Top 10 YouTube Musicians

The Top Ten YouTube Musicians

1 Rob Scallon

Honestly and amazing songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

He can basically play anything with strings like a total pro!

His guitar is like a keyboard but less limiting

2 Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1989) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as more.

I like him very much - useful yet funny vodeos.

Currently the most subscribed Heavy Metal YouTuber (Or at least from what I've seen). Although his newest material is Deathcore (Which I'm not a fan of), his comedy antics (Usually based around on music) and metal covers on popular songs makes him likable. In addition, he's also a pretty nice and honest guy in person so that's a plus :).

I really really like him, he's so funny and so good in playing music. I wish I could be like him someday. :))))

3 Ten Second Songs
4 Frog Leap Studios
5 Andrew Huang

I don't even have the words to explain the level this guy is on. He is a music making machine who bounces from genre to genre with incredible ease. He puts out content twice a week and always manages to make me either laugh, cry, think critically, or all the above. He deserves way more subscribers!

He should be #1. Have you seen his videos?

Creative and very talented!


6 Jackie Evancho Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho (born April 9, 2000) is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and seven albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. Evancho's 2017 album, Two Hearts, more.

Jackie Evancho has an amazing singing voice.

Jackie's voice a finely tuned perfect instrument of song.

The PBS concert was recorded on August 21st in the Open Air Theater at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. It will be broadcast in December. It is not to be missed!

See Jackie's duet of "Halleuljah" with YouTube phenom Peter Hollens. Over 834,000 views in a week.

7 Sarah Longfield
8 Lindsey Stirling Violinist

I love Lindsey! She's so talented, a great dancer, and my woman crush! I dream of being like her someday (maybe not the dancing, I have two left feet)!

I started to play the violin because of her. I'm listening to her right now. Absolutely fantastic.

An amazing, creative, intelligent, inspiring, and talented artist. Lindsey has no equal on the planet.

An amazing artist with no equal, considering she is the only person in her genre I'm not surprised she is as popular as she is

9 Christina Grimmie Christina Victoria Grimmie (March 12th 1994 - June 10th 2016), known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, was an American singer-songwriter known for participating in The Voice and for her covers of hit songs by contemporary pop musicians. She was shot dead during a meet-and-greet in Orlando, Florida, by fan more.

Christina Grimmie is so inspiring to me because of her AMAZING vocals. She has not only made team Grimmie proud of her accomplishments but also has made us feel accepted in this world and I love her so much for that!

Christina Grimmie is the most Inspiring person in this World she inspired me to sing And I hope one day to be like she deserves Fame more than that I'm her Follwer since 2011 She didn't change even when she became Famous the fame doesn't change her cause of her Faith she believes in Jesus that's mean the World to me. Will always stand by her side

I love her voice. She pours her soul, her entire BEING into her singing.
Best. Singer. EVER!

Christina Grimmie is just AMAZING. All her covers and originals are awesome.

10 331erock

Amazing guitar player who can make anything sound good when its metal

The Contenders

11 Pentatonix Pentatonix is an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, consisting of vocalists Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee.

Pentatonix is changing the way we listen to music. The bass and percussion are by far the best of any a cappella group ever, and the lead singers can more than just carry a tune. Watch just one of their videos and you will soon find yourself scouring the internet for every clip you can find.

Pentatonix never fails to entertain. I first discovered the greatest A Capella group ever through their "evolution of music" medley one day, and I have been hooked on them since! They inspire me to improve my already-angelic voice, and they are just so amazing!

I've been a fan of these guys since the sing off! They are my biggest inspiration for what I do and I hop I can work with them someday!

I absolutely love them. There isn't any a cappella thing that could do better than them. They can do just about anything with their voices. They even try dubstep. It's okay but it's a great attempt.

12 RichaadEB
13 KurtHugoSchneider

Amazing musician hosting also other musicians with very nice skills and real nice quality videos. His songs are covers of others' famous songs with really nice audio equipment when recorded. The videos are also professional and they are real fun as well.

