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21 DeeperCutt

This guy is the best Youtube pooper ever. Plus he makes youtube poops of every thing. They always make me laugh to death.

Best out there. Owns walrus guy any day

Ahh, don't you just love his classics like "jacky chan visits rule 34" and "HIT ME! "?
Deepercutt is awesome, enough' said.

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22 Stuart K. Reily (MustangSally72)

That voice. This guy is awesome.

The third best pooper ever - mrmariofan20

23 Dustin Reckling

He has many poops, but he limits himself to Caillou and Arthur. Wish he would try a live-action or King of the Hill.

Just watch "Caillou is Devil Spawn"...

A pooper that has a lot of potential.

He's just a beginner, but should be up so much higher!

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24 hoffy1138

42? What is this, this guy is awesome

Why is Hoffy 42? He should be at the top, his are the best!

Hoffy1138 is a mostly clean pooper whose special gag is explosions, aircraft, and I.M. Meen. His YTPs have noticeably improved in 2014, but his YTPs before then are great as well. I would recommend him. - FantasyBrickz

25 MasterOfZoroarkā€Ž

The most best guy ever for the house of wolves - SkolasKellofKells

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26 Pissmyselflaffing

When ever I watch his videos, I do exactly what his name is. Piss myself laughing and fall out of chairs laughing

This guy is a pooping legend. He has created poops such as Spongebob and Patrick sell Poop + MLP poops.

SpongeBob and Patrick sell poop was the first poop I ever watched and it was so funny

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27 Feathertho

Her poops may be small, but they are mighty.

28 DurhamrockerZ

"John Goodman's Halloween Extravaganza" is one of the finest poops out there. Durham's well timed deliveries and clever editing make the poops extra funny.

No way he should be this low on the list he pioneered all the jokes pertaining to boggle and hedgers and clippers

Rather than senseless editing and random sounds, DurhamrockerZ makes an art out of poop. He highlights, and condenses the humor already exiting in scenes amplifying it. Jamma ramma and boggle crunch are some highlights but they are almost all good; I rarely go through an episode without at least a giggle.

John Goodman Halloween Extravaganza... Enough said.

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29 Trudermark

Epic YouTube poop maker. Any video he makes is a guarantee laugh.

Truder uses sources from a lot of different games/shows that I call AWESOME, plus his YTPMVs are pure Epicness. TRUDERMARK rocks! :D

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30 youtubepoop
31 Boogidyboo

Boogidyboo doesn't just focus on a single aspect of a YouTube poop, he rarely repeats things beyond 2 or three times in a short period of time, and he shows variety and masterful techniques of combining shows in ways other YTPers don't.

How he can get so much material and jokes out of one source is beyond my comprehension.

32 MrOptimusLime
33 MrPoopMeister

I'm a fan of dark comedy and that's why I love this guy! Even though he only makes caillou poops he's still great!

MrPoopMiester is known for his low-quality Cailou Poops. He has a sense of dark comedy and I think he could inprove in creativity.

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34 Yoshi Maniac

I guess we may have actually needed some kid friendly YTPs, because this guy is hilarious. - 445956

How can anyone say nothing about Yoshimaniac? His YTPs are great, especially his entry to his own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collab. - FantasyBrickz

Love dis guy

35 lugialga

Some of the worst poops ever - mrmariofan20

36 Waxination

Always a legend in my book, Waxonator (or Waxination, after he closed and reopened his account) has, and always will be one of my top favorite YouTube Poop makers.

He uses tons of different sources, mixing the uncommon with the quite common, and always finds great jokes! From slapstick to coincidental lines, he's done it all.

Unfortunately, his interests are changing. He may be back now and again, but for now he's going to focus on original animation. Still, he already has quite the "arsenal" and is well worth checking out!

Even though he's stopped, his Gaston trilogy is a masterpiece in my eyes...

This guy's poops are a genre of its own and he deserves way more views and subscribers. Best YTPooper ever. Enough said

I love Simba and Nala go to White Castle!

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37 BarackObamaLikesPoop

He made displays good use of effects and sentence mixing.

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38 AlvinYTP
39 garbotron V 1 Comment
40 ChickenPika

He is really amazing when it comes to sentence-mixing and he is hilarious!

Why is he at #39? He's top five material.

He made one the most funniest Michael rosen youtube poops of all time

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