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1 cs188

This guy really understands what makes YouTube poops funny. Unlike YouTube poopers I don't like he doesn't rely on load noises,flashy colors,and references that are so forced in and unfunny and cringy. He forces on funny sentence mixing, good use of reversing, and the reference he does are not so stuffed down your throat like some YouTube poopers that I don't like. As a result this makes much more funny videos that almost make me fall on the floor when I see them the first time, and he can keep them funny when I rewatch them. Go watch this guy he is the best YouTube pooper next to Hellion Hero (who is also a funny YouTube pooper you should watch).

I watched his video "Sir Mix-a-lot Shakes Out a Turbo Turd" and I was surprised at how many times he had made me laugh through it. Not to mention all the others he has put out, some I still come back to watch to this day. So in general, if you want a channel with great sentence mixing and edits in general, come to this guy.

"Billy Mays is watching your mom in the shower" was the first one I saw and man, after that I had to watch ALL of them. The billy mays ones are great. Thanks, cs188. For making my childhood awesome.

I love his Pooping the Charts videos (especially his video Owl Sh! Tty, a close second is either Eminem Drops His Toothbrush In The Toilet or Train Derails And Hits Justin Bieber... )

2 EmperorLemon

EmpLemon is a constantly evolving, constantly surprising content creator. His earlier YouTube Poops made regular use of detailed effects, endless amounts of references, and overarching storylines, giving him community-wide renown as a story-based pooper - but then he suddenly shifted gears in 2016 to become a wildly eclectic, meme-loving wizard of the Internet. He's been to flashpoop heaven, to hilarious commentary hell, to all sorts of wonderful places in between - all the while embracing a carefree, 'anything goes' attitude in a way that few people as popular as him are brave/stupid enough to do on YouTube.

This guy should be in the top 10. He has better quality and creativity than most of the poopers nominated. Most of these nominees just use boring spadinner instead of using creativity in finding syllables for sentence mixing like EmperorLemon. And unlike most ytpers he actually has faith in the media he uses for making poops by giving credits to them at the end of the poop. I would like anyone looking at this list who sees this comment to give a thumbs up if they agree with me.

He is the only pooper with amazing running gags like consistent Weird Al references, Ric Flair, and "Strobe Lightin'." Aside from that, his videos themselves are pure awesomeness. I prefer his older poops, but I still tip my hat towards his more modern videos like "Frying Nemo" and "The Uncredibles."

This guy makes the best overly complicated random YouTube Poops and I love it how he makes references from everything.

3 AwfulFawfulTheFalafe

Fawful is a YTPer who has really polished content, and their works show an explosive burst of creativity and color, while also jumping into a surrealist view with many of their videos. The amount of sources in Fawful's videos, the elapsed time between their videos, and the end product in general just shows how much effort was put into each one. Their visuals and quality are really inventive, and with each video, you could see how this person is always trying to improve (e.g, the sentence mixing). The best part is how weird the videos are. The YTP's and references are so weird that they're really good, and combined with all of the other assets, they reach a level that I hadn't seen with many others.
AwfulFawfulTheFalafe in the end is a great watch, and is a YTPer that sets themselves apart from others, and can show that a Youtube Poop isn't nonsense, but an art form.

A man who fearlessly delves into the realm of the disturbed and the mentally unsound. Fawful is a testament to the human capacity to imagine a world far beyond the reaches of our own. He is unrelenting and never satisfied, always trying to top himself. Always trying to make his next poop more compelling and more fluid. He, along with many others, has helped turn the YouTube poop into an art form. Many have attempted to emulate him, and all have failed. He is a master of his craft. And, for the time being, the best YouTube pooper around.

His spingebill youtube poops are the best apongebob poops I've ever seen. It's mainly spongebob ytps, but with other souces within the videos. Great sentence mixing and effects. My favorite is spingebill learns the dark arts of krusty pooping. Never ceases to amaze and entertain me.

Seriously a great pooper. I could watch "A night on Edd Mountain" as many times as humanly possible. If you haven't seen him, definitely worth a look.

4 MoBrosStudios

Mobrosstudios may be my most favorite ytp channel. He's very influential in his artwork and storytelling. I also appeal to him for his personality. He definitely is almost like the St. Augustine of youtube, who revealed his weaknesses in his confessions. Mobrosstudios isn't just skilled, but he's inspirational.

This pooper is sadly now dead, as he has moved onto a different channel abandoning this one. His new channel consists of reviews from shows and movies. His new channel is called Anim8ball, and I think he does a pretty good job at critiquing movies and such.

Almost in the top ten on this list. You really need to check him out, he's a great editor, and you might know him from his "top 20 worst SpongeBob Episodes". He hates the list, but you can see the effort he puts into his videos.

