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41 MasterJoJ

Only made a few poops so far but he is pretty good.

Just keeps getting better and better.

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42 Leo Koutakis
43 Stephen YTP's
44 TheRumChum

Therumchum is a very glitchy and buggy pooper he makes buggy poops like men in men and the final field trip

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45 Qi395
46 TheMarklar01

Just watch "Lord of the Cosmic Crab Cake", "Lord of the Roast chicken", or "Obi Wan Senses the Stop Button" I nearly died.

Arnold Has Windows Vista always kills me...

The best there is! Hasn't made a video in 7 months but his videos are some of the most popular YTP out there

Why is he this low on the list?!? His Spider-Man 2 YTP is personally funnier than Revenge of the Mad Madman in my opinion and his Lord of the Rings ones are so hilarious that they are among my favorite YTPs!

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47 CraaazyCat13

Super Yoshi created YouTube Poop, but CraaazyCat13 was one of the first to really use it for entertainment purposes, so yeah, gotta respect the classics!

dinner blaster is by far the funniest poop ever made on the face of this earth (:

48 ricesnot

Though he might not call his videos "YouTube poops" per se, he still makes some of the funniest bone videos ever to exist on this planet. "these are the mysteries" is truly a cinematic masterpiece.

49 TheMasterPoop

One of the best ones out there. He only has 8 videos as of 02/26/14, but they are so good. Definitely time has been put into every single video he has done.

This pooper gets the award for the best editing in YouTube Poop history. Seriously, it's phenomenal.

If you have not seen this guy's stuff, you're missing out. He doesn't have many poops, but they're great.

His editing puts other poops to shame, The world needs more of his kind.

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50 DictatoroftheCake

"The fact is easy and fun to play the game and the rest of the best thing ever I go on the other day and night with the other hand I have a good idea but the only way to get my nails done tomorrow is going to be able too much for the next few years and years ago when he was a great way to get my tattoo of a sudden urge to get a new phone case is not an issue of whether or not to mention that it would mean the world and I have to go back in my room and then you have to be able too." That is verbal ytp. Inspired by dictator of the cake

DictatoroftheCake is honestly the best pooper I have found. "Do you think Robotnik is sexy? " is amazing!

People need to vote for him! Only 43 are you kidding?

One word: Robotnik Slaps an Ocean.

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51 Paperking99

Mah boy Paperking is one of the coolest guys out there. Known him since he was under 100 subs, awesome dude.

52 willards1
53 Justin Gonzales
54 AllToastesToastToast´╗┐
55 TheCaveManEngi
56 TrailerPoopers

His star wars videos are incredible and actually have a solid storyline to them

57 crashblast23returns2
58 OrpheusFTW

If anyone has acted as a nucleus of bringing poop to the people, it is OrpheusFTW. His contribution to the poop movement overshadows any debate over the quality of his poop.

So much thought put into each post, Orpheus has woven a strange and wonderful continuity through time, effort, and careful selection.

You have to check out his Skooks series (new episode coming out soon! )

Orpheus is one of the best YouTube poppers of all time. His Skooks series of pooping Scooby-Doo makes my sides hurt, and his King of the Hill YTPs are hilarious as well.

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59 TheWackyWeevil
60 Assimov
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