This guys is absolutely incredible! I would love to meet him and just see how he produces his music and videos. I think he deserves to be much higher in the list!

Kurt's the best with anything he plays and he is my absolute favorite and his voice...oh god I fell in love with I every time

He is so multi-talented! he can do anything, singing, playing musical instrument, even making movies!

14 Stevie T

Annoying humor

But awesome guitarist

15 Rob Chapman
16 ThePianoGuys

Those guys are amazingly creative and a blast to listen to. Their ability to weave themes from classical music into their covers of popular songs adds more depth to music.

They combine classical music and contemporary hot trends, on top of that every video is shot amazingly with attention to intricate details, a simple delight to watch. Cheers from Canada!

Piano guys. That's all that needs to be said to fix the world, the environment and everything

The most amazing musicians on YouTube, you can never go wrong when you are listening to them, and when you finish listening to their videos you will feel HAPPY!

17 Davie504

God exists, and says: Slap the bAss

WHAT! HE IS THIS BELOW THE LIST! Smash Like on his videos now, or he'll call the FBI.😏😏

18 DavidMeshow

This guy has something every one search and just' a few can really find, creativity.

No question about it. This guy is more musically talented than anyone one YouTube. The creativity and skill in his music is beyond amazing and derserves do much more credit for his work. Seriously if you haven't checked him out, go and do so right now. You will not regret it =)

19 Mr.Sam Ali

Awesome music. last time I listened a song in a wrestling show in my town I just wanted to have that and from that time I am searching Google for end of the road and finally I came to knew that it was his song end of the road. I am wonder that it is very beautifully created...

Fantastic music I love his song forever yours. This man really have a great talent. He is the king of musicians. Jordan. Greeting from london

Thank you for posting I like this man's song "Winter Days" He's Awesome. I just love the music he made. I think everyone should listen to him.

Great singer. I love his every cover and everything he creates. I 'm too much excited of the next album that is going to be released. The name of the songs sounds awesome. Can't wait to hear them all. Love you sam..!
Gloria James

20 davedays

He's just so awesome and makes me happy. Olive him.

He is the most subscribed musician on YouTube and should be at the top of this list!

He's great! He makes really good covers and he's always silly and funny. I especially like his original songs like "Olive You" and "What Does It Take".

21 Megan Nicole Megan Nicole Flores, simply known as Megan Nicole, is an American singer-songwriter and actress and model who debuted on YouTube in 2009.

Come on! Number 8? Megan Nicole should be at least in the top three! Think about it: she's gorgeous, has an amazing voice, plays four instruments, and is so nice!

COME ON! Number 12? Seriously? Megan is awesome with her covers and more awesome with her originals! She is such a nice musician! Love her and her music!


22 Jacob Ekleberry Official
23 NIIC Kyle McCarthy, better known by his stage name NIIC, is an American singer-songwriter, producer and YouTuber born on May 24, 1990 in New York City. more.
24 Charlie Parra del Riego

He's one of my favorite guys.

His videos are very helpful.

25 Anthony Vincent Anthony Vincent, is a YouTuber best known for his Ten Second Songs videos where he covers a song in different singing styles. His videos are popular, and usually get a couple million views.

A rock/metal singer from New York, who also does parody cover versions with his project Ten Second Songs - the most unique and hilarious type of covers I have ever seen. He changes the music style every 10 seconds
Try this: Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover

26 MirandaKathleenReese
27 SweetPoffin
28 Sungha Jung

For me the best guitar player!

This guy is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So talented and a great person to boot ^. ^ it's enchanting watching him play :) When he performs for a crowd he doesn't say one word, he just does his thing and they effing love it! :D

29 Kyle556

Kyle's a freakin piano-mastahhhhh

30 TimothyDeLaGhetto2
31 Tyler Ward

I believe that tyler ward should have like 1-10 spot

Has a unique voice and always have been true to people plus he is always on tour!

I would also like to see Tyler in the top 10. His videos are a lot of fun and he is a talented artist.

