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81 WoopDooCrafter V 2 Comments
82 SpartaYoshi

Great youtuber pooper, not really big in subscriber count, but does great stuff and great youtube poops. A master.

One of the best mtpvs made by sparta

He does great quality ytps, including youtuber poops like jacksepticeye, Charmx, Markiplier, ComedyShortsGamer... He also does Gumball and Spongebob ytps. He's best at masking and he has been reacted by a 300000 subscribers channel known as Charmx. - SpartaYoshi

o boy - Por1ngKP

83 Soratailspoop
84 phookka

Very funny harry potter YouTube poops, as they mix sounds to create words, almost. They may take time to make sense, but they are extraordinary

85 knucklehand

The Red Sonic Sez series are hilarious. All the jokes are totally random and makes weird but funny references to drugs and alcohol.

His Red Sonic Sez Bad Things trilogy makes me laugh every time I watch it. Cs188 would be proud of his voice editing.

86 AttackoftheHank
87 BigBowsaALT
88 captpan6
89 BradDLCalt

Brad is pioneering a newer style of youtube pooping I like to call, the "hyperdrive style. " The subject he poops gets zapped, warped, mirrored, discolored, sped up(never slowed down) and everything in between for nearly the whole duration of the poop.

He also includes a healthy amount of memorable sentence mixing and clever puns.

V 1 Comment
90 Micbudden

He makes very funny Happy Tree Friends YouTube Poops.

91 youtubepoopcaillou

I completely crack up when I watch his or her videos. And it's the only YTP channel I watch. - michaelthecritic

92 bunnymustard
93 Dikekike

Would you make me a sandwich?

94 TheCaledioScope

Best Youtube pooper in 2012

95 QuibbyJibby
96 MrMeowers94

He is a very good new pooper

97 256PiAlternate
98 Iforgot87871

Lord Of The Rings yip's are amazing.

Inception Funny version is hilarious.
God Dammit!

99 BigEyesLuigi

A very talented and smart pooper who I've known since he was just starting out.

V 3 Comments
100 Skittle Jesus

This guy is a starter. He will be the next best pooper in my opinion.

Skittle Jesus is a recent YTPer who such as Totillix and SporeDotCam uses 3D elements well.

V 2 Comments
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