This guy is just So underrated! He has a short amount YouTube poops, but they're some of the best quality YouTube poops I've ever seen ( competing with other good poopers like cs188 and CommanderGwonam). I recommend subscribing to him, because he also is making countdowns and a flash poop!

5 cartoonlover98

There are too many good choices here for me to choose a favorite, but cartoonlover98 is more than worthy of my vote. His poops are consistently hilarious.

Now retired from YouTube, this Irish lad really needs his name in the hall of fame for YouTube as a whole!

in my opinion the jacksepticeye of YTP. (CL98's real first name is Jack, unlike JSE who's is Sean.)

Amazing pooper, with great jokes. He may not be for the easily offended, however.

I love cartoonlover98's ytps. It's such a shame he stop making them.

6 LinkOnDrugs

He closed his account and disappeared a few months ago for unknown reasons, but there are a bunch of reupload accounts around YouTube. Really good stuff. Highly recommend his later experimental works, as well as his more classic SpongeBob poops.

The king of psycho-style poops. You always wonder what in the heck you just watched after seeing one of his works.

His sentence mixing and video editing skills are superb.

A true pioneer of the modern psychedelic YouTube poop! His insanely brilliant videos shall be dearly missed.

This guy has no limits and doesn't care who he may or may not offend, and I love it.

7 WalrusGuy

Best YouTube Pooper in the whole world, I still watch his videos there so funny, He will be the most epic pooper forever!

This was guy who got me into YouTube poops in the first place and he is by far my favourite of all time.

He's why I watch youtube poops, great sentence mixing, and funny jokes

I remember I used to watch this guy's YTPs all the time when I first came to YouTube back in 2008.

8 Dathings1

So much amazing material. Will Wonk And The Chalk Factory, Lord Of the Things, Phantom Of Oprah, the decade videos, 24601 releases a sammich, Sharkshack Redaction, Prawn Srars, Mythsters, Wow! It's Made, A Nun sings about topography, Wilfred Brimley Loses, Jore Jarrison On Drinks, Get Back (To Work), The laugh out loud King, they are all great videos!

Whoever says that DaThings1 is cs188's clean account is an idiot. They are two different people. But DaThings1 can pull off a great clean poop. He is amazing!

I really can't explain how amazing this guy is. Just watch Phantom of Oprah or Postman Tap delivers fake letters to see for yourself.

I can't begin to explain how funny this guy is. I've probably seen Wow It's Made like 5 times, and I still laugh every time I watch it!

9 Sinnedtragedy98

This guy is the best pooper I know because he has brilliant editing skills. Just watch some of ST98's videos they are hilarious!

I think ST98 is awesome and his poops are hilarious! Go ST98!

What does he think he is a new one?

Viacom closed his account because Viacom is stupid.

10 BarneyisPerverted

My two favorite jokes out of that NDE poop have to be where mr krabs gets his dick caught in the drain and spingebill accidentally presses the garbage disposal button, and where spingebill jacks off without noticing a customer coming in (which that customer's eyes then wide open).

His favorite poop of mine is spingebill experiences a horrifying NDE. it looks more like something out of a psychological thriller than a YouTube poop.

Barneyisperverted is the best pooper of all time. His videos are so hilarious!

The only wrong thing about spingebill experiences a horrifying NDE is that it was SQUIDWARD who experienced it. not spingebill.

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11 Hurricoaster

I can't believe you guys like Hurricoaster for his spadinner. It was so bad it seemed like a joke. Watch his new YouTube poops. They're amazing.

You watch "The sky had a weegee", and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Hurricoaster kicks ass.

I have to give Hurricoaster the award for the most improved YTPer over all of the time that he has been pooping.

His Poops nowadays are actually pretty good. His old stuff sucks.

12 KeeperOfPorridge

Great Thomas the tank engine poops

Definitely the best Thomas pooper he puts in so much effort but still makes it clear what is going on in it

He Makes Cool YTPsLike Jimze's Eight Minutes Of Horror And Rick Takes An Amazing Crap

13 KroboProductions

To me, this guy's "nideos" represent the ideal, the pinnacle, of humorous YTP - which entails the perfect use of clever absurdities, transcending sentence mixing and other nonsensical things, which are nonetheless clever, but are weak in comparison (think DaThings1 or cs188) however, he never seems to become too absurd that the videos are devoid of humor. He's been around nearly forever - a later boomer - and has been improving ever since. He also was the guy who began the Sonicdude3 pooping fad, and the creator of the now ubiquitous "SOS", "JOJ", etc, among countless other YTP staples - yet he also has many bits which are still unique to him, such as editing instances of laughter musically. Just check out "Fesh Pince of Blair" - a >20 minute epic, which more or less epitomizes his style.

