Good joke and very funny too.

Funny and classic


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60 Yo mama so stupid she stuck 2 quarters in her ears and thought she was listening to 50 Cent

Seriously who'd do that?

Yo mama would!



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