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101 Totilix

Totilix is a recent YTPer who is really good at 3D effects in his YouTube Poops.

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102 Internabang

Interna has developed a great balance between insane stutters and bursts of all-out effects mayhem. Give him a watch!

103 Psychedelic Vagabond V 2 Comments
104 Aliantos
105 Peter Knetter V 1 Comment
106 NKpower

One of best ytpes

107 HotelWeegie
108 LT. DANK
109 Calculate900

Calculate900 created Link Dinner = Disaster, a top rated YTP in 2008 with a highly anticipated return a year later. He also created the collaboration "Poopers Unite! " which featured a variety of styles from old to new poopers. Also, his video "How To Make A YouTube Poop" influenced a new generation of poopers, including WalrusGuy and CraaazyCat13. - Calculate900

110 Chillin235
111 DukeOnkledNukem
112 MeetTheBeaf
113 stupidbaoXD V 1 Comment
114 SadButtrue89
115 SuperYoshiFan V 1 Comment
116 Geibuchan

HOW IS GEIBUCHAN NOT IN THE TOP 20. His epic YouTube poops are perfect in every way! Hell, his The King's Epic Adventure series inspired mobrosstudios to make flash poops in the first place! (also he's a really nice guy in general! ) VOTE FOR GEIB I say!

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117 2williams1
118 DinnerWarrior
119 Tomas Dobell
120 Jake Occhipinti
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