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61 The Dhel
62 captaincomedy17
63 My4Tune

Master of windows movie maker and makes great parodies of bad shows

You should get Vegas pro

Great for a 12 year old

Okay, why is this one so low? Idu! Have you seen the Jacob Sartorious YTP she did? #BESTYTPEVER

64 Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis is the kind of youtube pooper who's seen as a benchmark to climb up to. There is not a single moment in his videos that doesn't have a hilarious joke, or impeccably-executed visual gag. He can do lovely, bouncy animation, he can make connections between sources that you'd never see coming, everything he makes is fun and full of life. People who think YouTube Poop is dead and stale haven't checked him out yet.

He is growing very fast and makes quality content. This man needs to be much higher on the list. The sentence mixing is always spot-on and it feels like you're watching a movie with his poops. I've been subbed for awhile, I recommend you do too

This guy needs to be at least in the top 5. His sentence mixing, visual editing, and even sometimes storylines in his poops are too amazing to be stuck at 161. Jimmy, is, he BEST.

My Favorite - ChibiRainbow

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65 Cjflo V 1 Comment
66 superspyro3000
67 JClayton1994

How is this not in here? Jclayton1994 is the best ever

His videos gave me tears of laughter - XtremeNerdz12

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68 SpongeShow1

This guy works the most on his edits. He makes everything so perfect and so funny, he is my #1 favorite of all time. (Why is he only 55 on this list!? )

I really liked him so much. I wonder what happened to him though. Your will always be in our hearts spongeshow1.

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69 Multilazyazz

Pooping various styles, making YTPMV's and playing tennis but not very known by the community of famous YouTube poopers. His stuff is worth a watch.

70 NPCarlsson

This guy is YouTube gold! Mashed Bandicoot part 1 & 2 is the best

71 VeXler96
72 Insector

Made some of the greatest YTPs of all time, massive inspiration to his audience. had the best jokes and style

73 GenericWTLAlt
74 Likety

Surprisingly not added on to the list. Likety is a extremely visual based YouTube pooper who tends to make people feel like they are drugged.

Surprised she's not anywhere in the top 10. Knows how to make actual poops that people are looking for.

75 Gertilish

I love this guys YouTube poops especially woody trips over garlic bread and willy wonka and the toilet of doom!

Makes me laugh every time he should be higher on this list!

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76 Imaperson V 1 Comment
77 Goop Videos

Goop Videos is my favorite hands down

Great poops like vine poops


78 Poops4TheWorld

This guy makes hilarious Caillou YouTube poops like Caillou Hates Small Children when he pinches and shoots Rosie that was so funny

His sentence mixing is flawless, his poops are very well made.

I almost died when I saw "Caillou's Irreverent Chopstick Adventure"! If you like Caillou YTPS, then you just came to the right place! I also loved his Paula Deen & Chuck E Cheese YTPs!

79 AlpacaHawk

This YTP maker's family friendly humor fits very well. I like it. - BoltMarksman

The only pooper that made me laugh consistently throughout every video. He only uses iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, so his poops have no effects, only mixed dialogue and frames from the movie. Peter Parker Fails at Life 4, Optiprimus Searches for The Rubiks Cube, and Batman is Not The Hero Gotham Deserves are some his best and had me in tears throughout.

Alpacahawk is a YouTube pooper that uses simple and sometimes moderately complex editing to make unfunny movies funny and funny movies hilarious. His videos are usually around fifteen minutes long and are completely original, never using common memes or poopisms like other great poopers like EmperorLemon, MosBrosStudios, or CartoonLover. He also has great variety in his spoofs, jumping from Star Trek to Spider-Man. All in all, one of best unknowns in pooping history.

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80 Numberer1

Have you seen "Cold"? It's way funnier than some of these!

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