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41 Aria Tesolin
42 ModistOne
43 Cimorelli

They're incredibly caring to their fans and will interact as much as they possibly can via dm's on twitter, liking pictures and commenting on Instagram and eve snapchatting a bunch of fans as well. They make their songs based on the type of music which would have helped them when they were younger, to help with confidence or self acceptance. They left a big record label because they were being told to do things they didn't want to do!

They're now working without a label and are still being able to produce an album! Just with the help of their family, friends and their fans! They're incredible and their family in general are just amazing and so supportive of their choices and moved across the country for them to continue their singing career!

If you haven't heard of them you should definitely check them out!

They are six girls and they are so amazing! They harmonize so well and they are just incredible! I love these girls so much and they do a ton of covers!

Their covers are the best. They all are sisters and how they sing is just incredible :) I love them

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44 Mathew Jordan Music
45 Peter Hollens

His content is super diverse. He does Christmas music, Popular songs nowadays, songs from movies, songs from video games as well. Some of his most popular videos include his Disney Medley, Skyrim Theme, and I see Fire from the Hobbit

Peter is truly amazing and I think should be higher up this list. His range blows and his tenor is ripping

Best solo artist on YouTube. He has an amazing range and does great renditions of popular songs. He is severely underrated

Hallelujah has over 1.5 million YouTube views

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46 NateWantsToBattle

His songs and covers offer a certain charisma that leaves the listener wanting more! Truly great work!

Nate is my favourite musician he has an amazing voice and he is amazing at playing music

His rock songs are totally so awesome. Especially, the Five Nights At Freddy's songs.

Simply the best

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48 NIIC NIIC Kyle McCarthy, better known by his stage name NIIC, is an American singer-songwriter, producer and YouTuber born on May 24, 1990 in New York City. more.
49 Davie504
50 maxevancejpn
51 capo420420
52 Themusiclover1705
53 Destorm
54 Courtney Marie (Debbylove64)

Shes a young aspiring singer

55 Ivana Vanderveen
56 Adrian Lee

Best pianist on YouTube. Watch and like/subscribe his videos. He is awesome and has so much talent.

57 Highbreed nweze
58 Boyce Avenue

They are amazing... their acoustic covers are the best

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59 MirandaKathleenReese
60 SweetPoffin
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