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101 Yo mama so stupid she thought Meow Mix was a dance record for cats.

Laugh out loud so funny peed my pants

She actually would not be far off. Meow Mix has that meow meow song.

Love that one gonna tell that one at school

Good joke! Had me laughing forever!

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102 Yo momma so fat she stepped outside and caused a lunar eclipse

I am definitely going to say that

Ya mama's so fat that when she started to walk she caused an earthquake

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103 Yo mama so poor, she went to the shoe store. They said "are you buying" and she took her shoes off and said "no, I'm selling".
104 Yo mama is so fat when she walked in her house she was in the basement

Yo mama so stupid she invented a silent car alarm

These are all dumb

Barely any of these made me laugh my favorite was the dollar bill when George Washington sang o say can you see get your fat ass off me! Hahaaahahaahahaa that was my favorite.

105 Yo mama so fat one fart sends her up to the moon V 3 Comments
106 Yo mama is so stupid when she threw a rock at the ground she missed V 1 Comment
107 Yo momma so fat her bellybutton has an echo

I like this one me. Mate. Cracked up

What about a hockey one.
I have one
Yo mama so small when she played hockey the team thought she was the puck.

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108 Yo mamma so ugly even her 9 cats tried to get out
109 Yo mama so fat people jog around her as an exercise
110 Yo mama is so ugly that when she was born they slapped her ass

Stupid joke, not funny.

Makes no sense

Worst joke ever...

Meh not funny

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111 Yo mama is so stupid she thought seaweed was something fish smoke.

Yo mamma so stupid she thought seaweed was what spongebob smoked

112 Yo mama so fat, when she died she broke the stairway to heaven
113 Yo mamma so dumb she thinks Fleetwood Mac is a new burger at McDonald's
114 Yo mommas so fat by the time she gets dressed it's time for bed again

That's so funny haha it might be the best yo mama joke ever man I can't stop laughing, I'll use it all the time! I love it

Yo that is mad awesome I can't stop laughing.

This should be further up; this is hilarious


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115 Yo momma so ugly she makes blind people cry


Haha laugh out loud me mum grounded me haha its worth it

Hilarious, the only good one

I got one your Mom is so fat that when she got on the scale it said sorry mam we are looking for your weight not your zip code

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116 Yo mama is so stupid she thought Justin Bieber was a boy.

I got a better one yo mamas so fat she tried to commit suicide but she bounced back up.

That is dam funny

Justin Bieber is a I have one yo mama so fat she is the largest living mammal on earth

117 Yo mama so old, she owes Moses a quarter.
118 Yo mama so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies.

Oh my gosh! Me and my mom always have a yo mamma jokes contest and when I said this one, she couldn't stop laughing! 1 laugh out loud

You got that from Sanford and Son

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119 yo mama so ugly she makes richard simmons look like america's next top model

I see what you did there

120 Yo mama so poor, it took ten paychecks for her to pay you the 5 dollars she did last week.

Wow laugh out loud

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