32 Chester See

Most amazing musician I have ever heard, and I have personally traveled internationally listening to some of the best voices in the world. Kudos to you, sir

Chester see is the best singer on YouTube

Listen to his song God Damn You're beautiful. You will fall in love with him.

How can you not love him?

33 sevenblack07

Great vocals!
He's new & very unique
Without any pro equipment but sound's epic
Check him out on youtube!

Just a simple musician! With vocal all the way from low to high!
Check out the cover's like nothing, chasing cars, body electric and many more!
He used to sing NU-metal...
Check it out & you won't regret it

Just a real amazing person & musician.
If you want a unique take of current & great songs the this is the artist for you trust me:)
This cover of Plain White T's song"Should've gone to bed" is so mellow & beautiful.

Real & raw lyrics to this singer/songwriter

34 Cimorelli

They're incredibly caring to their fans and will interact as much as they possibly can via dm's on twitter, liking pictures and commenting on Instagram and eve snapchatting a bunch of fans as well. They make their songs based on the type of music which would have helped them when they were younger, to help with confidence or self acceptance. They left a big record label because they were being told to do things they didn't want to do!

They're now working without a label and are still being able to produce an album! Just with the help of their family, friends and their fans! They're incredible and their family in general are just amazing and so supportive of their choices and moved across the country for them to continue their singing career!

If you haven't heard of them you should definitely check them out!

They are six girls and they are so amazing! They harmonize so well and they are just incredible! I love these girls so much and they do a ton of covers!

Their covers are the best. They all are sisters and how they sing is just incredible :) I love them

Should be number 1

35 Aria Tesolin
36 NateWantsToBattle

His songs and covers offer a certain charisma that leaves the listener wanting more! Truly great work!

Nate is my favourite musician he has an amazing voice and he is amazing at playing music

His rock songs are totally so awesome. Especially, the Five Nights At Freddy's songs.

Let's combine Fall Out Boy with Panic! At The Disco, shall we?

37 ModistOne
38 Alex Goot

Hell! He is one of the best singers I've ever heard. and his covers are simply better than the original ones. should see him at #1

39 Walk Off the Earth

They are amazing! They are talented people who loves to create music in many interesting ways. They love music and their fans dearly

40 Boyce Avenue

They are amazing... their acoustic covers are the best

Must be in the first 10 top

Must be at top 10 at least

How are these guys not #1?

41 maxevancejpn
42 capo420420
43 TiffanyAlvord

She is very original and writes such amazing songs!

44 AJ Rafael

His songs are all so amazing. It seems like every time he picks up a guitar or sits down at a piano a song deserving to be in iTunes's top ten pops out and he makes a video out of that.

His music is easy to connect to and his songs could easily make it to the top of the iTunes charts if it played on radios.

This guy is an amazing singer. I have all of his songs. He deserves to have all ten of the top songs on itunes. Serously. When I hear him sing I smile uncontrollably. He should be number one, and Alex Goot should be two.

45 Destorm
46 TheSamTsui

He needs to be higher. I hope by voting for Kurt, they also include Sam in that vote, because they're both incredibly talented, and constantly collaborate.

Why does Sam Tsui belong here? Are you kidding me? HE SHOULD BE AT THE TOP TEN AT MOST! He is such a great singer because of his powerful range and his videos are also worth watching for. Even his own originals! This man is also amazing like Kurt Hugo Schneider!

Same Tsui has some amazing talent. Such catchy songs and a beautiful voice! LONG LIVE SAM!

Sam is an awesome singer, his voice so AMAZING!

47 Highbreed nweze
48 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber.

He has an amazing voice. He's a up and coming musician
Songs include : happy little pill, wild, bite etc.

love him

49 Dodie
50 Kina Grannis

Beautiful music and lyrics all the time.

She's plain perfect. She should be in the top ten! :(
She's so amazing and talented and her voice has so much quality.
She makes the most creative music videos like "In Your Arms"

She's great!

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