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81 Yo mama so fat when she sat on a rainbow Skittles came out.

Yo mama so fat she sat on the ipod and invented the ipad

Yo momma so stupid she took two quarters put in her ears and thought she was listening to fifty ยข

82 Yo mamma so fat, so fat I had to say it twice

That is so cruel to your mom, but I feel happy for honey boo boo laugh out loud my friends are going to laugh their pant's off

This one is the most sarcastic one on here. - funnyuser

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83 Yo mama is so ugly she's the reason Slender Man doesn't have eyes

Wit kinda school bans yo mama jokes?! Do they have any sense of humor?!

I told this to my friends, and they laughed the entire recess! Though we got in trouble because apparently, Yo Mama Jokes aren't allowed at my school. Still pretty funny, though! ^.^


84 Yo mamma so ugly even the CSI couldn't solve that mystery

Yo mama's so hairy someone shouted Godzilla so someone shouted no it's Godzilla's wife

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85 Yo mama is so fat she sat next to everyone at the movies

Laugh out loud how she get through the door

Terribly funny LOL

The best joke ever

86 Your mum is so ugly she turned Medusa into stone V 3 Comments
87 Yo mama so fat that when she saw a bus filled with white kids she screamed stop that Twinkie

This is the most funny 1 yet! My Class Is Just Like that -_-

This is so funny I laughed so heard I couldn't breath

I can't stop laughing

That messed up

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88 Yo mama so ugly even Bob the Builder said ''I can't fix that!''

I made class clown cause of that joke! HA HA HA HA!

Laugh out loud I used this on my friend

Laugh out loud! I am so cracking up!

Nice joke

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89 Yo momma so poor she hangs toilet paper to dry

Nice the best I have no words

Just picture pooped stained toilet paper hanging on a line to dry. Disgusting! But funny. - cjWriter1997

Hah so funny made me piss my pants

What dose she do with the one that has poop on it ๐Ÿ˜

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90 Yo mama so fat her bellybutton gets home an hour before she does

You should do:yo mamas so fat one direction went the other direction!

When I told that to my friend, she almost died laughing

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91 Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.

BEST DISS EVER! Heres mine yo mama so ugly when she said bloody mary in the mirror the mirror said sorry the person your trying to contact is not in service

Funny and perfect way to rob a bank. Here is mine, your mama so ugly she tried to enter an ugly contest and the judges said sorry no professionals!

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92 Yo mamma so old she was before the first living tree
93 Yo mama is so fat, when she steps on the scale it says, "to be continued"
94 Yo mama is so fat she had to move to the Pacific Ocean V 1 Comment
95 Yo mama so short she bakes cookies with the Keebler Elves!
96 Yo mama so ugly she stuck her face out the window and got busted for mooning

It was your face huh that's what they all say GET IN THE CAR!

*This is from Harry Potter*
Yo mama so ugly, when she looked the basilisk in the eye, it died.

I have one
Yo Mama So UGLY, God tried to commit suicide.

97 Yo mama so stupid, she feeds Gatorade to sick alligators. V 2 Comments
98 Yo mama so ugly, she was the reason why Waldo was hiding

Yo mama so stupid when I said drinks were on the house she got a ladder.

Your mama so ugly Freddy cougar didn't want to come out of jail

Best one yet! Why is this not number 1?

This one is funny.

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99 Yo mama so ugly when she goes to the beach the cats kick sand on her

This joke sucks. It absolutly sucks. If I made this list then I would put as number 1: yo mamma fat, she has more chins than a Chinese dictionary! Then I would just take this joke off and then forget about it.

Just on the funny side of mean. Ha!

A yo mama joke that makes sense is yo mama is so fat when she goes to a restuarant she looks at the menu and tells the waiter "ok".

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100 Yo mama is so fat Mt. Everest tried to climb her

Yo mama so fat she at to break a few chunks off Antarctica to put ice in a glass. - The_boss

Laugh out loud I love it

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