With work that is never trite or overdone, Krobo is a master of his craft. He manages to generate hilarity with sources that most would never dream of using, and his execution is on point. While other poopers may consistently fall back on overused jokes, aids material, or weak sentence mixing, Krobo masterfully creates something original.

Krobo/Dikekike is hands down the most consistently funny youtube pooper ever. I've seen a lot of videos from others, but Krobo always finds a way to leave me out of breath from laughter. Check out either KroboMemorial for his old poops, or Dikekike for his latest/newer works.

Krobo or dikekike took the ball that WarlusGuy left when he quit and ran with it. Comparing any of WarlusGuy's poops with Fesh Pince of Blair shows that. I thank Guys like Warlus Guy for their contributions, but for the best, modern poops, look no further than Krobo/Dikekike.

14 rrhuntington

He made "Pulp Free Fiction," a parody of my favorite movie and one of my favorite poops of all time! This guy is amazing.

Is it strange that I search my Youtube name on Google, find myself here and then vote for myself? Nah...

His King of the Hill poops get me every time.

15 TheMasterPoop

One of the best ones out there. He only has 8 videos as of 02/26/14, but they are so good. Definitely time has been put into every single video he has done.

I'm baffled that this master Pooper isn't near the top 10. His editing is unlike mostly anything I've seen in YTP & his content I find more amusing than most YTPs.

This pooper gets the award for the best editing in YouTube Poop history. Seriously, it's phenomenal.

If you have not seen this guy's stuff, you're missing out. He doesn't have many poops, but they're great.

16 95Shade

His videos were pretty good for the time, if you don't know he got terminated like twice for copyright and he had to reupload his videos. Most of his videos were made during the Spadinner era.

I don't understand why 95Shade is on the list. He just uses over used spadinner making it not funny and even in sentences that don't make sense. The other reason why I don't think he should be on the list is because is intro is WAY too long and he uses mama luigi and this other random guy in every sponge bob YouTube poop that he does.

95Shade is awesome, he makes clean poops (laugh out loud)
That don't have any inappropriate jokes!

Funny, Clean and ridiculous too! 95 shade is recommended for all.

17 SantaWithTeeth

The King of Sentence mixing, Acid Tripping and SpongeBob Editing and Fad Inventing, maybe he didn't invent the last three but he sure as hell made them famous among the YTP community and thus his legacy shall live long until YT is down...

Legacy should be noticed

A man who really knows how to make a YTP.

18 PotatoS***z

I like this guy, but I have to admit that his Halloween special where SpongeBob and patrick do you know what to that one guy in his house at 1:26 made we wanna hurl. that stuff should be illegal from showing.

Him and barneyisperverted both helped mobrosstudios shine light on his own channel. Especially on the day where mobros uploaded squidward gets possessed by a bad lemon. Even though they're both retired now, most of us and mobros can thank them for the inspirations.

He makes some of the most creative and entertaining poops I've ever seen. He's one of my influences and I recommend him to any pooper who loves visual storytelling.

I know he's retired now, but he's still funny and bazaar.

19 SightOfDelirium

I can’t believe there’s not even a comment on this one, this is the first channel that got me into this type of YTP series, to watch serial experiments Lain, and inspired me to want to make these types of videos in general. The start of many good times for me...

20 CaptinOhYeah

He "made" some of the best Spongebob Poops. Get your facts right, CaptainOhYeah is dead, like many on the list.

He makes some of the Greatest Spongebob YTP's put there. Defiantly.

He made the most watched youtube poop

21 SwishFilmsinc

Best of them all in my opinion. His YouTube Poops always make me laugh no matter how many times I have watched them.

The King's Unreasonable Demands is one of the best Poops ever. The King's Secret is pretty good, too.

Probably the most underrated YouTube pooper.

Faces of Evil Alternate Ending

22 DeeperCutt

This guy is the best Youtube pooper ever. Plus he makes youtube poops of every thing. They always make me laugh to death.

Ahh, don't you just love his classics like "jacky chan visits rule 34" and "HIT ME! "?
Deepercutt is awesome, enough' said.

Best out there. Owns walrus guy any day

Makes the best anime YTPs.

23 ThatGuyPoops

He doesn't got loads of videos, but they're SUPER hilarious!

I know he dosen't have very much videos, but I honestly think they are hilarious!

This guy is starting a YTP revolution on his own! He's getting lost of views but most of all hè has crazy content! I think he deserves a Top10 spot for sure. Coming from DatFatGamerYTP

I know he dosen't have that much videos, but his YTP's are hilarious!

24 hooblefloob
25 Stuart K. Reily (MustangSally72)

That voice. This guy is awesome.

The third best pooper ever

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