JR Bareis


J.R. is a very young guitarist who has already achieved something men in their 20's-40's haven't, being in a popular band. That in it's self is an extremely hard barrier to cross, but he was also self taught. What he does on stage all comes from him, his core. He is in a band with one of metals most popular guitarist and has by the man himself been made the lead guitarist of the band, bringing all the energy and oomph that I feel when listening to Head. His guitar tricks are spectacular and I just cannot get enough of him, He plays with his teeth! It's hard to bring metal to Christianity, and the way he does it just is out of this world.

JR is a good teacher, a good performer, and a good guitarist all around. He's not just good. He's FANTASTIC. The fact that he is self taught just makes him more incredible. I wish I had the diligence he has. I love his humility and grace toward his fans and how he is firm in what he believes. It definitely travels into his ability to play guitar. He's such an inspiration to me, as a guitarist!

I met JR after a Love and Death show. He sat down and talked to my daughters and I like we were old friends, even keeping in touch with my daughter afterwards. I have heard many young guitarists in my time and I have to say JR is awesome, he has an awesome gift from God the way he plays guitar. JR is definitely the best! Make some noise people - vote JR number 1!

This guy is only 18 and he's killer! I remember seeing him live with Love and Death and he was a beast! Not too many guitarist his age can create such awesome riffs as he does! Thank you JR and Brian for helping realize so much in just one Show!

Saw this guy in Heads band before Love and Death came about. Got to meet them all back stage and they are all some of the coolest people you will ever meet. It has been great to watch JR grow into the artist he has. His unique ability and sound proves he has what it takes to have a very long and productive career in the music industry. Keep creating stuff bud.

I had heard JR on the Love and Death album. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imaging he was so young. Not only does he have a great singing voice he is personable and TOTALLY rocks on the guitar! Brian Welch made a FANTASTIC choice by bringing JR into the Love and Death family. You have to come see all of this for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed! THIS KID GOTS SKILLZ! Keep on doing what you are doing JR, God bless m/ m/

I've been watching this young man for several years with Love and Death. I watched him perform live 5 times. His skill as a lead guitarist blows my mind for his age. He is on his way to being a legend. Not only that, he is genuine, respectful, funny, and very mature for his years... When he wants to be.

One of the most underrated yoing guys out there. This guy plays for Brian Head Welch. If anybody knows anything about Guitar it is him. He picked this kid to play with him, and trust me he can shred. If he gets the right recognition, he will be one of the greats.

JR is the real deal and is a humble, funny and very respectable young man. Have watched him grow since the beginning as a guitarist, vocalist and all around music machine. He has tons of charisma on stage and blazing, progressive ideas that really are shaping a whole new sound. He masters his insrument in studio and live. Amazing watching him play his parts to the tee live which is very rare to see. Great job and keep up the great work for the King.

AMAZING! It's gonna be an awesome ride to watch this young man do EXACTLY what he is meant to do with his life, on stage playing guitar. This much talent so young, fanfreakin'tastic stage presence, and just an all around great guy! You can so hear it in his sound that he loves playing and you can see him build a crowds energy. Already has a 5-year old idolizing him here and costing me guitar lessons!

JR is an amazing guitarist and I'd love to see him live! His playing sounds amazing and he is the perfect guitarist for Love and Death. I'm glad that he is in the band and I hope to see more work from him! I don't know what else to say about him but he has my vote. I'm proud of that guy!

JR rips! He's such a genuine person with a heart as big as his self taught guitar talent! Wherever this musical journey takes him throughout his life he will continue to blow his audiences away! So proud of him & all he's achieved as we've watched him grow up over the years!

Kid's still in his teens but is one of the BEST up and coming guitarists in many years. Only one who could compare, in my opinion, is Heafy, but give this kid another couple of years and I think he's gonna tower over everyone.

I've seen JR play live, and his skill is legitimately amazing! Great in both really technical solos, and epic rhythm parts. He will be one of the best guitarists in all of hard rock/heavy metal for years. God bless!

J.R. has a way of playing a guitar that simply blows my mind, when he is on stage he has a presence of rare talent, it is hard to explain, he makes it look easy and yet being a guitar player myself knows better, that is pure energy flowing from this young man, and I see a great future ahead of him, HEAD, thank you for giving this young man a chance to shine

This young man is blessed! He comes from the classiest, most wonderful parents and grandparents in the world. He is talented beyond his years and there is nothing but great success ahead of him... And he deserves it all! Love and prayers for JR.

I knew JR since he was doing Christian Rock/Metal covers on YouTube, and believe me: this guy got me crazy.
When I knew that he learned those songs by ear, I saw an incredible potential that made me believe on this guy so much, because he is so young for being an excelent musician in every sense

JR BAREIS, you should be the number one for everything. Congrats bro!

Saw him live with Love and Death and definitely the best guitar player I've seen! So much passion and he really knows his stuff! Not only can he shred, but he has a great voice and gives so much to the band he's in

Amazing guitar player of a amazing band. Unbelievable how he managed to get into the band at the age of only 15! I have nothing else then respect for his passion that you can see flying of stage when they play.

Jr is an amazing guitarist and he is such is an amazing inspiration to me I love him and he's my total obsession and he's like my idol when I grow up I want to be the best guitarist in the world just like him

Talented guitarist who brings more energy to his live shows than a nuclear power plant. Seriously, who else headbangs THAT hard? Top that off with some awesome backing vocals and you've got JR.

This guy sucks and I mean sucks. This guy is a rhythm guitarist and absolutely has no right on this list. He's a clone of those loser bands from 2000 to 03 that made all the faces but lacked any talent so they just jumped around like nitwits. Produce solos convince me. GOOD Luck.

He's 18! He's actually a YOUNG Guitarist! He wrote the riff for the ingenious "The Abandoning", among other songs off the Love and Death album "Between Here And Lost". Already as good as he is, and 18, believe me, this guy's the future.

Astounding presence, attitude and ability for someone who has not been on the scene for that long. I swear he could give many established, older, mainstream guitarists a run for their money.

JR is awesomely talented already, and I can only imagine that his skills will know no bounds as he grows in talent with Dan Johnson, Michael Valentine, and Brian "Head" Welch teaching him!